Chapter 1: Chapter One

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Romance

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“Chapter One”



It all started in a small, boring town with boring people and their uneventful lives. Quaint houses sit peacefully in precise rows that all look the same with expensive cars in the long driveways. A historic town center that looks like any countless other found around the country. A devoted mother and father sit comfortably at the kitchen table, looking like they could be on a TV sitcom and a younger sister with her sun-bleached hair up in pigtails, playing with her Barbies. An 18-year-old girl looking in the hall mirror, her brunette hair in two tight braids that hang to her slim shoulders, a baby blue halter dress clings to her body. Nothing standing in her way, not a single care in the world.

I wish. I heartily wish I had that simple of a life.

Instead, I live in a sizable rotting city with my quirky mother and father and my Abercrombie little sister. My parents met in high school and instantly fell passionately in love, they’ve told me the story over and over again. 

“Your mother moved to the town in sophomore year and she was the most attractive girl I ever set my eyes on. Her hair was always up in a bun, I always loved how red she would dye it. I finally got the courage to talk to her, and we both just clicked. We became inseparable after that. We found out we were pregnant with you unexpectedly when we were in junior year."

They say they conceived me on accident at a party. "We wouldn't change it for the world." They always tell me.

They had to grow up extremely fast, but they didn’t give up on their dreams. My mother now is a chief editor at a significant book publishing company, and my father is an acupuncturist.

I enjoyed life as an only child, constantly having both my parent’s attention all the time, going on trips out of state. They gleefully announced they were expecting my sister, Kari when I was five, I was excited. The excitement faded as the years passed and the trips dwindled and their attention had to spread out to two children. Kari was a screaming obnoxious child, always throwing temper tantrums. The temper tantrums now have turned into gaudy pink clothes and fake nails.

I shift uneasily, the ordinary image fades away revealing the real world, the real me. My chocolate eyes fixated on myself in the mirror. 

I sigh contentedly, looking deeply into the mirror. My pin straight, mid-back length black hair frames my fragile face, gloomy shadow, liner, and lips contrast my stark pale complexion. I gently run my dainty hands over my Lacuna Coil shirt, carefully smoothing out the wrinkles. Black shorts with black fishnets cling to my curved legs, black knee-high Doc Martens complete my outfit.

“Winter, you’re going to be late if you don’t start walking soon,” my mother gently calls from the kitchen. “You don’t want to be late for your first day of college!”

I shift my attention away from my image and focus in on my mother; she sits peacefully at the kitchen table, a glossy magazine in one hand and a cup of organic tea grasped in the other. Her fire engine red hair up in a loose bun, a crimson tank top and black jeans cling to her teenage looking figure. She practically wears too many necklaces around her sleek neck and makeup that screams “early 2000s”. 
She glances eagerly at me over her magazine, “You look nice.”

“Thanks,” I smirk slightly.

“What did I tell you about taking mother’s shirts?” my father comes up from behind me, tousling my sleek hair as he walks by.

“This one’s mine,” I grumble, tidying my hair.

“I’m just playing around, Win,” he says gently, carefully tucking a strand of his jet-black hair behind his ear. “Are you excited for your first day?”

“A little nervous,” I say with a grin.

“You’ll do great,” my father says soothingly.

“Helga is having me stay late tonight, so you have to pick your sister up from school,” my mother says, gently patting her black bag which contains her editor copy of Changing A Storm. “We’re almost completed with the final edit.”

“Alright, I don’t mind. I just don’t want to deal with her wanting me to buy her every little thing she sees in those makeup stores on Main Street.”

“You have been gone most of the summer so you haven’t seen her, she’s over that phase,” my father states grabbing a water bottle out of the fridge. “Now she wants to be just like her big sister.”

“That’s terrifying,” I freeze as I scarcely imagine a miniature me running around the house, quoting lines from The Blight since that’s the only movie she’s ever watched with me.

“I better get this run in before I lose the motivation,” my father says eagerly with a chuckle.

“Check the hall closet before you leave, Winter,” my mother says smilingly and shares an affectionate hug with my father.

“Okay…” I say, hopelessly confused as I reach for the silver knob. I pull the door open with an audible creak, revealing a small black box with a shimmering gold bow around it sitting on a folding chair.

I gaze back at my parents, utterly puzzled. My father nods and mother gestures for me to open it.

I carefully pick up the box and tug on the elaborate bow which comes off with ease, the top pops open next. What’s inside is a beautiful black, jewel-encrusted choker with a small crimson bat charm dangling from the center.

“We wanted to get you something for your first day to show you how proud we are of you,” my mother gushes, walking over to me to help me put it on.

“I love it,” I beam, promptly giving them both enormous hugs.

“Now get going,” my father chuckles.

“I love you!” I call as I run eagerly to the front door grabbing my purse before swinging it open.

Submitted: March 08, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Brittani Nyx. All rights reserved.


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Robert Helliger

Intriguing first chapter.
I loved reading it.

Sat, August 17th, 2019 8:52am

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