Dating sites are great for meeting interesting people. Or are they?

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“He was just really odd, that’s all.” “Laura, you think every man you meet is really odd.  What was odd about him? ... Read Chapter


The soft wind at the dog park made Laura wish she had brought her coat along, but to her defense, she wasn’t really thinking about the ... Read Chapter


Laura looked to the left, then to the right.  Nothing seemed unusual.    “Let’s go, Dante.  Your grandma ... Read Chapter

Safe for Now

“You have got to start being more careful, Laura.” Maggie scolded. “Wait.” Laura cocked her head to the left. “Wasn’t it ... Read Chapter


Dorian placed his palms on either side of the old appliance and closed his eyes.  The metal casing began to vibrate causing a buzzin... Read Chapter


Dorian decided to leave Laura’s apartment via conventional means.  He even considered stopping by Jeff’s to see how the possessi... Read Chapter

Legion at Work

As Dorian slid down the hallway from Laura’s apartment unseen by the electronic eye of the cameras, he flipped over the planters flanki... Read Chapter


Dorian drifted through to the entryway at the condo.  He didn’t uncloak.  He wanted to remain unseen, a ghost, when enterin... Read Chapter

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...You mentioned your life goes into writing. Is that the case here as well?

Mon, July 29th, 2019 4:31pm


There is truth and fiction woven throughout all. I find it a mode of catharsis. The actual story this is based on this would really be a comedy.

Mon, July 29th, 2019 10:18am

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