The last fight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 09, 2019

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Submitted: March 09, 2019



The last fightBy Faith Florek


Walking slowly,

One glance back,

Behind you,

You see the same thing you saw last time,

Your being followed,

You run,

The buildings blur by,

Soon to give way to trees,

You run for what seems like hours,

Unable to run anymore,

You stop,

Glancing behind you,

You don’t see him anymore,

You look around you,

You are filmier with nothing around you,

You are lost,

Hopelessly lost,

You pull out your phone,

But you have no service,

You're stranded alone,

Snow begins to fall,

In the distance a wolf howls,

Then you see it,

A glint in the sunlight,

The blade of a knife,

Holding the knife,

Impending doom,

You take off again,

Becoming even more lost,

In your panic filled frenzy,

You gave him the upper hand,

You run until your legs give out,

Then you collapse,

He’s on you in a flash,

This is the last fight,

You scream,

He backhands you,

Scared you fight,

But it’s not enough,

You're so exhausted from running,

There isn’t much fight left in you,

You beg,

You plead,

But he has no mercy,

White hot pain pierces your stomach,

You know the knife has entered your flesh,

He doesn’t stop there,

Many more times you feel that excruciating pain,

Tears slip down your cheeks,

He watches as you bleed out,

The last thing you see,

Is his blood covered face sneering down at you,

Your vision goes white,

It’s the end,

He walks away,

Leaving you to the wolfs

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