The Notorious Sub.

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The teacher I never met and thankfully never will!

Submitted: March 09, 2019

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Submitted: March 09, 2019



The Notorious Sub:


After the dark reign of Farmington began

When my time was up there,

A twisted substitute teacher with middle name of Ann

Was one to drink and swear

In the now depressing place of Dunckel,

Creating many scares and rumbles

For the savage and uncanny atmosphere

With the help of her deadly beer


Ms. Mazurkiewicz,

Far from being a church parsonage,

Was rightfully sentenced to prison

For being such a droopy villain


Her operations to carry out misery

To all she saw and taught, including the deaf,

Were candidly witchery

As to also mock clubs as UNICEF


(Dow Chargers would’ve socially mocked her,

As with anybody, to make anyone’s path appear as a blur!)


Fortunately, as the arrest occurred early 2014,

It was all before the climatic, triumphant part

Of my final, tear-jerking track scene

Where only true, good people’s hearts

Would melt at such devotion, courage, and kindness

For all my friends, present or in spirit, thinking of my niceness


Farmington may not be the same

After I left June of 2010,

Yet anyone and I would claim

Our grand times continued elsewhere after saying amen

To ourselves and for others

Whether we’d be workers, or of course, active runners!!

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