the most handsome is you

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Submitted: March 10, 2019

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Submitted: March 10, 2019



The most Handsome is you


Letters to you that I never sent


I wished to see you everyday. I want to put my face against yours and just feel your skin warm to mine. I like when you blink and it brushes my cheekbone. I want to lay at 1am and make sentence stories, one sentence from me, the next from you, until we made a nonsense story and laughed our self to sleep. I love you I love you i love you. Apart of me is complete in you, now I guess Il just live with being 80 percent full again.



Heart Eat

Il eat my heart before I admit my wrongs.

Il eat my heart before I swear we shouldn’t be.

Il eat my heart before I never see you yell again.


My heart eats away at me knowing we can never be.



Plus 1

I feel pain I couldn’t paint even with the finest brush. Its sits in my neck on the left, and sleeps in between my shoulders. Its heavy when I wake and crushing when I sleep. It pushes me to try harder to forget you, and pulls me down when I start to feel ok. 1 plus 1 is two, yet here I am just 1, a space beside me, a plus sign and an empty space.



Your lap is the safest, your mind my school. I run circles around you, you stay still and secure. You are strong I am weak, I find myself in your eyes. I wished for calm you gave me it, I wished for care, you wrapped me so.


Of all the flowers you picked me, I was happy and blooming. Without water I am dying.


Alas, there remains but one petal in the breeze, I hope you see me and smile.

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