Denial Is Not A River

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I think the title kinda says it all, but...

Denial Is Not A River


Romance is overrated

The same is true of love

Brimming with painful indifference

And niggard neglect

Push come to shove


Wanting is a waste of time

When no one really cares

Youthful illusions

Spawn unspeakable fantasies

Tumbling down through the years


Unresolved desires of the silent unfuckables

Drowning in a sea of dreams

Lonely and willing but unwanted

Spread across a thousand memes


This world is not a warm fuzzy place

It's not at all hard to see

That the person I most want something to do with

Wants nothing to do with me


Indiscretions left to interpretation

Miscalculated as folly gone awry

Have her brandishing her defenses

But I'm really not that guy


Oh, once upon a time I had potential

I was intelligent, humorous and reserved

But I could never quite seal the deal

I possessed the proclivity but lacked the nerve


Now I'm old and broken

The time for passion and procreation has flown

The illusions of youth washed away by bitter truth

But my fantasies remain my own



10 March 2019



Submitted: March 10, 2019

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