Never Stop Running

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another assignment from school. the goal of this one was to write a suspenseful situation while showing our understanding of different narrative perspectives (1st person, 3rd person limited, 3rd person objective, 3rd person omniscient). each version tells the same story however i add different details in each one that wouldn't be possible in the others and give more depth to the story so i'd suggest reading all 4.

Never Stop Running 1st Person

BANG! The gun shot rings out and we all start running. As fast as we can, feet pounding the pavement trying to cover ask much distance as quickly as possible. My back hurts. The thought enters my mind but I push it out. Now isn’t the time for pain. It’s the time for running. I need to pass everyone or everything I’ve done until now will be for naught. I look around me. There’s noticeably less people around but those who are continue running as if their lives depend on it. My back hurts. The yells and shouts of people fill my ears but my body rejects them and vomits them back out. I see a helicopter flying above. Probably recording this whole event. The onlookers aren’t important right now though. All that’s important is… What again? My back hurts. I feel my heart racing, pounding faster than it ever has as if it’s trying to exit my body. Desperately hoping if it beats fast enough it can penetrate a hole through my chest but I reject its wishes. I need it now more than ever. My back hurts. I’m aware of my T-shirt sticking to my back. The wetness is causing it to cling uncomfortably close so I try pulling at it hoping to fix it but no. How long have I been running now? Feels like a few hours but probably one or two minutes. Three tops. My back hurts. I don’t see anyone else running. Did they pass me or I pass them? I feel desperate for air, water, blood, rest. Rest. That sounds nice now. Can I rest? Am I allowed? What will happen if I rest now? Lay on the concrete sidewalk. Despite my doubts of the quality of rest I will get I lay down anyway. My back hurts. I try picking at the hole. I can’t tell if there’s still a bullet in there or not. My T-Shirt is ruined. Soaked in blood. I love the patchwork like design on it. I take it off purely for comfort. Even if a man were to run by would he care about a half-naked woman lying on the sidewalk? Maybe those terrorists would but they’d probably just kill me. Rest. Death is like the greatest rest of all. My conscious is fading. My vision blurs but I see two figures approach me. I guess this is it. My life ends here. The final thing I’m aware of before losing consciousness is a voice.

“We’ve found one. She looks bad get an ambulance here stat! It’s ok miss. You’re going to be all right.”

Never Stop Running 3rd Limited

BANG! The gun shot rings out and everyone’s running. Courtney joins the crowd running south. She feels a pain growing in her upper back, just under her left shoulder but keeps running. Courtney’s back hurt quite a bit but she kept running. She knew full well she couldn’t stop now. Courtney’s olive eyes scanned the area, looking at those still running with her, the helicopter flying above. Her head filled with the yells of onlookers but she shook those out deciding they weren’t important right now.

“My back hurts” she thought but continued to run. Her heart was pounding. Harder and faster than it had ever before. She felt as if her heart wanted to leap from its spot and run along next to her.

“My back hurts” enters her thoughts yet again as she continues to ignore the growing pain she focuses on another issue related to her back, her T-Shirt. This was one of Courtney’s favourite shirts. It was orange with a patchwork like design on the front. Courtney liked patch-working herself and while this was just a design to look as if it had been done she still liked it quite a bit. After tugging at it a bit Courtney gives up. The shirt continues clinging to her back like a parasite absorbing her blood.

“My back hurts” passes through Courtney’s mind again. She begins to wonder how long it has been since she started running. Her body screams a few hours but her mind knows it has only been a few minutes. Courtney also notices the lack of any other people around her.

“Did I pass them or did they pass me?” she wonders before considering her wants. “Air, water, blood, rest” She stops on rest. Considering all her body’s signals she decides that’s something she can get now and proceeds to lay down on the hard concrete. Courtney examines the bullet wound on her back but not too much as she’s unsure if the bullet remains or fell out and is worried she’ll push it in further if she plays too much. She pulls her shirt off and hugs it close to her chest for comfort. So what if a guy runs by? He has more important things to worry about right now than a half-naked girl laying on the pathway. She thinks of welcoming death as her conscious fades. Suddenly Courtney is aware of two figures slowly approaching her and before passing out the final thing she hears is

“We’ve found one. She looks bad get an ambulance here stat! It’s ok miss. You’re going to be all right.”

Never Stop Running 3rd Objective

“Hello and this is Riley Tailor reporting for CXS News. I am here live downtown at the site of a recent attack leaving hundreds injured.”

Riley glances at her phone

“So far no deaths have been confirmed however it is still early in the investigation.”


The camera pans to show the street


“As you can see it is complete chaos down there. We have yet to get a look at the attackers and they appear to have fled the scene.”


Riley once again looks at her phone.


“As you can see there is a large group running south there. That one girl in orange seems to have been shot in the upper back. Poor girl. At this point she should just wait for the medical attention. They’re gone now there's no reason to run anymore.”


Suddenly Riley stops talking and the camera pulls away from the street and back to her.

“Ah yes sorry. There has still yet to be any confirmed deaths but I’d like to once again remind viewers investigations are in the very early stages. A crew of paramedics and emergency responders should be out now to try helping anyone who may be injured. Ah there's a crew now!”


The camera points towards the street once again

“As you can see they found what appears to be a young woman lying on the sidewalk there. She appears to be unconscious or at least unable to move.”


Once again Riley listens to something in her earpiece and the camera pans upwards.

“Yes sorry about that. This is Riley Tailor reporting for CXS News and now to a press conference with the mayor.”

Never Stop Running 3rd Omniscient

Courtney Tailor is currently running from a terrorist attack. I could sit here and try to hide it again but would you really enjoy that? Courtney isn’t enjoying the pain in her back right now. She continues running none-the-less now glancing around at her surroundings. There’s less people running alongside Courtney than there was before.

All of them can hear the sounds of people running and screaming around them but none can hear the helicopter circling above.

The helicopter is owned by CXS News and the current passengers are the pilot, a cameraman and Riley Tailor, a relatively new reporter who was currently in charge of reporting on this terror attack. She has just been yelled at her boss to not show people clearly for long periods of time as he’s ever so annoying always worrying about privacy even though she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Riley wouldn’t have needed this lecture not to film the specific girl in orange she had focused on if she has known her sister was the one desperately running grabbing on to her back.

Courtney’s back still hurts. Right now however she is more worried about her heart about to make a forceful exit from its chamber. She has no idea how long this running has been going on for. She guesses a few hours but I can say for certain it was two minutes and fifty-three seconds since the bullet hit her back and set the people running like sheep when a border collie is doing its job. At this point all that is in Courtney’s mind is the needs of air, thirst, blood and rest. She can’t do anymore for air than she already is. There’s no water around, getting blood would be pointless until the bullet hole is closed but rest is something she can get. No one would consider the sidewalk through a park to look like a comfortable place to rest your back with bullet shards remaining unless they had just run for three minutes and thirty-two seconds on pure testosterone.

Riley was commentating over her sister stripping as it was broadcast across the country. Luckily for Courtney the camera was much too far for anyone to get a clear idea she had removed her shirt. Courtney may get a little embarrassed if she were to watch this at some point though. Riley’s boss once again yelled at her and the camera man although this time they needed to cut to a press conference from the mayor for Riley was much more forgiving.

Two paramedics were now lifting Courtney onto a stretcher. The hospital is full but she’ll be much safer there. Does Courtney survive this whole ordeal? I’d like to think she does. But I am just a simple narrator with no powers on life and death.

Submitted: March 10, 2019

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