Why am I a Fairy?

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I've reworked this chapter completely if anyone could tell me what they think of the story that would be awesome.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Purple room.

Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019



"Uh, how the hell did I get here?"

Luke had just woken up with a splitting headache. He and his friends had decided to celebrate with them graduating. They had gone to a new arcade with invitations that they had received through the mail. There was a thousand sent out to the city. One of them was sent to Luke, and he managed to scramble one for the others by searching the dorm.
They had been drinking and decided to try one of the new games. 
They waited and entered the room with 50 others, but after that point, Luke couldn't remember anything else.

Currently Luke had woken up inside of a room with purple walls on a yellow bed. He had also changed his clothes. He was now wearing a dark purple tunic with yellow shorts, practically matching the new area. Though the entire thing kept getting stranger. 
The walls, floors, and ceiling were connected, each being long layered against each other. The room also had no entrance or exit.
 Luke had tried to push one of the walls out and had managed to make a gap big enough for him to see, but when he stopped pushing it immediately closed back up. 
Luke was starting to get hungry and felt his stomach growling. He went back over to the bed to lay down when he was suddenly pushed into the floor by some unknown source.

Luke had than heard a voice ring out, but couldn't understand a word of what they had said.

<Two hours earlier> 

Luna was scared, Mia and her friends had chased her into a small hole in the dungeon. 
Since she was smaller than them, she had thought that she would be safe there until they got bored and left.  When she had dived down into it, they had just started laughing. 

"You were right Jesse, Luna really is that stupid, " Mia told her as she casted a spell, still laughing and hitting her knee. The other two had stopped laughing but still had an evil smile to them knowing what was going to happen.

Mia had casted {Morph} on the walls before Lucia could react and climb back out, bars had formed over the exit trapping her in the hole. 
Luna quickly went back up the hole trying desperately to get the bars off, she was almost crying. 

"Aw, are you going to cry? Don't worry I'll let you out once you find me a purple aster." Mia told her still smiling.

Luna's hopes instantly deflated, she had overslept which caused her to miss breakfast, and it was nearly lunch by now her stomach was already growling. 

Luna knew that it would take her at least hours to find the flower, but when she opened her mouth to protest Mia just held up a finger, "I could just leave you here for someone else to find. Though I'm not sure you could survive, until then. Now run along, I'll be back in a couple of hours, good luck." She smiled smugly again before disappearing from the opening. 

Luna had started to cry after they left, even if they saw her she no longer cared. It wasn't fear of some monster that scared her, it was the dark.
The training hall had very few monsters inhabiting it with none of them being located on the upper floors, but Luna never ventured down the caves if she could. 
She was deathly afraid of the dark, she avoided this at school by always caring a lantern with her, but they weren't allowed to bring them down her, so she never dared to explore here.

Luna looked behind her at the other paths, both of them were nearly pitch black, but each also had quick stops of light between them. 
Luna knew she should hurry if she wanted to get out of here today, so she picked the left path and tried going down it.

Luna was barely a foot in the darkness when she ran back into the light. She was already hyperventilating from the fear. She waited there until her breath came back to her, and an idea came to her. 

Even with her low proficiency in light magic, she could at least make a small part appear on her hand. She readied herself and charged.

{Shine} Her hand brightened, and she was blinded by the light. It quickly dimmed, but by that point, she had already made it to the first spot. Luna still took some time to calm herself before she could get ready for the next stop. 
From there she had kept blinding herself for over an hour when she finally found one. She smiled happily at this, she was exhausted from all of the castings. She was surprised at the size alone, it was over three feet tall, and yet it still hadn't bloomed. Though she didn't care about the size.
 If she hadn't found it then, she would probably be stuck here for the entire night. 

"Finally she'll let me out of here!" she told herself. 

She hadn't bothered with trying to be gentle instead yanking it out of the ground.
Luna rushed back down the path. Mia wouldn't bother to wait for her, even if she knew she had managed to find the flower. 

Luna had just barely managed to make it back, Mia had been walking away from the hole when she called out, "Mia I got it! Let me out of here please!" 

Mia looked back down and had a smile on her face, " Well perfect!" she casted {Morph}, and the bars changed again letting Luna out. 
Luna laid back on the ground exhausted from the trip.
Mia took the flower from her hands and started laughing at it. " Where did you even find this? I just thought you would be crying trying to get out of here, but you actually went and found one." 

Mia started ripping off the flower's petals and throwing them into the air jokingly, " Luna I can't believe your that stupid, if you had just waited you would have been found by the others classes, but instead you went and actually found it." She continued ripping off the petals. Mia's friends started laughing at Luna. Mia dropped the flower, and they surrounded Luna kicking her. Luna tried to block them, but she couldn't in the number of blows. 
When they were finally finished they stepped back and looked at their work, at that point, Jesse noticed something, walked over and picked it up smiling even harder. 
" Look what I found!!" Jesse called out. 

Luke bent over and puked, for nearly an hour he had been bouncing up and down the walls swirling around as if he was in a blender. He had thought that he was fine, but when the movement had stopped his stomach lurched. 
The room started moving again, and Luke braced himself for what would happen, but nothing did. 
He heard new strangers outside the room but still couldn't understand a word. Very suddenly one of the walls were ripped off, then another and another.  Luke looked up to see a giant's face looking away from him, still tearing apart the room and talking. 
The girl dropped the room, and Luke fell out of the bed hitting the floor rolling away. Luke looked up and was nearly speechless from what he saw.

"What in the world is happening?" Luke told himself. 

Around him were nearly a dozen giants, with another lying on the floor exhausted. He looked back towards to what he thought had been his room, and was quite shocked to see it was actually a monstrously large flower, 

"I'm definitely in a game. Nothing is this large." Luke told himself getting up and dusting himself off. At that point, the standing giants started walking towards the one laying down. Luke thought they were going to help her, but they immediately started kicking her, by the time they had stopped she was black and blue.
Luke was horrified by this, (If this was what they did to their own,  what would they do to me) Luke had thought. 
He instantly knew that he had to hide, he started crawling towards the flower while the female giants formed a circle, then one seemed to call out, picking him up.

Luke had tried to struggle, but he was too weak to do anything. The giants passed him around like a doll before one of them threw him into a cage. 
Luke got up and started demanding that they release him, but they didn't seem to hear nor care. Instead, they just took the cage and rushed towards the exit of the cave.

(What did I get myself into) Luke thought to himself.


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