Muddy Waters

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Muddy waters can keep secrets...

Submitted: March 10, 2019

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Submitted: March 10, 2019



Muddy waves touch my feet, and I sigh. With my head hung and my eyes down, I stand alone on the dark shores of an earthen pond hidden in the shadow of an empty grassy forest. Here, I live alone, and I wait for someone to share my pool with me, but no one looks for it. Maybe they might accidentally see me one night, but I don’t think so.

"Watch, as the glare of the sun runs away the stars come out to play. See how they are scared of the sun? You won’t see the younger ones until the whole tail of the sun leaves, but the youngest are the best. Sit here with me with your feet in the water. Breath in the night air but do it slowly. Can you smell that peace? Its hard to find real aloneness like this. Someone or something always spoils it, but not here. This is a place that is sacred and protected. You don’t need to worry about the trees, there is nothing there because they are waiting to watch the show. Wait for the stars. It’s worth it."

"Wake up! The stars are coming, and they are full of delight and wonder! Lie back now but stay awake. See how they shine? Oh, this is what I live for! Look over there – that white one is chasing the red one. And see that one? That one looks like its bursting with happiness! Ha! What excitement. There is the last one, the youngest. He is always my favorite because when he gets here the sky explodes – there it goes! Who needs the sun when you have this brilliant light? It feeds my soul. Now is when the stars begin to grow, but don’t look at the young ones now, they are embarrassed and will hide. Look at the big old ones, they will fill your eyes with their light and wisdom. Just smell and stare and listen for a while…"

"Here comes their story. They speak in shapes and paths. Look at that big wave of white light, and that smaller red streak. OOH! Did you see that quick one? It was very embarrassed by how bright it was, but I think it was beautiful. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! DON’T HIDE YOUR FACE! Oh, I wish I could understand what they say to each other. Imagine what such old wise things like stars have to say to each other. They must have the best stories. Look now, right there. See that? When they all agree on something, they draw a big huge path of light across the whole sky. Now even the farthest corners are filled with them! Look at them all! They are truly perfect. Oh, what I would give to go and live with them in their hidden homes. Isn’t this fantastic? Oh, but the real miracle is the secret stars. They are in the water. After a while, the fish all settle down and go to sleep, and then the water calms down and goes to sleep. Wait just a little longer."

"Look at the water now, here they come! These stars are the most noble because they learned to dance. See them? They dance across the surface of the water, but they are not happy stars. No, No! Don’t move the water! You’ll mess up their dance. See the rhythm? It follows the waves. While the stars up above laugh and talk and draw, these stars are the ones that came to live with us. They are not unhappy, but they miss home, so they dance. Sometimes a star up above will fall in love with a star down below, so he comes down to her, but then he can never go back. Its true love with a sad ending. But don’t cry! Wait just a few more moments and you will see the finale."

"Here they go. The stars down below are beginning to sing to those at home. Each one sings to their family and – oh, there it goes! See the lights? They shoot green across the sky like giant cracks! Their sadness tears the world in two! The stars up above shine bright colors, like white, red, orange, and blue, but these ones in the water shine green. Sometimes, when two stars make it back home, they sing in purple, and they really are happy, but that is very rare. See why I live here? This happens every night! And I’m still awestruck!"

"That’s the show. It will keep going until the sun comes back to scare them away again. You can stay up all night if you want to, but I usually go to sleep after the finale. Oh. Yeah. I guess you could leave too. No, it’s really okay! I sleep alone every night anyway. Well, thanks for coming and watching. I really enjoyed it. Don’t forget to come again!"

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