One So Loved

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
It is so hard to love and to let go.

Submitted: March 10, 2019

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Submitted: March 10, 2019



Weeping and wary, the bride tears through the night,

Her white dress torn and ragged.

Down cobbled pathways and through slim stone alleys,

The clop of her heels and the sobs of her sorrow echo out.

She is terrified.

In between tilted eerie houses, her path sends her toward utter nothingness.

Toward the Hollow.

Not a soul watches, not one soul gives chase.

She runs from nothing to nothing, attracting only disgrace.

Her bloodshot eyes spill out tears,

Her long black hair rips with wind.

She runs for she knows naught else,

For she knows nothing of the World.


The World of Brilliant Light,

Bursting with joy and laughter and love.

Where we sing and dance and clap

And forever worship the One.

Only goodness lives here, and it fills the air with purity.

The grass reflects the beauty of the fiery Throne,

On which sits the Maker, Man, and Message,

And they give eternal life to all who listen.


But she hears not the music and laughter,

For she knows not of that place.

So she runs for fear of what may catch her,

Yet she knows not what gives chase,

But even as she flees her fears, she approaches that which she dreads.

The Hollow.


This Hollow of Shadow and Death,

Devours all that wander.

Its chains of bone and dread snare every soul that crosses.

They drag them into blackness to inhale the corrupted smoke.

Down there in that Shadow, parasites gather,

And if they sneak inside the mind,

Shrieking, convulsion, and living death lurk not far behind.

This is where the Monster dwells, this is where he feeds,

And if the Monster catches her,

He’ll rape, and kill, and eat.




Unless the One will save her,

And this my whole heart prays for.

I would beg to take her place there

If it means she can be free.

But I know she will be safer

Once she hears no more of me.

So I’ll trust her to the Maker,

And cherish her memory,

 Because I truly love her,

My once beautiful bride to be.

© Copyright 2020 Analogous. All rights reserved.

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