Thoughts on Sadness (A Collection of Poems)

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A collections of poems that I have written.

Inner pain


besides her the pain I have explodes and overwhelms my brain with no cure no safe haven except for her I only want to know that there is hope for more beyond my pain I fear there is none I wonder what my days with bring what sorrow my heart will have to suffer, I don't see past the pain, the pain in my past  but the future



Don't look for me


They try to find the shadows in my brain, finding it hard to really explain, I wish for hope and joy and love, knowing that transient those above. I wish for freedom from my head, but in that case I would be dead, I wish to live beyond my days but I know now that is not meant to be. Find me, rescue me from my self, I feel the need to get some help, no money, no time, no one cares to help, I realize now I am always by myself.



I look at the space that I put myself in, reflection of self I draw myself in, I know it's not right what I put my self in but as long as I do I am always all in. I am clean in my space when I am clean in my mind which means I am clean none of the time, I look to the space that I put myself in and I sit and I watch with a shit eating grin. So smile at me in my mess every day , I will always try to be clean, won't go my wAy, I look to the space that I put myself in and I can so do nothing but sit there and grin.


Woke up


Woke up this morning, everything is alright with the world so what is wrong with me? A part of me is missing, hidden in plain site, A caustic rubbing of my soul, I burn for more, an expression of myself that comes with the dawn. I know not what I seek but beyond this moment in my mind it exists. Seek it with me find the reason beyond what we se, beyond what is there in the reality that fills my day. Selfish is my wish for more when so many have less, I had less and my mind torments me with those thoughts for all time, the chance to live without fear of what could be. The day is fine why am I not?


Submitted: March 11, 2019

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