Writing Horror Stories from Prompt #0 - I Scream

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Writing Out Horror Stories from Random Writing Prompts

Long time ago, I used to frequent this one particular ice-cream truck that would regularly pass my house. I would never miss out the chance to run as fast as I can towards the front lawn whenever I hear that sweet melody playing in the air and it became even sweeter when I finally get to buy and taste my vanilla flavored ice-cream, topped with colorful sprinkles.


One day, I was taking a nap when suddenly, I heard a familiar music playing in the air. My mental reflex kicks in and I immediately ran towards the door but it was locked. I started shouting, thinking that the ice-cream man can hear me as I struggled to unlock the door. By the time I got outside, I saw the truck already parked right in front of our driveway. I immediately ran towards the window and seconds later, the ice-cream man appears from within and handed me my favorite ice-cream.


When I reached out for it, I realized that it had a different color and as I brought it closer to my face, the red ice-cream suddenly began to ooze all over my hand with its thick texture. It didn’t even look like ice-cream to me anymore. I looked up again, and saw that the white ice-cream truck was no more. Its color has turned to black and there were rust all over it. I was still staring at the open window when a clown that was covered in dirt and blood suddenly pokes his head out.


“How’s the blood flavor taste like? You like it? You like eating blood, kid? Aahahahahahaha..”


I remember dropping the ice-cream to the ground before shouting and that was when I realized that I was actually alone, standing in front of our driveway in the middle of the night. There never was an ice-cream truck and that my hand was still clean. Luckily, no one was awaken by my voice and I quickly made my way back into the house.


Ever since then, I stopped frequenting the ice-cream truck eventhough it would stop a few times in front of the house without me running towards it. I feel bad for doing so but it felt even worse that I can’t shake off the image of that crazy clown, handing me the bloody ice-cream when I was sleep walking.


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Submitted: March 12, 2019

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