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How far would you go? BJ

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I Did It…And I Smiled

52 X Chapter 1 I Did It…And I Smiled I did it. I took her out in the middle of the desert and I fucked her up. I ... Read Chapter

Injured Animals

Chapter2 InjuredAnimals I took a breath. I walked in a c... Read Chapter

Is Timing Really Everything?

It was nearing 2:30 a.m. I didn’t have much time left. She didn’t have much time left. Time is another funny thing. One can use it to... Read Chapter

A Crack in The Universe (It Fucking Sucks)

As I was cleaning out her car, a SUV pulled up outside the house and parked the wrong direction on the other side of the street. A drab t... Read Chapter

Let Mother Fuckers Slide a Little, Suddenly, They Think They’re in the NHL

This is what happens when you let people get away with shit. When you don’t hold them accountable right from the get-go. Then suddenly,... Read Chapter