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A journey from Girl to Women

There was a girl who was born in middle class Indian Family in the times when every family expects that a boy birth is the occasion to celebrate. But the girl was lucky enough that her family was different from others mindset. They brought her up with the utmost care, love and comfort more than a boy. 

She was her dad's lil girl and apple of her mom's eye . Her grandparents valued her and gave unconditional love and support. As the year passes , after 6 years of her brother came in her life. Everyone was so happy and relatives were so excited to attend the birth ceremony occasions. and the best part was nothing has changed for the girl. Shw has been trated same as before and as she was getting older her parents start asking about her decision in everything from small to big. and her brother also immitate her and loved her alot. This affection , care and value in all perspectives remained same till she got 25 years old. 

Now her parents need to find a boy for their daughter. They wondered alot and found a person that can love their girl as they did or valued her. They taught all the good thay can throughout their life. That you should be humble and kind with people who has less money and every requirement cannot be completed and you need to understand value of people not the things and girl learnt the same and appreciate the life real values.

But the marriage lead her to the different mode. She saw that people were so different. They gave value to the things than a human being. She came to know that Parents taught her the wrong lessons throughout the years. She broke down with people reactions around her. Now she need to lean how to behave being a girl. How to low down your words and not to give your suggestions . She needs to learn that being a women the all decisions will be taken by the man you get married with. The role you play is a follower. You earn money to support the family but dont expect for your own Parents to send anything. You learn to take care of all the responsibillities of home with your job profile and if one day you forget anything you will be asked why you showed this carelesness. You need to learn what other peple like bit dont expect that if someone will think for your likings. There were lots of tiny and big things on her own way and she started remain silent and sad. She has lots of disppointments and her life has changed.. 

Then she councelld herself by on her own. Coz she never wanted to snatch happiness of her parents. She decides to remain good as her parent taught her throught the life. and she focused on her career and giving her best and decided to raise her words to empower other womens . Her life changed and became a mission on the place of Happy Life. But she decided to make it public so tha5t people will start to raise their words and stop this mental violence.

How many womens are sugffering from the same Educated, and also belongs to very good reputed families . And still they suffers from the same. The question is here 

How many from them raise their words and fight for themselves.

I request to all the other women that dont count it as its is your destiny . YA its difficult way to come out and make yourself strong without affecting your parents. But its not Impossible.


Submitted: March 13, 2019

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