Heaven's Masterpeice

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Her Angel’s face, As the great eye of Heaven shined bright, and made a sunshine in the shady place.

Edmund Spenser

Heaven’s Masterpiece

“Time can heal a broken heart, but it could also break a waiting heart”


Love’s unification

A physical famished sensation

Intoxicated on emotions of its fragile touch

Rendering senses in the abyss of salvation

Hearts fluttering with a joyous clamor


Tears seeping in cadence unto the most beautiful calling

No generic alliance of feelings could be substituted

The depth of my soul resting in his pocket

Hidden deeply for him to covet


Within the image of God’s man

Protecting the fragility of my heart

Sheltering it against the harsh elements of time

Exposing it for a breath of serenity

To admire

To extol

To endorse


My soft existence crucified to the cross of his love

Piercing my heart with the spear of his fate

Bowing until his brevity of destiny, my carnal resurrection

Reparations of his spirituality bestowed


Purgative of temples

Bodies crowned within Heaven’s masterpiece

Feasting on the throne of awakening

The proverbs of a new beginning

Alliance of our minds in the baptism of love’s divinity

Gentle whispers unto us as two souls merge


Rising once again from his touch, his warmth

Pastoring unto the wisdom of my eager soul

To become one as we kneel in faith accepting our existence tribunals

Entwined at the throne of enlightenment

As we partake in the rewards of earth’s fruitful passion




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