Call To Arms

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Submitted: March 13, 2019

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Submitted: March 13, 2019



A young woman quickly makes her way up to the top of the castle, dressed in faded emerald suit of armor and cloak to conceal her quivers and bow that she carries on her back. As she opens the door and is greeted by the cool breeze of the morning air. She walks to her pet falcon and greet him with some breakfast. “Time to go work, Maze” she lifts off the lease as Maze spread his wings and listen in as She pull her hood down as the wind gently flies through her dark auburn hairs as it falls on her shoulder. She pulls out her flute and sighs deeply as she looks at Maze. “Let do this” she whispers to herself softly. 

As she sits on top of the stone and took a deep breath as she plays the flute. As the sun broke through the cloudy horizon. Maze screech and start flying away as Sheree keep playing the castle’s “Call to Arms”. As Maze journey through different regions, cries out to those below to make their way to the castle of Alamo. Everyone grabs their armors and weapons and their horses as they make their way back as Maze keep moving further and further.

As she makes her way downstairs to greets everyone who heard the calls. she stops smiling as she saw someone she once knew long ago, just arriving at the gate in fade blood red armor. As he dismounts from his horse and saw Sheree staring at him. He took off his helmet to reveal his scarred face to her. She sighs deeply and nods at him. “good, everyone is here,” she mutters to herself as she and the knight in the blood armor turn back to face the distant from the west. A dark cloud with lighting and thunders looms and it’s slowly making its way toward the castle.

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