The Truant Risk

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - A NARROW ESCAPE

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Submitted: May 23, 2019



KariAnn made sure she got up before Chopper, in fear he would want to have sex again.  The sun was nowhere to be seen as rain poured down in large buckets.  Those that were also awake cursed the weather for if it continued the tryouts today would be canceled.

Chopper soon came out of the bedroom; either awoken by the noise of the rain or sensing KariAnn’s absence.  He wasn’t wearing anything but his skivvies as he gave top priority to discovering KariAnn’s whereabouts.  He almost resembled a panicky child lost in a department store who couldn’t find his mother.  When he found her in the kitchen cooking over the stove, a look a relief replaced his worried expression.

“Good morning, Chopper.” KariAnn met him cheerfully.  “I just thought I’d surprise you with breakfast before I woke you.  I’m told I make a pretty mean omelette.”

“It looks delicious.” he remarked, looking over her shoulder and kissing the back of her neck.

“Thanks, I hope you like it.  It’s almost done so why don’t you grab your robe before you have a seat, and I’ll pour you some coffee.” KariAnn suggested.  Everything was ready and the toast had just popped up when he returned, and she sat down to join him for breakfast.  “So tell me how do you like it?” KariAnn asked after he tried a bite.

“It’s very good, and I never would have guessed you’d turn out to be a great cook too.” Chopper complimented her.

“My mom was a good cook, and I guess I learned a lot from watching her.” she gave credit, and then changed the subject.  “Do you think this rain will quit?”

“I don’t think it’s really going to matter much.  It’s been raining hard for so long that the track will probably be too muddy to ride on.” Chopper surmised.

“Well, if we don’t go to the races, do you think you might have time to take me by where I was staying to get my things?” she asked innocently.

“To get what things?” Chopper sounded suspicious.

“My money for one.  I’ve saved up about fifty dollars that I worked hard for and have hidden in my room.  Plus I have my clothes and few personal items that are special to me that I really don’t want to lose.” she explained.

“Gee, I don’t know, KariAnn.” he hesitated.  “How do I know it’s not some kind of trick?”

“Are you saying you don’t trust me, Chopper?” asked KariAnn looking hurt.  “I’ve been very honest with you, and I thought we had the makings of a great relationship.  In my opinion, I believe that people who don’t trust other people are generally people who can’t be trusted.  And without trust, how good of a relationship do we have anyway?”

“Okay, you win.  I want to trust you, and this will show me one way or another if I can.  I’ll ride you over on my bike later this afternoon once this rain eases up.” he gave in.

“Thanks, Chopper.” she smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  KariAnn was filled with hope and couldn’t wait to go, but was smart enough to keep her excitement to herself.  If she appeared too eager, Chopper might see through her and change his mind.  KariAnn was confident that she would be safe once she was reunited with her friends, and would be rid of Chopper and his gang forever.

The sun remained hidden behind the clouds, but the rain at last finally quit, and Chopper told her to get ready to go.  KariAnn went to freshen up her make-up and comb her hair back into a long ponytail so it wouldn’t get all snarled up from the wind while riding on back of his bike.  Most of the swelling and puffiness had gone out of her face, but lightened traces of the bruises could still be seen.  Still she didn’t look too bad now.

When she came out of the bathroom, Chopper tossed her a helmet and they headed out the door.  KariAnn waited for Chopper to get on first while she tightened the strap on her helmet, and then hopped on behind him.  “About how far from Livio’s is this place you were staying?” Chopper asked over his shoulder before starting the bike.

“A little over two miles.  Chalfonte, the street we turn on, is just two blocks past Fenkell and Greenfield.” answered KariAnn.

“Great, I know where that is.  Hang on.” And with that, he kicked the starter with his foot and they were on their way.

Less than fifteen minutes later they were turning onto Chalfonte.  “Now we want Lauder which is six or seven streets down, and it’s the second house on the right.” yelled KariAnn over the noise of the engine.

Stopping in front of the commune, Chopper turned off the bike and KariAnn climbed down.  “I’ll wait for you here.  Get your stuff and hurry out.” instructed Chopper.

“Okay, I won’t be long.” assured KariAnn, handing him her helmet.  She ran up to the house and finding the door unlocked, went inside.  Everyone she hoped would be there was, except for Ken and Ray, and seeing them all broke her into tears of relief.  “You guys have got to help me!” her voice sounding desperate.

“What the hell happened to you?  We all thought you got busted by the cops or something.” said Debbie rushing to her side.

“Remember that greaser party with the Road Agents last Saturday night that the guys and I went to after work?” asked KariAnn talking fast and trying to control her sobs.  “Well, I got stranded there and the gang wouldn’t let me go.  They pulled a train on me and each of them beat and raped me.  Then the leader, Chopper, wanted me all for himself and I had to trick him into bringing me here.  He thinks I’m only picking up my things and he’s waiting for me out in the road!”

That was all it took to send Glen and all the rest of the guys flying outside to her rescue.  “Buzz off you fuckin’ greaseball while you’re still able to peddle that fuckin’ scooter of yours!” threatened Glen while the others cursed him too.

Chopper was no fool, and knew he didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell against the angry mob of her friends that outnumbered him about ten to one.  He revved his bike and high tailed it out of there fast with the guys running after him throwing rocks as he fled.

“You’re safe now, KariAnn, he’s gone, but you’d better not go anywhere alone for a while until this thing dies down.” Glen warned her.  “There’s always a chance he could come back looking for you.”

“Thanks, all of you! exclaimed KariAnn in appreciation.“I think I’d rather be dead than have to ever go back with them.”

“You poor thing!” sympathized Pam.  “Tell us all about it.”

“It’s a long story, Pam, and right now I’d like to erase the last four days right out of my mind.”

“That’s okay, you can tell us all about it later when you feel more like talking about it.” said Debbie understandingly.

“Has anyone seen Ken?” asked KariAnn suddenly thinking of him.  “I still don’t understand why he took off and left me there.”

“Yeah, he’s been here a few times looking for you.” answered Debbie.  “He came by again last night on his way to work, and said Livio was going to fire you if you didn’t come in.  He seemed pretty worried about you as we all were starting to.  He told us that night at the party that you had wanted to stay longer and had a ride home, but none of us figured you were still there.”

“I’ve got to talk to him, Deb, and Livio too, to see if I can get my job back.”

“Fine, but you’d better stay here.  I can walk over and call Ken from the pay phone at the party store and leave word for him to come by.” Debbie offered.  “As for your job, it might not be a good idea to go back there since they know where you work and might go by there looking for you.”

“Damn it, you’re right.  Chopper won’t take my deceiving him lightly.” KariAnn agreed with a frown.  “Please hurry back and tell me what he says.”

“I will.  Just sit tight and everything will be alright.” said Deb.

Debbie was able to reach Ken and he came by early before work.  She explained everything that happened from the time she last saw him to how she got away.  She could see in his face that he felt terrible and blamed himself for leaving without her.  “I’m so sorry, KariAnn.” apologized Ken with remorse.  “I should have gone to tell you myself we were leaving instead of relying on Chopper to deliver the message.”

“The message he delivered was that you and Ray left to get some cigarettes and you’d be right back.  I know you feel awful, but I really don’t blame you, Ken.” she tried to lift some of the guilt he was feeling.  “It looks like Chopper had this whole thing neatly planned out, and we both unwittingly walked right into his trap.”

“I know, but none of this would have happened if only I’d checked things out personally myself.” said Ken.  “How can I ever forgive…”

“Ken, it’s over now, and all our regrets can’t change anything.” KariAnn interrupted.  “Please, let’s try to just forget it.”

“Alright, I’ll try.” he promised as he pulled her to him and hugged her tightly.

“Am I still your girl?" asked KariAnn looking up at him.

“Of course you are.  I wish I didn’t have to leave you, but I’ve got to head into work.  I promise I’ll see you when I get out, and will explain to Livio what happened and pick up your last paycheck.  I agree it would be foolish to risk going back to Livio’s, and you need to lay low out of sight for a while.  Promise me you won’t go anywhere alone by yourself, and I do mean ANYWHERE.” he emphasized.  “They might come looking for you again so stay on your guard.”

“Do you really think they’ll risk coming back?” asked KariAnn with a shutter.

“Yes, I believe it is a real possible danger.” Ken warned.  “Like I said, stay inside out of sight for a while.”

“Okay, I promise.  I’ll see you when you get out tonight.” she said giving him a quick kiss goodbye.


It was now August 20th, exactly three weeks since her escape, and there still had been no sign of Chopper or any of his henchmen.  KariAnn was beginning to feel more relaxed, and was starting to put the horrible ordeal behind her.  Debbie had called her brother after her mom had left for the hospital, and found out Mike had bought five hundred hits of Purple Microdot acid.  Ken was going to take KariAnn to an early show that night to see the opening premiere of Alice’s Restaurant starring Arlo Guthrie so Debbie decided she’d catch up their laundry at her mom’s while she was gone and see Mike about fronting her some acid to sell.

It was agreed that KariAnn would meet Debbie after the show, and Mike would drive them back to the commune later.  The show started at 6:10 p.m., and they dropped Debbie off at home with the laundry on the way.  The movie let out about 8 o’clock, and it gave Ken plenty of time to take KariAnn back and make it to work by nine.  Driving by the park kitty corner from Debbie’s house, they spied her sitting on top of a nearby picnic table.  “There she is, Ken, so you might as well drop me off here.” she said kissing him goodbye, and walking over to her friend.

“Hey, KariAnn, I never knew you could walk on water!” hollered out Debbie when she saw her coming.

“Walk on water?” repeated KariAnn puzzled.

“You’d better hurry up before that shark gets you!” Debbie shouted with urgency pointing to the ground.

“What shark?  Debbie, are you high on that acid Mike picked up tonight?  There’s no damn shark, and I’m not walking on water either.” she laughed at the absurdness, sitting down next to her on the picnic table.  She could see Debbie’s pupils were dilated as large as saucers.

“You can’t see the shark?  Wow!  This is some fucking good shit!” Debbie exclaimed.  “And to think I’ve been sitting here all this time waiting for the shark to swim away.”  She was laughing now too.

“You got any more of that on you?” asked KariAnn, interested in catching a good high like her friend.

“Sure do, Mike fronted me a hundred hits.” replied Debbie pulling out a small plastic orange prescription bottle from her jacket pocket and handing it to KariAnn.  “You’d better take one out yourself.  I’m afraid I might spill them.”

KariAnn had no sooner popped one of the hits of acid in her mouth and gave the bottle back to Debbie, when she heard a car drive up and two car doors slam.  Spinning around to check it out, she froze dead, her spine taut with shock unable to move at all when she saw them.  It had been Chopper and Animal who had climbed out of the car, and they were walking towards them.  Her brain gave out orders to run, but her body wouldn’t obey.

“Chopper, how did you find me?  What are you going to do?” KariAnn finally managed to blurt out.

“You can thank Romeo the next time you see him.” Chopper said pulling his hand out of his pocket, gun black in the dim light, and rammed it into her temple.  “I should blow your lying pretty head off, but I think I’ll save you for fucking instead.  No cunt makes a fool out of me!”

Animal grinned, the slack-mouthed, stupid grin she hated, his eyes wandering over her body at the thought, and then looked over at Debbie.  “What about her?”

“We’ll take her along and have two train mamas.” decided Chopper on the spot and then looking at KariAnn said hotly, “When I’m through messing up your pretty face, there won’t be a man alive that will ever want to look at you again!” he swore.  “I’m going to tie you to the bed and laugh as my cigarette burns scars into your flesh, and after I get through with you and each of the others has their turn, we’ll all line up again and again and fuck your brains out.  And let’s not forget your blonde hippie friend.”

“I’ve got it!” smiled Animal.  “We tie up Blondie and let her watch so she knows how much fun she can look forward to when it’s her turn!”

“Let’s take a little walk to the car, bitches.” ordered Chopper, pulling KariAnn off the picnic table by her hair as Animal grabbed hold of Debbie in the same fashion, Chopper’s gun still pointed at KariAnn’s head while they walked.

Debbie, who was high out of her mind on the LSD she took over an hour earlier, freaked out and started screaming her head off.  Thankfully it aroused her neighbor, the cop who lived directly across from the park.  Just as they were about to drag them into the open car, he came running out of the house carrying a gun of his own.  “Those guys bothering you?” he yelled, with his gun quite visible under the porch light.

“Yes!” KariAnn dared to yell without giving it a second thought.  “And they’ve got a gun!”

Being they were in such close range of being shot and at the very least identified by this armed off-duty cop, the girls were shoved out of the way and Chopper and Animal were forced to flee once more.  “This isn’t over.” Chopper said into KariAnn’s ear before pushing her to the ground and sped off.

It didn’t dawn on KariAnn till after they were gone just how close they came to possibly being killed, and she’d never been more grateful to see a cop in her life.  “Are you girls okay?” the cop asked, running over to them.

“Yes, thank you mister.” answered KariAnn.  “You undoubtedly saved our lives.  They said they were going to rape us.”

“It’s a good thing I got out here in time.  Maybe you girls should head for home, and stay out of the park after dark from now on.  It’s just not safe.” the cop advised.

“Yes, we will, and thanks again.” replied KariAnn putting her arm around Debbie.  “Let’s go home, Deb.”

“Wait, before you go I’d like to ask you both a few questions.” he stopped them.  “Maybe we can catch these creeps and get them off the streets.”

“I don’t see how we can really help you.  You saw about as much as we did.” said KariAnn now getting worried that a police report might reveal who she is, and Debbie was so high she just stood there with a blank look on her face.  “Neither of us has ever seen them before, and I doubt they’ll come back the way you scared them off.  Besides, I was too busy keeping an eye on the gun to even give you a good description, and the whole thing happened so fast.”

“Okay, then run along, but remember what I said about staying out of the park after dark.” he warned again, and once they both nodded, he walked back to his house.

KariAnn had always been one to stay calm and level headed in the course of an emergency, and never fell apart until it was all over.  Now in the privacy of Debbie’s mom’s house, the roles were reversed as Debbie had regained control and KariAnn began shaking like a leaf in the wind.  She also was beginning to get off on the acid she’d forgotten all about until now.

“KariAnn, you were amazing, but why are you shaking now?” asked Debbie.  “It’s all over.”

“I guess it’s just a delayed reaction on top of the fact that acid is hitting me now.  Besides, your screaming is what really saved us.  If that cop wouldn’t have heard you, God, I don’t even want to think about it.” shuttered KariAnn.

“So that was Chopper and Animal.” remarked Debbie out loud.  “You know, KariAnn, we’ve got to do something so they never come back and bother us again.”

“But what the hell can we do?  We sure as hell can’t go to the police.”

“No, but I have a better idea.” she said mysteriously.

“Okay, let me in on it.” replied KariAnn desperately hoping it would be good.

“I happen to know a couple guys in Hells Angels, and the leader in this area, Nazi, is a good friend of mine.  I met him and Luther at the commune once and after we bonded over some good LSD, he gave me his phone number.” Debbie explained.  “I’m sure if I tell him what happened, he’ll help us out.  Hells Angels are one of the most notorious and feared gangs around these parts, and no dares to cross them.”

“Boy, Deb, if you’re right, that might just do the trick and keep them off our backs for good.  I can’t live in fear, looking over my shoulder all the time, wondering if today will be the day they get me.  It’s hard enough dodging the cops.”

“Then it’s settled.  We’ll call Nazi tomorrow and go see him.” said Debbie.


KariAnn was extremely surprised just how different Nazi was from Chopper.  She had expected to see a mean-looking brute surrounded by his tough followers, and instead she was introduced to an average height, slender built guy with a handsome face.  He didn’t live in a big clubhouse, although they did have one where the gang regularly congregated, but instead lived in a small rented apartment upstairs of an old house.

The girls told him about last night and how KariAnn had first encountered the Road Agents at their party, and of her four-day ordeal held captive.  They also expressed their fear that Chopper would return to get even with them, especially since Chopper told her it wasn’t over.  Nazi listened without saying much, but when they were through telling him their account of what happened, he gave his word he’d make sure they were taken care of.  “Don’t worry about the Road Agents.  Once they understand if they tangle with you they tangle with us, I guarantee they won’t be back.” Nazi confidently promised.  “You know it is scum like them that go around train banging young girls and terrorizing folks that give us bikers a bad rep.  Are they still hanging out on Joy Rd.?”

“Yes, ironic isn’t it that I passed through hell on Joy Rd.?” she thought to herself out loud.  “I’m glad not all motorcycle gangs are like them, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you helping us out.” thanked KariAnn gratefully.

Nazi walked over to the phone on the wall and made a call.  “Hey, Luther, it’s me.  Get the word out for all members still in town to meet up tonight at the clubhouse around 9 o’clock.  We have some urgent new business to take care of, and will be teaching a small outlaw biker gang the proper way to treat a lady.”  Hanging up the phone and turning to the girls he said, “Why don’t you both ride along tonight.  This way you’ll not only get to witness their retribution first hand for what they did, but when they see you, they will know beyond any doubt who they better not fuck with again.”  KariAnn’s heart was racing at the thought of seeing Chopper and Animal once more, but also found it strangely exhilarating to know they were going to get to see them get theirs.  She wondered how far they would take it, and if she and Debbie would be in any danger, but then shrugged it off believing in Nazi’s confidence.

While killing some time before the big meet up at the clubhouse, Debbie brought out a fat joint to smoke from her purse, and Nazi ordered a pizza from around the corner to be delivered as none of them had eaten yet.  After admiring some of Nazi’s artwork he had laying around, KariAnn learned he also made a small modest living on the side as a tattoo artist.  It didn’t take much for Nazi to talk the girls into a free non-permanent tattoo using magic markers in place of needles and Indian ink.  Both KariAnn and Debbie were wearing short shorts, and he drew his masterpieces on one of their legs.  He did KariAnn first and sketched a dragon starting at her thigh, winding around her leg, and ending its tail on her foot.  After it was colored in, it was difficult to tell it apart from a genuine tattoo.  Debbie couldn’t wait to be next, and with her he drew a deadly looking cobra with blood dripping from its fangs the same scale size as he had done on KariAnn.

It only took Nazi about thirty minutes per leg, and the girls had enjoyed the tickling sensation as he drew on them as much as they liked their one-of-a-kind custom designed legs.  They couldn’t wait to see the expression on people’s faces when they saw it.  “Well, I’m glad you both like it, because I have to tell you that colored permanent marker won’t wash off easy.  You may have to just wait for it to wear off.” Nazi chuckled.

“That’s okay with me, because I think it looks really bitchin’.” Debbie assured him.

“Yeah, me too.” agreed KariAnn.  “I may never wash this leg again.”

“Glad to hear it.  You girls can repay me by referring business my way if you hear of anyone who wants a great tattoo.” said Nazi happy the girls loved his artwork.

It was now almost 8:30 and time to get ready to go.  KariAnn couldn’t get over how different Nazi looked with his handsome face now concealed behind a dark visor, wearing his black leather club jacket, packing a Saturday night special in his pocket, and a switchblade tucked in his boot.  He gave the girls each a helmet, and the three of them rode to the clubhouse on back of his Harley-Davidson.  Roughly fifty bikers showed up in spite of the short notice given, and everyone was packing heat and ready to rumble. Before heading out on the soon-coming confrontation with the Road Agents, KariAnn hopped off Nazi’s bike and doubled up with Luther.

Nazi commanded an awesome respect as he led his pack on their monster Harleys to the Road Agents hangout.  He knew Chopper would never be able to live down his humility until he had once again recaptured KariAnn, plus now Debbie, to make them pay, and knew immediate action was needed to halt Chopper from making any further attempts.  The thundering roar of a long chain of Harleys could be heard coming down the road to signal their arrival, and sent Chopper and about a dozen of his cronies outside to check it out.  What they saw left them speechless for a moment.  “Look, they’re stopping here, and there must be close to fifty of them at least!” Animal said turning to Chopper.  “I can’t make out what club they’re from in this dark light, can you?”

“I can’t tell either, but we’d better check it out.” said Chopper.  “All of you follow me.  It looks like we have company.”

“Which one of you answers to the name of Chopper?” asked Nazi getting down to things once everyone congregated outside.

“I’m Chopper,” he answered, stepping forward, “and who the devil are you?”

“Oh, we’re just some fellow bikers.  We call ourselves Hell’s Angels.  Maybe you’ve heard of us?” Nazi asked flatly as he walked to meet Chopper half way between the two gangs.

“Hells Angels!  Shit, who hasn’t” Chopper let known he was impressed.  “What can our club do for you?”

“I know your guys will do whatever you instruct them to, so my main concern is dealing with you, Chopper.” said Nazi.

“Well then, let me rephrase and ask what can I do for you?” corrected Chopper.

“I wanted to have a word with you, pal, concerning a couple friends of mine.” baited Nazi as he planned his next move.

“Sure thing, any friends of yours are friends of mine.” assured Chopper.

“Good, meet my friends, KariAnn and Debbie.  Remove your helmets, girls, and say hello.” smiled Nazi as he suddenly grabbed Chopper unexpectedly by the throat and forced him to look down the barrel of his hand revolver.

“KariAnn and Blondie!  How the fuck was I supposed to know those cunts were friends of yours?” Chopper exclaimed in total shock, but careful not to show fear in front of his gang.

“Well, you know it now, fucker!  Tell me, how does it feel to have a gun to your head knowing any second I could chose to splatter your brains all over the sidewalk?  Not a good feeling is it?” toyed Nazi, clicking back the hammer and watching him sweat.

“I’ve known better.” admitted Chopper.

“I bet so have the girls.” Nazi replied, ramming the gun viciously now into his mouth knocking out a bloody tooth, and with great force kicked him square in the nuts with his pointed steel toe boot.  “That’s for what you did to KariAnn,” he told Chopper as he doubled over in pain spitting blood, and then pistol whipped him in the head so hard that it sent him flying backward almost knocking him out cold, “and that is for trying to repeat your mistake and drag Debbie into it last night.”  Nazi kicked him a couple more times while he lay on the ground; once in the head and then in the gut.  The Road Agents could do no more than stand back and watch the two gang leaders work it out, knowing it would be a slaughter if they dared to step in.

“Just one more thing, and this applies to all of you, so listen up.  Back off from KariAnn and Debbie unless you’re prepared for a real blood bath.  Don’t make us come back out here, or we’ll cut you all up into little bloody pieces and throw you in the river as fish food.” warned Nazi before returning to his Harley, then with a raised fist in the air yelled, "Angels Forever, Forever Angels!"  Everyone yelled it back, and then Nazi led his members out in the same fashion they rode in.

That was the last time either KariAnn or Debbie saw the Road Agents.

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