The Truant Risk

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - PENNY & MARGO

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Submitted: May 01, 2019



The same girl she saw earlier answered the door again only now she was all made up and wearing a short mini-skirt, tight fitting low-cut blouse, black fish net stockings, and patent leather boots.  She wore her dark shoulder length hair parted on the side half draped over one eye like the actress Veronica Lake.

“Penny, this is the girl I was telling you about.  KariAnn,” he introduced, “Penny.” then added, “Where’s Margo?”

“Here I am, handsome.” Margo answered coming out of the bathroom.  “You must be KariAnn.  Here, come have a seat and let’s get to know each other a little.”  Margo was a slender girl with short, bobbed-off blonde hair and blue eyes, and she wore studded bell-bottom jeans, a see-thru blouse, and high heeled sandals.

“Hey, Penny, grab us all a beer while you’re up will you?” Antonio asked her from across the room.

Penny handed everyone a Budweiser, and took a seat on the couch beside Antonio and KariAnn.  “Antonio tells us, KariAnn, that you’re almost fourteen, a runaway from an all girls’ boarding school, in need of a place to stay, and would be willing to babysit and help out.” Penny said to KariAnn summing up what they already knew so far.  “This place isn’t much as you can see, but I could use someone to sit with Angela while Margo and I are working.  What do you think?”

“I think I’d like to give it a shot.  It’s true I do need a place to stay,” KariAnn admitted, “and I love little kids.  How old is Angela?”

“Five and a half months.  She’s in the bedroom sleeping.  Would you like to see her?” Penny asked.

“Sure.” KariAnn said getting up and following Penny into the one and only bedroom.

“I should be able to turn on the light for a minute without waking her.” Penny said turning it on and quietly walking over to the baby’s crib with KariAnn.

“Oh, Penny, she’s a little doll.” KariAnn whispered softly.

“So everyone tells me.” Penny said with a slight hint of sarcasm.

Leaving the room as quietly as they went in, Penny and KariAnn rejoined Margo and Antonio who sat talking.  “Antonio just told me you saw your first X-rated movie tonight.” Margo snickered.  “Well, let me tell you, KariAnn, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.”

“You’re not making fun of me are you, Margo?” asked KariAnn feeling her cheeks turn red.

“No, honest I’m not.  I’m sorry, KariAnn.” Margo apologized.  “It’s just you’re nothing like the girls I’m used to seeing Antonio with.”

“Look, honey, you can take that as a compliment.” Penny added.

“Gee, thanks a lot both of you!” Antonio laughed out loud.  Then putting down his just finished beer, he turned to KariAnn, “I’ve got to work in the morning so I can’t stay here with you any longer, but I promise I’ll be by tomorrow if the girls don’t poison your mind against me between now and then.  Will you walk me out to the truck?”

“Sure.” she said getting up with him.

“Don’t worry, love, we’ll take good care of her, and I promise we’ll try when we can to throw in a few good qualities of yours too.” Penny teased.

It was quiet and peaceful under the late night starlit sky.  Hand in hand, they walked slowly to the truck.  “I wish I didn’t have to go, but I know you’ll be fine here.” Antonio said when they reached where he’d parked.

“Thank you again, Antonio, for everything.  I think I’m going to like Penny and Margo, and I’ve really enjoyed being with you.” said KariAnn sincerely.

“I’m glad.  I think you’ll all hit it off just great.  They’ve both been around and know the score so if you ever need to talk something over you’re mixed up about, they may well be able to offer you advice.”

“I’ll remember that.” she promised.  “Tell me, Antonio, is Penny divorced or did the baby’s father just skip out on her?”

“Well not exactly.  You see, KariAnn, Penny and Margo are hookers,” he explained, “and to be honest I don’t think she even knows who the father is for sure.  You have to admire her though for trying to raise the kid herself when she could have made things easier by getting an abortion.  I guess life has dealt both of them pretty shitty hands, but they’re fighters and they’re tough.”

“I can see where they’d have to be, and how I could learn a thing or two from them.”

“Just so long as you don’t learn the business.” he smiled and bent down for a final kiss.  “I’ll call you in the morning from the garage and see you later.”

KariAnn waved good-bye, and waited till he drove out of sight before going inside.  She noticed Margo and Penny had pulled out and made up the hideaway bed in the couch, and had already slipped into summer pajamas when she walked in.  Even though it was almost 2 a.m., KariAnn didn’t feel much like going right to sleep.

“Try this on.” said Margo extending a short, silk nightshirt.  “You look about my size so I think it will fit, and it sure would be a lot cooler.”

“Thanks, Margo.” said KariAnn.  Stripping down to her bra and panties, she then slipped the garment over her head to discover it was a perfect fit, and neatly folded the blouse and culottes she was wearing.

“If you’re tired, KariAnn, we can turn in and call it a night,” Penny said, “or if you’d rather, we could stay up and talk a while.  It really doesn’t matter to me.”

“I know I should be tired, but between the heat and all the excitement today, I’m wide awake and would really love to talk.” replied KariAnn.

“Good, I’m not ready to turn in yet either.” said Margo getting up and heading for the refrigerator.  “Anyone want another beer?”

“Sure, I’ll have one.” answered Penny.

“Make that two.” KariAnn joined in.

Returning with three cold beers, Margo took a seat on the bed with them, and pulling the tab off on her beer asked, “Now what should we talk about?”

“Would you mind if we talk about sex?” asked KariAnn boldly.  “I could never talk about it to mom, and most of my friends were virgins like myself, and didn’t know any more than I did.”

“Well, you’re looking at a couple of experts on the subject!” laughed Penny, and with that they all laughed.  “Hell, just ask us anything you want to know.”

“I’d like to know everything.” KariAnn said eagerly.  “Mom has called me a whore and a slut and everything else she could think of, and since she already believes I’m no longer a virgin I might as well not be.  Besides, I think Antonio wants to take me to bed, and I want to go to bed with him too.”

“I kind of thought so.” admitted Penny.  “Well, I must say you sure as hell picked yourself a big cock for your first time.”

“How do you know it’s big, and is that good?” she asked innocently.

“We’re hookers remember, and we’ve both seen it.  Normally I’d say the bigger the better, but being this is your first time, Antonio might just be a little more than you can handle.” Margo tried to warn her.

“What Margo is trying to say,” Penny explained, “is that the first time even a small cock is going to seem big and will hurt when it enters you.  I’m afraid someone the size of your Antonio might just tear you.”

“So you don’t think I should make love to him?” she asked with obvious disappointment.

“That’s totally up to you, KariAnn.  All we’re saying is that even if he’s gentle, as I’m sure he’ll try to be, it’s going to hurt some.  So don’t expect to experience a fantastic orgasm.”

“Well, if it’s going to hurt the first time no matter who I do it with, then I still want to try it with Antonio, and experience what it’s like.” said KariAnn stubbornly with her mind made up.  “About how many times would you say you have to do it before it starts feeling good?”

“Boy, you’re really serious about this.” Margo noted.  “It’s hard to say exactly, but at least a few times anyway.”

“How old were each of you when you had your first man?” KariAnn wanted to know.

I was fifteen,” Margo confided, “but Penny was only thirteen like you.  Her mother was a hooker, and one night one of her mother’s johns raped her.”

“How awful!” KariAnn sympathized.  “What did you do?”

“Nothing at first.  I was too ashamed to tell anyone.” Penny said remembering back.  “The second time it happened, I told my mother about it, but she only accused me of teasing and leading him on, and that I got what I had coming to me so I ran away.  It’s funny, but I hated my mother for being what she was, and yet like mother like daughter, I found myself making a living by laying on my back just as she did.”

“Couldn’t you get a job doing something else?” asked KariAnn figuring she never had to be like her mother if she didn’t choose to be.

“Doing what, babysitting maybe?”  Penny became defensive.  “I’d of starved on what that pays.  In this business on a good day, I can make $150 a night, plus I work my own hours, and I had a man to protect and take care of me.”

“I know where Penny’s coming from, KariAnn.” said Margo relating to what she had just said.  “Even at fifteen, I soon learned this was where the real money was.  Besides, a girl ain’t safe without a man around to watch out for her.  There are an awful lot of creeps and weirdoes out there just looking to rape you or beat your head in without batting an eye or giving it a second thought.”

”So I take it then you both work for a pimp?” KariAnn tried to sound like she knew a little something about the profession.

“We used to when we worked the street corners in Detroit, but Jimmy washed his hands of Penny when she insisted on keeping her baby, and being her best friend, I left with her.” explained Margo.

“Jimmy was nothing more than a black son of a bitch who was getting rich off us, Margo, and you know it.  We can take care of ourselves now!” Penny said defiantly.

“Sure we can.” Margo agreed.  “So far, I’d say we’ve done pretty good on our own.  Well, I don’t know about you two, but I’m turning in.”

“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea since Angela seems to wake up with the birds.” said Penny gathering up the empties to toss them out.

Penny went in to sleep with the baby, and KariAnn bedded down with Margo on the sofa bed.  Morning came early, and as Penny had said, little Angela was demanding breakfast when the sun came up.  It appeared she was the only one aroused by the baby crying, and quietly entering the bedroom, KariAnn was ready to start earning her room and board.

Spying a pile of cloth diapers stacked on the dresser, she grabbed two, some baby powder, and a pair of rubber pants from the top dresser drawer.  After wiping off and powdering her bottom, she carefully pinned on the new diaper and dressed her in a cute pink sun suit.  Angela was now gurgling and smiling as KariAnn picked her up and placed her in the high chair while both Penny and Margo slept on undisturbed.

Looking around the small kitchen, KariAnn found a box of baby cereal and the pre-made bottles of formula in the frig.  There was no stove, only a hot plate.  Plugging it in, she put the bottle in a small pan of water and frequently tested it till the formula felt warm when she shook out a few drops on her wrist.  Then she made the cereal from part of the warmed formula.  Before giving the first spoonful to Angela, she touched it to her lip.  “Umm, this is good!” KariAnn told the baby who opened her mouth wide when the spoon came near.

The first few mouthfuls were easy, but then Angela thought it was more fun to spit it out.  Using the spoon to scrape up the cereal spilled down her face, she pushed it back in her mouth, which Angela promptly spit back out again.  Refilling the spoon, KariAnn patiently tired again only now Angela would just turn her head when she saw the spoon coming.  KariAnn even tried to pretend to feed the Gerber baby on the cereal box while saying yum, yum.  It had once worked on her baby brother, but Angela wasn’t buying it.  Suddenly she remembered a little game her mother used when trying to get her brother to eat vegetables he didn’t like.  It worked.

“Open up the hanger!  Here comes the airplane!” said KariAnn making airplane noises and flying the spoon into her mouth as she laughed.  It took a while, but she finally had gotten her to finish most of it that way.  After cleaning her face and wiping up the tray, she then fed her the rest of the bottle holding her in her arms.  It had been a while since Michael was that little and she held him the same way, but she felt comfortable and enjoyed playing the role of mother.

Penny and Margo never woke up till a couple hours later when the phone rang.  It was Antonio.  The day had come and gone, and it was now early evening when Antonio stepped out of his truck and rapped at the orange door to their room.  The girls had conveniently taken the baby to visit with a young couple two doors down knowing KariAnn’s intentions to give up her virginity tonight, and thoughtfully allowed them the privacy of having the place to themselves.

Antonio’s eyes almost popped out of his head when she opened the door to let him in wearing one of Margo’s sheer black lace negligees, which immodestly exposed her totally naked body underneath.  Although nervous and a bit scared, she was determined to follow it through and experience what her mother already believed and accused her of having done.  Besides, the chemistry between them was so overwhelming, it was bound to happen eventually anyway if they continued to see each other.

“Oh, babe, if you’re trying to seduce me, I’ve got to tell you it’s working.” he responded, placing her hand on the growing bulge in his jeans and cupping her small breasts softly in his large, calloused hands.

“Yes, I want you, Antonio.” she whispered.  KariAnn looked over his youthful, towering, muscular physique as he quickly stripped off his clothes before joining her on the sofa bed.  Pulling the two ends of the single bow that tied in front, he slowly parted the see-thru material, and placed his mouth over one breast while he fondled the other.

“Antonio…” she said shyly.

“What is it, babe?” he stopped and looked up to study her face to see if anything was wrong.

“Before we go any farther, there’s something I think I should tell you.” a touch of embarrassment in her voice.

“Don’t tell me,” he said with an understanding smile, “you’re still a virgin.”

“How did you know?” she asked with surprise.  “Does it show that much?”

“No, not at all.  I just guessed.” he tried to reassure her.  “You know, KariAnn, most girls your age usually are.  I promise I’ll try to be real gentle so it won’t hurt too bad your first time.  Do you know if the girls have any Vaseline?”

KariAnn knew he was being as gentle as he could, but the pain was almost more than she could bear.  She wondered if she had made a mistake taking on someone his size, and feared he might unintentionally hurt her inside.  She also wondered if someday she’d ever enjoy this thing called ‘sex’.  Biting her lip and closing her eyes, she tried not to yell out again for him to stop; but the words escaped anyway.

“Please stop, Antonio, please!” she pleaded in pain.

“I know it hurts; it hurts me too.” he sympathized, and again refrained from moving.  “Would you like me to take it out, and we could try again later?”

“Yes, if you wouldn’t mind.  I’m so damn sore, I don’t think I could take any more right now.” she said very grateful he asked.

“Okay, KariAnn,” he said understandingly, “maybe next time it won’t hurt as bad.”

“I’m so sorry, Antonio,” she apologized, “I didn’t mean to act like a baby.  I hope you’re not mad or too disappointed with me.”

“Don’t worry, pretty lady,” he comforted, “I could never see myself getting mad at you, and I’m not disappointed either.  I can imagine how painful it must be with me being so large and you so small.”

A half hour later when Penny and Margo returned to the room, the two of them were laying naked in each other’s arms covered only from the waist down with the bed sheet.  “Looks like another virgin just bit the dust.” they heard Penny laugh.  “What do you wanna bet she can’t walk?”

 “Come on, knock it off, Penny, we’re not sleeping and can hear you.” said Antonio at Penny’s insensitivity.

“Sorry, just kidding around.” said Penny still laughing, and then heading to the bedroom to put Angela down in her crib.  “I’ve got first dibs on the bathroom.” she added over her shoulder.

Antonio jumped up to get dressed, and KariAnn pulled the bed sheet up to cover herself wondering what was next in store.  She was about to find out as Margo asked Antonio if he could take her out again explaining that Sunday night was another one of their biggest money makers.  “There’ll be a lot of johns coming out, and like we gave you, a little privacy would be nice.” hinted Margo.

“I understand.  Frank’s throwing another poker game at the house tonight, and I don’t think they’d mind if I brought her along.” Antonio figured.

“Great!” Margo sounded relieved.

“Say, have either of you figured out what you’ll do if I can’t take her out when your johns stop by?” Antonio inquired.

“Well, we thought we’d introduce her to Walt and Diane a couple doors down tomorrow, and she could always take the baby and stay there till we come get her.” she answered.

“Sounds like it might work out.” he agreed.  “Well, KariAnn, do you want to come along and be my good luck charm?” Antonio invited.

“I’d love to,” KariAnn accepted, “but I can’t guarantee I’ll bring you any luck.”

“Babe, with you by my side, how can I possibly lose?  I already feel very lucky just knowing you like me.” he confirmed with a quick kiss.  “Come on, get dressed and we’ll grab a bite to eat somewhere.  It’s only a little after seven, and the game’s not scheduled till nine.”

It was 8:30 when they arrived at the house with a 6-pack of Pabst and two bottles of Boones Farm Apple Wine.  Everything was set up and ready.  The refrigerator was filled with beer, bowls of chips, pretzels, and dip were out on the table which had been pulled out from the wall, and in the center the poker chips and cards.  The only thing missing was the rest of the players.

“Is that you, Antonio?” Frank called out as they heard him approaching the kitchen.

“Yeah, it’s me and I brought…” before Antonio could finish, Frank walked in wearing only his underwear.

“KariAnn!” Frank said shocked with surprise, “I didn’t know you were here too.  Excuse me while I put some clothes on.”  Just then the doorbell rang, and Frank ran for cover while Antonio answered the door in near hysterics.

“What’s so damn funny?  Did I put my clothes on backward or something?” the guy asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“No, it’s not you, it’s Frank!” Antonio laughed louder.

“Thank God!  So tell me, what the hell did Frank do?” he smiled with curiosity.

“He only modeled for my girl in his skivvies!  Larry, you should have seen his face!  Come on in and meet her.  Hey, KariAnn, I’d like you to meet somebody.” Antonio said, closing the front door.

“Gee, I don’t know.  Is he decent?” she snickered as she walked over.

“Yes, unfortunately, but I can strip for you if you’d like.” Larry was now laughing too.  “Wow, wow, wow!  Don’t tell me this gorgeous creature is playing cards with us!  However will we keep our mind on the game?”

“That’s totally your problem.  Keep your eye on this guy, babe.” Antonio winked at her.

Soon Frank joined them, this time fully dressed, and by the time the rest of the guys showed up, KariAnn had finished her second glass of wine and was starting to feel a warm glow.  The other three that arrived, like Larry, drowned KariAnn with attention and flowery compliments, and it was hard to tell who enjoyed or ate it up more KariAnn or Antonio.  Antonio truly had lady luck on his side that night, and naturally he attributed his winning all to KariAnn who was beginning to wonder if maybe she really was bringing him luck.  He would kiss her, sometimes quite passionately, before and after every hand while he made everyone sit around to wait for him.  Finally it got to be too much for Larry.

“Hey, good buddy, how about sharing that good luck charm with the rest of us.  If she’d just walk around the table and give each of us a little kiss, then maybe we could be lucky too.” Larry grinned at the idea.

“That’s right!  Come on, pal, don’t be so greedy and hoard her all to yourself!” chipped in another guy.

“There’s only one small flaw with that line of reasoning,” KariAnn quickly spoke up, “If I were to bring good luck to each of you, then tell me who would win?”

“She not only has beauty, but brains too!” Larry sighed.

“Just maybe she’s not as smart as you think,” Frank ribbed, “she’s going out with my asshole baby brother isn’t she!”

“Oh, eat your heart out, Frank.  You’re just jealous.” Antonio got him back.  “How about pouring me another glass of wine will you, babe?”

“I’m afraid I just polished off the bottle.  How’s a beer sound?” KariAnn suggested.

“Are we really out already?  I bought two bottles.” he asked a bit surprised.

“Yes, but this was the second bottle.” she answered holding it up.

“Okay, give me a beer then.” he agreed, and then added, “You’d better drink those a little slower or you’re going to get bombed on your ass.”

After finishing the wine left in her glass, KariAnn then started in on drinking a beer.  Antonio could tell the booze was hitting her, but couldn’t get over how well she was maintaining.  It wasn’t much longer though she disappeared into the bathroom, and after a while he went to check on her.  When he walked in, he found her on the floor hugging the toilet.  “I was afraid you might be sick the way you were pouring those drinks down.  Do you feel like you may throw up anymore?” he asked her as he pulled her hair back away from her face.

“I don’t think so.  Everything that was in my stomach is now in the toilet.  Oh, Antonio, I feel so embarrassed, and I wish you didn’t have to see me this way.” KariAnn said with her face still over the toilet bowl.

“That’s okay, babe.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of.  This has happened to all of us at one time or another believe me.” he said tenderly, and flushed the toilet.  “You feel any better now?”

“Yes, I’m alright.  Give me a chance to pull myself back together and I’ll be right out.” she promised, looking up at him for the first time.

“Good.  Here, you can use my toothbrush if you like to get that bad taste out of your mouth, and I’ll see you in a bit.” Antonio said holding it out to her.

When KariAnn returned, Frank had made her a cup of hot tea, and she was thankful no one said much about her getting sick.  Everyone continued playing cards, and Antonio bowed out once she finished her tea.

“Well, guys, I’m getting out while I’m still a few bucks ahead.  I’ll see you all later.” Then Antonio turned to his brother placing his hand on his shoulder, “Don’t bother waiting up for me.”

“Hell, why should I?  You have a key.” Frank replied.  “Good night, KariAnn.”

It was after midnight, the moon and stars were out, and the night air cool.  The hot tea Frank made for her had helped some to get her back on the road to recovery, but the best medicine turned out to be the drive with the windows down.  “I feel so much better now, and to think just an hour ago I thought I was going to die; however, since only the good die young, I should live a  very long life!” joked KariAnn.

“You do look better, and you’re beginning to sound more like yourself again.” he said, placing his hand on her knee and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Say, where are you taking me?  This can’t be the way back to the motel.” she noticed.

“You’ll see when we get there.” was all he’d tell her.  A short time later, Antonio turned off into a small park that was closed after dark.  Parking the truck in an unlit area, careful not to be spotted from the road if a cop passed by, he jumped out and walked around to open her door.  “Let’s go for a walk.” Antonio said taking her hand and helping her down.  “You cold?” he asked putting his arm around her.

“No, but keep holding me close anyway.” she stopped and reached up on tip toes for a kiss.

“Do you know what I love about you?” he asked.

“Everything?” she kidded.

“Yeah, how did you know?”  This time he picked her up off the ground and kissed her long and hard.  “KariAnn, let’s try again.  I really want you bad.”

“Right now, here?” asked KariAnn, looking around nervously.

“Sure, why not?  No one will see us, and what could possibly be more romantic than making love under the stars?” he tried to make sound inviting.

“Okay,” she gave in, “but please remember I’m still pretty sore.”

“I’ll be careful.” he promised, “Stay here while I grab the blanket in back of the truck.”  A minute later the blanket was spread out on the ground, and each was undressing the other.  This time he managed to get most of it in, and KariAnn only screamed out when it entered.  She tried to lay still and not tighten up.  Antonio kept his promise to be gentle, and stroked it in and out very slowly.  Still it felt anything but good, and a swarm of mosquitoes were biting them both all over.

She didn’t want to let him down for a second time, and she thought if she could survive the first few times it would soon become satisfying for her too.  Attempting to take her mind off the pain, she prayed to God that He would make him come quickly.  Finally he did, and she felt the warm stickiness of his orgasm drip down the inside of her leg when he pulled it out.

“I’m sorry, KariAnn, it wasn’t as good for you as it was for me, but just give it time and it will.” he said with a slight hint of guilt.

“Don’t feel bad, Antonio.  I know someday I’ll enjoy it too.”

“Did it hurt much this time?” he wanted to know.

“Yes, but not quite as bad as the first time.” she lied to make him feel better, and smacked at a mosquito on her leg.

“You see, it’s getting better already!” he sounded happy.  “Let’s hurry and get dressed before these damn blood suckers eat us up alive!”

On the way back to the motel, KariAnn could feel her vagina throbbing, and it reminded her of the time she’d slammed her thumb in the car door only more intensified.  She wondered if Antonio had noticed how funny she waddled to the truck like someone not used to riding a horse would walk after a long trail ride.  What would Dave think if he knew she had just made it with a guy she had met less than two days ago, when he’d been pleading with her for months; or her mother if she was presented with positive proof she was no longer a virgin?

Upon entering the room of their motel, KariAnn for the moment put aside all her thoughts and pains for neither she nor Antonio could believe what was before their eyes.  It looked as if a tornado had just blown through as they made their way stepping around the shambles and over to where Margo sat crying.  Penny had just given Angela a warm bottle to quiet her and came out of the bedroom when she heard them get in.  Both girls had swollen faces, along with torn clothes, and multiple cuts and bruises.

“My God!  What the fuck happened here?” Antonio demanded.

“Are you two alright?” KariAnn asked with concern as she put a comforting arm around Margo, and then looked over at Penny questioningly.

“We got rolled, beat up, and raped.” Penny answered flatly.

“Do you know who did this to you?” Antonio directed the question at Penny who seemed more in control.

“A couple fuckin’ Chicanos who called themselves Juan and Guido is all I can tell you.  They had switchblades and demanded we hand over all the cash we had.  I told them we just paid the rent and it wiped us out, but they didn’t buy it.  They said they knew we were whores and could pay the rent with the money we made on a bad day.  Margo gave them everything we both had made so far this weekend which was over three hundred dollars, but they still worked us over and broke up the place.” Penny explained without emotion as if she were numb.

“Didn’t anyone call the cops when they heard the ruckus?” was Antonio’s next question.

“Oh sure, the manager did, but by the time the cops finally got on the scene, the fuckin’ creeps had already gone and $300 bucks richer!”  Now Penny was starting to show anger over the injustice of the whole thing.  “Where’s a fuckin’ cop when you need one?  Out writing traffic tickets and hauling in working girls trying to make a living, that’s where!” she exclaimed, answering her own question.

“Antonio, please stay the night.” Margo finally spoke up.  “I’d feel much safer knowing you’re here, please.  You could sleep with KariAnn on the hideaway bed in the couch, and I’ll double up with Penny.  Say you’ll stay.” she pleaded, with frightened eyes.

“Sure, you got it, but I doubt they’ll be back tonight.” he replied.

Morning came around early it seemed, and KariAnn woke when Antonio got up.  She was grateful little Angela was still asleep.  Her mouth was as dry as a desert, and felt like an army of soldiers marched across it with sandy boots during the night.  Her head pounded with a hangover from last night’s drinking, and her vagina felt bruised and tender.

Antonio came out of the bathroom and greeted her with, “Good morning, honey.”

“I don’t see what’s so good about it, Antonio.  I feel like warmed over death this morning, and just look at this mess we got to clean up.” KariAnn answered back, and made her way into the now unoccupied bathroom.  She had to pee badly, but when she tried to let it go, the strong burning sensation hurt so much that she had to keep cutting off her piss and let it trickle out gradually.

Antonio didn’t stay long and said something about promising to help his mother with something.  Penny and Margo had gotten up unusually early, although 10 o’clock was considered sleeping in late for KariAnn who was used to attending 7 a.m. mass at Vista Maria every day before school.  Still in her bathrobe, Penny headed out the door with a cigarette in her mouth, while Margo reheated up the water in the teakettle for coffee.

“Where’s Penny going?” asked KariAnn a bit curious, and thinking it odd Penny would put anything before her first cup of coffee.

“She’s probably going to buy the morning paper from the news rack in front of the office.  We have to get started finding a new place to live, and two weeks isn’t a long time.” said Margo.

“All you have is two weeks to move?  This wouldn’t have anything to do with last night would it?” she asked, still in the dark about what was going on.

“Sorry, didn’t we tell you?  I guess in all the commotion we forgot to mention it.” Margo apologized.

“So, Penny,” KariAnn addressed her, “do you have to move because the motel manager blamed you guys for what happened?  Hell, it wasn’t your fault, and surely anyone could see that you were the victims.”  It seemed hard to believe and so unfair they should pay the price twice for something they weren’t responsible for.

“Shit, that’s not the way the manager saw it!” Penny answered bitterly.  “He said trash draws other trash, and he wants us out by the first of the month when the rent comes due again.  He even went so far as to tell the fuzz that this was a respectable motel, and he had no idea of our profession!”

“He has balls to talk.” added Margo.  “His wife is a drunken slut, and fools around behind his back with any man that’s interested, but because she doesn’t accept money for it that’s suppose to make her better than us, right?  Besides, this place is nothing more than a two bit flea bag with paper thin walls, and I’m glad we’re leaving this dump!”

“I don’t blame either of you for being pissed, and I hope it’s not too hard finding something else.” KariAnn sympathized.

“Don’t sweat it, KariAnn.  We’ll find another place, and you’re welcome to come along with us when we do.” offered Margo.

“Thanks, Margo.  You both have been super to me, and I’ll never forget it.”

After feeding Angela and putting her down out of the way in her playpen, KariAnn helped Margo straighten things up while Penny called on ads she’d circled in the paper.  The girls’ teamed efforts had paid off, and soon the place was back in order and Penny had several good possibilities lined up to look at.

“KariAnn, would you mind looking after the baby while Margo and I check out some of these places this afternoon?” Penny asked.

“Sure, Penny, that’s why I’m here.” she assured.

“How would you like to meet a couple friends of ours in room #4?  Their names are Walt and Diane.  It would be better than sitting around here all day, and they have a TV.” Penny suggested.

Room #4 was set up and looked just like their room.  Diane was slender and petite like Margo with a soft voice, shoulder length brown hair, and KariAnn guessed her age to be in her early twenties.  She was very warm and friendly, and KariAnn took an instant liking to her.  Walt looked to be a few years older, had wavy black hair, long sideburns, and a mustache that grew into a short neatly trimmed beard.  His right arm was deformed, and had a perfectly formed tiny hand with little fingers about the size of a baby’s growing out of a normal size stub of an arm that came about halfway from the shoulder and elbow.  KariAnn had never seen anything like it, and she had to force herself not to stare at it.

To her they seemed to be nice couple, and very compatible to each other.  Walt’s Uncle Bill also shared their small room, and had a cot set up in the corner.  She was told that Uncle Bill was only forty-nine, but he looked more like a senior citizen with his almost white hair, his sunken unshaven face, with thin arms and legs and a slightly protruding stomach.  To be more exact, Uncle Bill could best be described as looking like a homeless wino sleeping it off in an alley.  Even his speech was slurred and he walked like a drunk.

KariAnn felt sorry for him when Diane told her later, after Penny dropped off the baby and left with Margo, how he became that way.  Uncle Bill in his younger days was quite an attractive stud with many stables so to speak.  He had more desirable women on a string than most men even dared to dream about.  He was a confirmed bachelor, and envied by all his friends trapped either in a bad marriage or tied to only one woman.  Then at age thirty-six, he caught syphilis from a one-night stand he met at a bar.  He let it go untreated for too long, and by the time he finally saw a doctor it was too late to cure or stop it.  The disease had ultimately by this time led to the degeneration of his bones, heart, and nerve and brain tissues.  Diane also explained that the predominating thing on his mind was sex, and he loved to talk about it.  His favorite expression, which he repeated often was, “Hey, cutie, you wanna make babies?”  She told her not to be alarmed though, because he was as harmless as a baby.  His balance was poor and one could knock him over with a gentle push and his walk so slow and unsteady that even a young child could easily escape him.

A couple hours later when Penny and Margo returned, KariAnn and Angela went back with them to their room.  Most of the places they’d checked were either in run down neighborhoods or turned out to be predominately black, so this time they had struck out and would have to keep looking.  Both seemed a little discouraged and complained of being exhausted.  The rest of the day kind of dragged by, and KariAnn worked on the crossword puzzle in the paper after doing up a small sink full of dishes.  Margo made several trips back and forth to the laundry room, and Penny played some with the baby while thumbing through a few magazines and sipping down a couple beers.

Antonio had called to say he couldn’t make it over tonight, but would be by after work tomorrow.  So KariAnn and Angela went back over to Walt and Diane’s where she’d been invited for supper and to spend the night.  The girls were lining up appointments when she left, hoping to make up some of the money they were ripped off the night before and would need for a deposit to put down on a new place.

After stuffing themselves on Diane’s meatloaf, they taught KariAnn to play a card game called ‘Bitch Rummy’.  The only real variation from the standard game of Rummy was that you could only pick up and play the top card discarded and the rest underneath became dead.  If it wasn’t your turn when the card you needed was discarded, it was a real bitch…thus the name.  Uncle Bill was watching TV while they played cards, but during commercials would ask KariAnn over and over if she wanted to make babies.

By 11:30 p.m., KariAnn was tired and ready to call it a night.  Diane gave her one of Walt’s t-shirts to wear that hung long on her, and made up the full size bed in the bedroom.  As the only other bed was the small cot the old man slept on, KariAnn had no choice but to sleep with Walt and Diane.  She took the wall, Diane the middle, and Walt slept on the outside.  Being Diane was sleeping next to her and the wall on the other side, KariAnn didn’t feel uneasy and drifted right off to sleep.

She had no idea of what time it was when she felt something rubbing ever so lightly on the back of her panties giving her a ticklish sensation.  Then all at once she put it together.  It was Walt, and what she was feeling was his dick, which he was rubbing through her panties up and down the crack of her ass!

“Oh my God!” she thought.  How did he manage to get in the middle when Diane was next to her she wondered?  Did she get up to use the bathroom and he just scooted over and then she took his place?  Was Diane sleeping and totally unaware of what Walt was doing to her?  Should she let him know she was awake?  Oh, no!  Now what should she do?  She could feel him sliding her panties part way down and now his dick was softly touching skin to skin!

The safest thing she figured was to simply continue to pretend asleep and undisturbed.  He surely couldn’t do any more than what he was doing now with his wife in bed too or she’d wake and catch him.  That’s what she’d do, and not say anything to Diane that might hurt her or possibly cause their marriage to break up.  She would just never accept another invitation to spend the night, and everything would be fine.  Poor Diane she thought.  She’s such a nice person, and she had to fall in love with this unfaithful, perverted creep.  She bet she wasn’t the first or the last he’d fool around with.  Maybe it would be kinder to wake her up and tell her.  Diane would be much better off dumping him.

Walt was now getting braver and going farther.  Before she could do anything, he had slipped her panties completely down and was gently trying to roll her over on her back.  “That does it, Walt!” KariAnn jumped up in a sitting position.  “Enough is enough!  How could…”  And then she saw Diane standing at the foot of the bed not only watching, but also taking pictures with a Polaroid!

“You guys are weird.  No, I take that back, you’re both sick!  So that’s why you invited me to stay the night.  I’m leaving.  Where are my clothes?”  demanded KariAnn hotly.

“I put your clothes over the chair.” Diane pointed.  “Don’t run off like this, KariAnn, we’re sorry.  No one will touch you again I promise.”

Hearing the heated discussion, Uncle Bill walked into their room grinning ear to ear when he saw them.  “You guys wanna make babies a little quieter?”

“Shut up and go back to bed!” Walt yelled at him, now standing naked next to Diane who also didn’t have a stitch of clothes on.  “Look, KariAnn, we would never do anything against your will.”

“No, you just molest your guests while they’re sleeping!” retorted KariAnn.  “You’re disgusting!  I’ll have Penny pick up Angela in the morning.”  And grabbing her clothes and purse off the chair, she quickly dressed in the bathroom, walked to the front door and slammed it behind her.  It wasn’t until now that KariAnn glanced at her watch and noticed it was nearly three in the morning.  Margo had loaned KariAnn her key knowing she gets up early so she could let herself in without having to wake them, but KariAnn wasn’t quite ready to go back to bed yet.  Walt had shocked her, but nothing compared to seeing Diane taking pictures and discovering they had planned the whole thing together.

KariAnn knew she was taking chances by going for a walk that time of morning, especially if stopped by a cop who would pop her for curfew and discover she was a runaway, but at that point she didn’t care and all she wanted was to get away and sort things out in her head.  She hadn’t realized she’d been out walking for so long, and luckily no cops drove by.  Now it was actually 4:30 a.m. when she returned to the motel and pushed the key into the lock.

Margo and Penny were surprised to find KariAnn asleep in the chair when they eventually got up around ten o’clock.  She had decided not to say anything about what happened last night, but did tell Antonio when he wheeled in to pick her up a little after 5 p.m.

“You know, KariAnn, I’ve been worried about you ever since the girls got rolled and beaten up.  I feared something bad could happen to you.  Now I’m sure of it.  Marry me, KariAnn, and you could move in with me and Frank until I could get us a place of our own.” he said with a seriousness she’d never seen in him before.

“Oh, Antonio, I can’t marry you.  You just don’t go out and get married to someone you’ve only known three days, and besides there’s so many things I don’t know about you.  All I really know is I like you a lot, your name is Antonio Perini, you’re nineteen, you work as a mechanic at the Standard station, and you have a nice older brother who will someday make some lucky girl a good wife.” she said hoping a little humor would help ease the situation.

“KariAnn, I love you and I thought you loved me.  I’ll tell you anything you want to know.  I’ll show you the family albums, and introduce you to my mom and the rest of the family, and…”

“Antonio, don’t you understand?  I don’t fall in love that fast and even if I did love you, I wouldn’t get married until I was really sure I knew you well enough and thought it would last.  It wouldn’t be right to marry you just so I could have someone to take care of me.  Besides, are you forgetting I’m only thirteen?”  For the first time she was thankful she was too young to do something.

“I guess I have to admit you’re right, but I’ve never quite met anyone like you and I wanted you all for myself.  Plus I’d like to see you in a safer and better environment.” admitted Antonio.

“Please don’t get me wrong, Antonio, because I do really like you a lot, and I know I never would have made it this far without your help and friendship.  As for a better environment, I’ve been giving it serious thought about going back home.  That is if mom will take me back.”

“Would you like me to take you home?” he asked.

“Oh, would you, Antonio?” she asked excitedly.  “You know, I don’t see why we couldn’t still see each other like on the weekends.  I’ll give you my address and phone number before you drop me off too, okay?”

“Come on then, you’ve got yourself a deal!  Let’s find a phone and call her and see what she says.” he suggested.

“No, I think I’d rather surprise her and talk to her in person.  It might be more effective her seeing me again and she couldn’t hang up on me that way if she’s upset.”

“Have it your way then.” he smiled.  “If it means anything, I think you made the right decision.”

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