The Truant Risk

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - THE ROAD AGENTS

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Submitted: May 19, 2019



Everyone hurried through their cleanup detail at the end of the night so they could bust out right at 2 a.m.  Romeo was the only one who knew how to get to the hangout, and rode along with Ray leading the way there, with Ken and KariAnn following behind them in Ken’s car.  The clubhouse was clear to the end of a dead end street with the closest neighbor at least a city block away.  There were bikes parked everywhere, and they were the only ones to arrive in cars.

Chopper graciously met them at the door and looked delighted to see they made it.  He played the good host and introduced everyone around.  KariAnn made a quick mental head count and observed the guys out numbered the girls at least five to one.  All of the chicks there, much like Sharon, exuded toughness and she sensed they weren’t so thrilled about her coming.

“The beer is in the refrigerator and everyone is just helping themselves.” Chopper stated as he passed a lit joint their way.  Romeo was first to hit off the joint and then disappeared through the swinging door into the kitchen, promising to bring them each back a beer.  Following Ken’s lead, KariAnn sat in his lap in an old beat up armchair.  She tried to relax, but just didn’t feel like she fit in.  She could tell Ken felt uneasy too by the frequency he checked his watch.

“I hope you don’t mind, KariAnn, if we don’t stay too late because I really feel beat.” Ken made excuse.

“No, I understand.” answered KariAnn thankful he didn’t want to stay long either.  Although anxious to leave, they had to be careful not to offend the gang, so they smiled and put on a convincing act of enjoying themselves.

It was now going on near 4 o’clock in the morning.  Each had drunk three or four beers and toked on many joints that were continuously floating around.  Ken glanced down at his watch again and signaled to Ray he wanted to book and to find Romeo, but Chopper had caught it and was quick to try for a stall.  “Can I get you guys another beer?”

“Thanks, but I’m going to have to pass this time, Chopper.” Ken said politely.  “I’m really worn out and should probably head for home.”

“You can’t leave yet.  You practically just got here.  At least say you’ll have one more beer.” persuaded Chopper who being the gang’s leader was used to getting his way.

“Okay, but just one more.  I’m pretty tired myself.” said Ray agreeing with Ken.

“Good.” smiled Chopper.  “Hey, Larry, get my buddies here another cold one.”

Needing to stretch her legs, KariAnn unwittingly played right into Chopper’s hands.  “Why not let me get ‘em this time.” KariAnn spoke up.  “Ken’s poor leg must be numb by now from me sitting on it.”  Once behind the kitchen door, she was cut off from the party in the other room.  Two of the bikers were standing there talking while drinking their beer, one leaning up against the refrigerator blocking her way to it.

“Hi, I’ve been sent to bring back a couple beers.” KariAnn greeted them cautiously.

“Where are your manners, Snake?  Can’t you see you’re in the lady’s way?” the tall, thin man whose face she had only seen distorted before under tinted visor asked.  He was bareheaded now.  He had dark hair, and a narrow, harsh face making him appear older than he was.

“Pardon me, beautiful.  How many would you like?” replied Snake in a gentlemanly fashion, stepping aside and opening the door.

“Two please.” she blushed.

Snake held out two beers, but when she reached for them he didn’t let go of the cans.  “You don’t have to rush off with these right away do you?  Stay and talk to me a while.”

“Well, they are waiting for me to take these to them, and I don’t think we’ll be staying much longer.” KariAnn apologized taking the beers from him this time.

“Who are they for?  Animal here can deliver them and then we can chat for at least a few minutes anyway.” Snake cornered her without another excuse.

“Okay, why not.” KariAnn gave in.  “One’s for Ken the tall blonde and the other was for his friend, Ray.”

“I’ll tell them you’re talking to Snake and will be back in a few.” said Animal taking the beers from her and returning to the party.

“How about a beer for you?” asked Snake grabbing another one.

“No thanks.  I think I’ve had my limit, and it’s been a long day.” she made excuse.

“So tell me, have you ever been to a greasers’ party before? Snake asked.

“No, this is my first.” KariAnn admitted.

“What do you think then?” Snake wanted to know.

“It’s different I have to admit, but a party is a party in my book if you’re having fun.” she replied with a safe answer.

“And are you having fun?” he asked.

“Yes I am, and you’ll have to come to one of our parties sometime.” she tried to sound sincere, but not believing she’d see any of them again after tonight.

“The blonde, Ken you said, is he with you?”

“Yeah, we’ve been seeing a lot of each other especially since we work together at Livio’s.” she answered.

“I see.  It’s too bad all the pretty ones are taken, but that’s the way it always goes.” Snake sighed.

“Thanks for the flattery.” she smiled.

“No, I mean it, and I’m sure lots of guys have told you how pretty you are.” he smiled back.

“I guess some have, and I think you just get a kick out of seeing me blush.” she replied feeling her cheeks flush.

“You bet I do.  You can’t make any of those mamas out there turn red over anything.” Snake laughed.

“Well, I’ve enjoyed talking with you, Snake, but I really should get back to my friends now as we’ll be leaving soon.” said KariAnn, but before she reached the door, in walked Chopper with perfect timing.

“So this is where you’ve been hiding out.” said Chopper pretending he didn’t know Snake had her preoccupied in the kitchen.  “Ken just wanted me to tell you, KariAnn, that he and Ray stepped out to get some smokes and would be back shortly.  I’m glad I was able to talk them into staying longer.”

“Oh, they are planning on staying then?” asked KariAnn a little surprised Ken had changed his mind.  “Did Romeo go with them or is he still here?”

“No, Romeo’s here.  Come on out and join the rest of us when you get bored talking to Snake.” invited Chopper.

“Okay, I will, but Snake really isn’t boring me.” said KariAnn to be nice.  Besides with Ken and Ray gone she felt more comfortable on a one to one basis rather than the whole lot of them.  “I’ll be out in a bit.”  A short time later, KariAnn walked out into the living room with Snake to make an appearance and see if the guys had gotten back from getting cigarettes, but she didn’t see them when she glance around the room.  The party had thinned out some, and everyone was sitting around talking.  She didn’t see Romeo either.

“Aren’t the guys back yet?’ asked KariAnn trying to hide she was getting worried.

“Not yet, but I figured they would have been by now.” answered Chopper.  “The gas station they went to is only a few miles away.”

“Well, maybe it was closed and they had to look for another place open.” KariAnn reasoned more to comfort her own mind than theirs.

“No, I know for a fact it’s open 24 hours.  It’s possible I guess they got the directions screwed up and couldn’t find it.” Chopper said with a tone of concern, but she sensed he was enjoying the moment.

“I’m sure they’ll show up soon, so why don’t we have a seat and make ourselves comfortable while we’re waiting for them.” suggested Snake.

Larry and his girl moved over to make room on the couch for Snake and KariAnn to sit down.  Once seated, KariAnn turned to Larry and asked, “Where did Romeo go?  I don’t see him.”

“Gee, I don’t know.  Come to think of it I haven’t seen him in a while.” Larry replied.

“He must have gone with his buddies.” said Animal.  “At least he walked out with them.”

“Oh, I didn’t know he had left too.” said Chopper covering up the lie he told her earlier that Romeo was still here.  “Anyway I bet they’ll be speeding their asses off by now with all the speed they ate before they left, so you should take some of these too if you’re going to keep up with them when they do get back.” said Chopper placing a couple of black capsules in KariAnn’s hand.

“What are these called?” asked KariAnn.  “The only speed I’ve tried were little white pills.”

“These are Black Beauties.  The other stuff you tried was more than likely White Cross, and they’re not as good.” said Chopper.

“Okay, I’ll try some.  I’m beginning to feel run down and could use something to pick me back up.” she said swallowing both of them down with a sip of Snake’s beer.

Another twenty minutes slipped by and KariAnn went from worried to panicky.  Where the hell could they be and why haven’t they come back for her.  Something wasn’t right, and although she couldn’t put her finger exactly on it, she was sure of it.  “Well, I don’t know what happened to the guys, but I think I should be getting home now.” KariAnn said nervously standing and picking up her purse.

“What’s your hurry?” asked Chopper.  “You’ve drunk our beer, smoked our pot, and ate our speed, and now you want to leave without staying to rap with us?”

Rap was a slang word she was sure she’d heard before, but hadn’t the faintest idea of what he had meant.  There was no reason for anyone to harm her she thought, and yet logic alone didn’t quiet her fear or silence the flashed warnings of instinct.  She was becoming pretty hyper too from the Black Beauties, and all the beer and pot weren’t helping to lessen the overwhelming paranoid feelings gripping hold of her.

“I’m sorry,” she nervously apologized, “but I’m really buzzed, it’s late, and I’ve just got to go.  I’m also afraid something may have happened to Ken and the others.  They wouldn’t forget to come back for me.”

“Maybe they didn’t forget.” smiled Animal like he knew more than he was telling.  “Maybe your friends dumped you, and never planned on coming back at all.  Those are some good friends you have, KariAnn.”

“No, it’s not like that.” KariAnn refused to believe.  “I’ve got to go.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take you home later.” said Chopper firmly, as two guys walked over to lock and stand barricade to the front door.  “Come over here and rap with me.”

“I don’t understand what you mean by rap.” she answered timidly when she realized she wasn’t going to leave until they were ready to let her.

“Rap means talk, stupid.” Chopper sounded irate.  “You know, KariAnn, I’ve been very nice to you, and I don’t like the way you’re showing your thanks.”

“Maybe we should train her, Chopper, and teach her a little respect.” Animal said grinning.

“I bet little miss stuck up doesn’t know what pulling a train is either.” sneered one of the girls.

“Then that will be a phrase she’ll soon know.” Chopper said grabbing her arm.  “Help me get her into the bedroom, Animal.”

“No, please, what are you going to do?” asked KariAnn struggling to get loose.

“Choo, choo, choo, choo!” someone yelled out, and then everyone joined in to chant it and gather behind them as KariAnn was dragged into the bedroom and thrown onto the bed.

“Thanks, I can handle her now.” said Chopper, and Animal left to join the others watching in through the open doorway.

KariAnn sat on the bed in terror and looked pleadingly first at Chopper and then at her humiliating audience at the door.  Oh God, this can’t be happening, she thought.

Keeping his eyes on her, Chopper pulled his t-shirt off over his head and threw it on the floor.  Getting on the bed, he grabbed her by the hair while his tongue slid out moistening his lips.  His free hand fumbled at her breasts before ripping her blouse and bra off, and then slid to the belt in her jeans.  Still he did not speak, as if to make her understand she was merely a vehicle for his lust.  His eyes were dark and void of expression.  He jerked her down on the bed while tearing at her pants, then his own.

KariAnn slowly sat up to see Chopper towering over her on his knees and holding his dick in his hand.  “Suck it and get it hard.” Chopper commanded her.  She was too afraid not to do as she was told, and once it was hard, he viciously rammed it far to the back of her throat causing her frequently to gag and cough.  Yet Chopper would not ease up, and she accidentally scraped his cock with her teeth.  “You bitch!” he yelled, and immediately struck a hard blow to her head.

“I’m trying, Chopper, please don’t hurt me!” begged KariAnn between sobs.

“Please don’t hurt me, Chopper.” he mocked, and hit her again with such force it knocked her over on the bed.  Brutally spreading her legs apart, Chopper lowered his face and bit down on her crotch making her scream out in pain.  “How do you like it, bitch?”  KariAnn felt totally numb and lay back trying to catch her breath.  Then he hopped on top of her and tried to kiss her, but she turned her face in disgust.

This only angered Chopper and made him more determined to kiss her.  He took a handful of hair in each hand and held her head tightly as he again tried to force his tongue into her mouth.  KariAnn could no longer turn her head, but refused to crack her lips for his tongue to enter, which resulted in getting backhanded in the mouth.  She could feel her lip was cut and bleeding, and it upset her to see he was enjoying a struggle far more than dull acceptance.  Still trying to kiss her, Chopper reached down with one hand and guided his dick inside her.  At the feel of his deep penetration, her numbness was replaced by a furious rage.  Closing her eyes, she tried to pray in case it might help, but thought how infinitely cruel God was.

Finally Chopper moaned as orgasm came, and hopped off her as quickly as he’d hopped on after shooting his wad.  While he stepped back into his jeans, he shouted, “She’s all yours now, Animal.”  KariAnn then saw Animal pushed into the room by his comrades at the door who were still watching and laughing.  She didn’t need anyone to explain what was meant by “pulling a train” and now fully understood that the ordeal wouldn’t be over until she’d been raped by each member of the gang lined up awaiting his turn.

“Chopper always gets first crack at these things, but I guess sloppy seconds is better than nothing.” Animal smiled down at her as he stripped out of his clothes and lunged for her like a wild animal pouncing on its prey.  Animal was as mean as Chopper had been, and didn’t look for much of an excuse to smack her around.  She decided it was stupid to stand up to them any longer.  Now fear made her obedient to their every demand when before she had tried to defy them.  It didn’t take long to break her will she thought bitterly.

By the time Snake, the fourteenth and final guy, came through the door, KariAnn felt like nothing more than a raw piece of meat.  Snake almost looked sorry for her as if he regretted the whole thing had happened.  The on-lookers were few now and after he removed his clothes, walked over to close the door in spite of the others teasing him of being bashful.  When he sat on the bed beside her, KariAnn automatically proceeded to give him a head job without being told.  Although she felt fairly sure Snake wouldn’t beat her like the others, she only wanted to get it over with.  Suddenly she began to choke as the familiar nauseated feeling returned.

“Are you okay?” asked Snake with concern.

“I feel sick again.  I’ve got to rest or I think I’ll throw up.” KariAnn did not have to fake mumbled words and she knew she must look a sight.

“That’s okay, you rest.  You’re in no shape to take any more.” Snake sympathized.  “I’m really sorry, KariAnn.  You’re a nice girl and I like you, but there wasn’t anything I could do.”

“I know that, but thank you for being kind now.” mumbled KariAnn in appreciation.  “You’re right.  I can’t take any more.”

“Don’t worry.  You won’t have to.  Look, I’ll just stay here with you for a while, and they’ll never know the difference.” said Snake holding her head to his chest as he gently stroked her hair in an attempt to comfort her.

As Snake got up to leave, he told her to get some sleep and she’d feel better.  She felt dirty and sticky and wanted badly to cleanse her body of their intrusion, but was too weak and scared to leave the room.  Covering herself up modestly with the sheet, KariAnn curled up into a ball close to the wall.  She thought she would not sleep, but slept instantly, exhausted by strain.

Many hours later, she woke to find Chopper had joined her in bed probably sometime during the early morning.  She had forgotten to wind her watch, but judging from the bright light coming from the window, she knew it had to be either late morning or early afternoon.  Her face felt horribly stiff, and she could hardly open her right eye.  She crawled cautiously to the end of the bed careful not to wake Chopper by her movement, and slowly walked across to the dresser mirror.

She looked a mess, like some Saturday night drunk who had blindly walked into a brick wall and then fallen down a flight of stairs.  Her face was swollen from her right eye down to her jaw, somehow mercifully missing her nose.  A purple coloring marked the line of it.  Her bottom lip was puffed way out, and multiple scattered bruises left further evidence of her beating.

Picking up her clothes from the floor, she tiptoed to the door and cracked it slightly to peek if the coast was clear.  It appeared safe since those that she saw were only lifeless bodies still sleeping it off.  Quietly she fled into the bathroom, leaning against the door after she bolted it, as if she could lock herself away from them and this nightmare forever.  Sighing, she turned away, fearful but tightly in control again.  She knew she would need to pull herself together if she was to outsmart them and get away.  After washing up in the sink, she combed her tangled hair and got dressed.

She thought of escaping out the bathroom window until she heard the roar of motorcycles from the alley outside.  She knew she wouldn’t make it ten feet if she attempted that idea now.  Maybe later she’d get a chance to.  KariAnn could hear Snake and Larry revving their engines, shouting and laughing at each other with the sheer joy of being young and with power in their hands.  Damn, she thought, help was so near, yet as remote as the other side of the world.

She wished she was back with her friends partying and having fun, and wondered if anyone would eventually suspect she was in trouble or at least try to find out what happened and why she never made it home.  She herself wasn’t exactly sure how much trouble she was in, or how long the gang would decide to hold her.  Maybe they’d let her go now that they all had their fun she hoped.

Just then someone pounded on the bathroom door.  “KariAnn, are you in there?” asked the voice she instantly recognized as Chopper’s.

“Yes, Chopper.” said KariAnn figuring she’d better answer.  “I’ll be out in a couple minutes.  I’m washing up.”

“Make sure you are.  I have something I want to talk to you about.” said Chopper, and then added, “And don’t get any ideas in your head about trying to go out the window.”

She heard him leave, and sat down on the toilet with her head buried in her hands trying to think.  She knew Chopper would be pounding on the door again if she didn’t soon come out, so there was nothing to do but face him and hear what plans he had for her.  Before unbolting the door, she took another quick assessment in the mirror of her face and torn blouse.  The blouse could be sewn, she told herself, but there wasn’t anything she could do to improve her face except let it heal.

Most everyone was awake or in the process of getting up.  Not seeing Chopper in the living room, she went to look for him in the kitchen.  “You said you wanted to talk to me?” she inquired when she found him.  “Am I free to leave now, Chopper?”

“What’s a matter?  Don’t you like it here?” Chopper teased sarcastically.

“Oh sure, I like it just fine,” she returned his sarcasm, “but what I’d like to know is when can I go home?”

“I’m happy to know you like it here, because this is now going to be your new home.” Chopper said without emotion.

“You can’t hold me here against my will forever!” said KariAnn suddenly outraged.  “Besides if I’m not mistaken, I believe kidnapping is against the law in this country.”

This caused Chopper to laugh.  “You sure as hell have balls for someone in your position.  What will you do?  Go to the cops?  You’re a runaway remember, and they’ll only slap your ass into the county juvy.  You’re not going anywhere so as I see it, you only have two choices.”

“And what might they be?” she retorted.

“One, you can become my old lady which would make you my exclusive property and hands off from all others, or two, you can choose to be our club’s new train mama and anytime anyone wants sex they can have you.” Chopper spelled it out for her.

“So it boils down to either being yours or everybody’s.” said KariAnn feeling her heart sink.

“Look, you don’t have to decide right now.  I’ll give you till tonight to think it over.  If you’re going to be mine, your heart has to be in it.”

KariAnn sat silent.  A few minutes ago she was depressed, but now she felt closer to suicidal.  “Don’t look so glum.  I’m not such a bad guy once you get to know me, and I’d treat you good.  Being the leader’s old lady is an honor.  I’ll buy you a whole set of new clothes and get you a bike too once you learn to ride one.  I’ve wanted you bad, KariAnn, ever since I first laid eyes on you at Livio’s.”

Livio’s.  She’d almost forgotten about her job, and she really didn’t want to lose her only source of income.  “What about my job, Chopper?  Are you going to let me go to work Monday night?”

“Consider yourself as just having quit.  You won’t need a job anymore.  I promised I’d take very good care of you.” reminded Chopper.  “Now how about getting us some coffee and something to eat.”

She didn’t like being ordered around and having decisions made for her, but realized there was no point in antagonizing Chopper simply for the sake of it.  “Anything special you had in mind?” asked KariAnn flatly.

“No, fix whatever you like.  I’ll be in the living room and leave you the kitchen.  Let me know when it’s ready.”

KariAnn put water on for instant coffee, and checked out what food staples were in the cupboards.  There were a lot of can goods and much to select from in the refrigerator, but she just put on a couple cans of pork and beans and a pack of unopened hot dogs.  She might have to cook for them, but she was damned if she was going to fix anything they would enjoy.

She was glad that Chopper and most of his henchmen took off on their bikes after eating enabling KariAnn to keep to herself the rest of the afternoon, although she was never left completely alone unguarded.  Soon she would have to tell Chopper her decision of which she wasn’t looking forward to.  She knew the only smart thing was to choose the lesser of the two evils by submitting to being his old lady, but she would have to put on a very convincing act if she were to pull it off.  It wasn’t going to be easy to disguise her true feelings and pretend she wanted him when in reality he turned her stomach as did the others.

By the time Chopper returned, she had psyched herself up and was about as ready as she’d ever be.  When he walked in the door, KariAnn got up to greet him.  “I’m glad you’re back, Chopper.  Could you roll us a joint and find some place we could be alone to talk?”

“I think it can be arranged.” grinned Chopper.  “Let’s go in my room.”

“Okay.” KariAnn replied as she followed him back into the room she’d been raped earlier.

“Sounds like you’ve been thinking over my proposition of this afternoon.” Chopper reasoned as they sat down beside each other on the bed, and he pulled out an already rolled joint from his cigarette pack.

“Yes, I have and I’ve come to several conclusions.” KariAnn answered as she took a hit off the joint and handed it back.  “First of all, I’m beginning to think Animal may have been right about my friends.  It hurts me to believe it, but then they did leave me behind and never came back.”

“That’s right they did.  And what other conclusions have you made?” Chopper wanted to know.

“That this is good pot!” she joked to help ease the tension in the air.  It worked, and Chopper laughed.

“Cute, KariAnn, but tell me what you think about you and me.”

“How I truly, honestly feel?” asked KariAnn becoming more serious.

“Yes, I explained you would have to be.” he reminded.

“Well, then I hope you can understand that I can’t just come out and tell you I love you all of a sudden.  You wouldn’t believe me if I did, but I can say that under different circumstances from last night, I think it’s possible I could grow to return your feelings.” she said in as sincere a voice as possible.

“That sounds honest, and I can see what you are saying.  I know it will take some time to get to know me, but you won’t be sorry.” Chopper said trying to read what was in her eyes.

“Can we take it slow, Chopper?  I’m awfully sore and probably will be for a while yet.” explained KariAnn shyly.

“I can wait.  The next time I ball you, I want you to want me too and enjoy it.” said Chopper, then reached for a kiss.  This time the kiss was gentle, and KariAnn was amazed he could actually possess such tenderness.  She closed her eyes and French kissed him back the best she knew how.  He was buying her act, and she felt her performance was deserving of an academy award.

“Stay with me, and you’ll never have anything to worry about.” he promised.

“Well, I’m willing to try, Chopper, and see what happens.”

“Good, come with me.” Chopper said, leading her back into the living room.  “Attention everyone, listen up.  KariAnn has just agreed to be my old lady.”

From the many either blank or disappointed looks, KariAnn could see Chopper’s announcement came as a totally unexpected surprise.  Before everyone had raped, abused, and degraded her, but now standing there with Chopper’s protective arm around her, she realized they all would have to accept and treat her with respect whether they liked it or not.  Beer, various liquors, and pot were broke out to celebrate the occasion.  Getting stoned helped make her situation more bearable, and she took full advantage to the easy access of the unlimited free supply of booze and drugs.  After a few hours, there wasn’t anyone who didn’t have a supreme buzz going.

Chopper was out of the room when Animal decided to challenge KariAnn’s new position as she got up to make way for the bathroom.  “It’s a crime the way you won’t look at me at all.” he addressed her mournfully as she walked by him.  “And why will you not be friendly to a lonely man, for God’s sake?” he grabbed her around the waist and laughing, pulled her sprawling into his lap.

“I choose my own company, and don’t like things forced on me.” she replied, remembering Chopper’s promise to keep the guys in line around her.

“Ask me if I care sweetheart.” he said as he tightened his grip and tried to kiss her; his breath reeking of tobacco and booze.  He forced his tongue into her mouth, and his unshaven chin scratched her face.  She sat quite still and did not move or respond.  A bleak, cold rage was all she felt.

He drew back, cursing, “You bloody, ice-piss little bitch!”

Just then Chopper walked back in.  “Let her go, Animal!” he said with menace in his tone.  His voice penetrated her consciousness as if she, too, should stand to receive orders.  Chopper was to be feared, because violence was his instinctive reaction to any situation.

“Sure, Chopper, I was just having a little fun.” explained Animal releasing her.

“That’s fine as long as you have your fun with someone else.  KariAnn is my property, and I don’t plan on ever sharing her with anyone again.” Chopper made clear by knocking him out of his chair.

“I got your drift and it won’t happen again.” Animal gave his word and picked himself up.

There was no need to say anything more since the point was received and understood by everyone present and those not there were sure to hear about it later.  It wasn’t long before everyone resumed partying and conversations shifted back to bikes and racing.  Tomorrow started race week at Forbidden Wheels, and was the main thing on everyone’s mind.

Come Monday morning, everyone was up early in spite of last night’s partying.  Chopper had remained true to his word, and never made any advances toward her when they had turned in for bed.  Now the guys were outside wrapped up in working on and tuning their bikes while the girls all stood back on the sidelines to watch and keep them company.  A few of the girls were starting to come around to accepting KariAnn into the club, but many still weren’t sure they liked her and kept a constant watch on her.  KariAnn was careful not to step on any of their toes or give them cause to be jealous of her by sticking close to Chopper and not acting too friendly toward their old men.  At least none of the girls were throwing her looks anymore with hate and daggers in their eyes.

More gang members arrived that morning, and there were close to thirty-five bikes, most seating their girl on back, when they finally hit the road.  KariAnn had never ridden on a motorcycle before in her life, and tearing down the highway with her and Chopper leading the long procession gave her quite an unexpected thrill.

It was about 11 a.m. when they reached their destination.  The sun shined down warmly, and one couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to begin tryouts.  Forbidden Wheels was always packed during race week, when the place overflowed with hundreds of bikers from as far as California on their noisy, powered-up machines.  KariAnn noticed not all of them were like the Road Agents, snatching up young girls and raping them, but rather some might actually be lawful citizens there merely for the sport and competition.  Unfortunately, there was no way to tell them apart.

KariAnn remained with the girls while the guys went over to sign up for the next event.  You had to speak loudly to be heard over the deafening noise from the racing engines, and dust was continuously kicked up high in the air.  The course was rough and treacherous with the sheer numbers competing, not to mention the top speeds being driven.  The crowds jumped up and roared whenever a bike wiped out and many did.  You had to have real guts to face the danger of the track and other bikes or be a little bit crazy, KariAnn thought.

Her mind kept drifting back to thoughts of escape as she gazed around at the multitude of strangers.  So many people, but who could she trust to ask for help; and how far could she wander away without someone going after her?  Right now she was beginning to be trusted some, and an unsuccessful attempted escape would surely go rough on her.  It would be much safer to give it a little more time to convince them of her loyalty when they were bound to ease up on her tight rein.  She would keep her eyes open and once the right opportunity came, she’d be gone.

“Look!  Snake just wiped out!” yelled one of the girls.  Everyone looked, including KariAnn.  Snake stood up brushing the dirt off his clothes from the spill, and walked his bike off the track.

“Looks like he’s alright, but he’s out of this race.” commented anther.

“Hey, Snake, over here.” Larry called out to him.  “Your bike okay?”

“Yeah, I think so.  God damn rock.” cursed Snake, “I was doing fine till I hit that son of a bitch.”

“Better luck next time old buddy.” said Larry slapping him on the back.  “Come, let’s finish watching the race.  Some of our guys still stand a chance of placing.”

Animal ran one biker off the track spilling two more bikes with it when he pushed his way in around a bad turn.  Chopper and four other bikes were ahead of him all nearing the finish line.  Animal opened his bike up and went for broke.  He caught up and passed two bikers, coming in fourth.  Chopper came in third.

They both were greeted like heroes with cheers and congratulations from the gang afterwards, for they had succeeded in qualifying for the big race now at the end of the week.  On the way back to the hangout, everyone swung into A & W for root beers and Coney islands.  They had to send out four girls just to wait on them.

There were still a couple hours of daylight left when they got back, and KariAnn wished she were at the commune getting ready to go into work.  If only she could get to a phone and call Livio’s to tell them where she was and what happened.  She hoped Livio would not fire her once she had a chance to explain.  She also wondered if Ken would start worrying about her when she didn’t make it to work tonight and no one has seen or heard from her.

Monday night was a repeat of the last as they partied into the early morning, and all day Tuesday it was back to Forbidden Wheels.  The night marked three whole days since she’d been separated from her friends, raped, and made prisoner, and with each day she became more desperate to get away.  Now growing impatient awaiting for the right moment to present itself, KariAnn started putting together a plan to help create her own opportunity for escape.  One that would have Chopper eating out of her hand.

“What do you say we turn in early tonight?” KariAnn whispered into Chopper’s ear.  “I want you, Chopper, and I’m ready for you now.”

“Oh, KariAnn, I’ve been dying to have sex with you again.  Are you sure you want to now?” he whispered back.

“Yes, I’m sure, and this time it will be much better.” promised KariAnn in a sexy tone.

After they retreated behind closed doors, KariAnn stripped Chopper of his clothes, kissing his body as she went, and then seductively undressed herself in front of him while he watched with wide eyes.  She teased and loved on him until he was so worked up that when he finally mounted her he came after a few short minutes.  KariAnn moaned and faked orgasm in spontaneous response to him, having it appear they both reached climax at the same time.  He believed he had really satisfied her for he took for granted his cock was naturally God’s greatest gift to women.

“Yeah, babe, that was good,” Chopper admitted and then apologized, “but I’m sorry it was so short.  You had me so damn turned on that I couldn’t hold back, but next time I promise we’ll ball for hours.”

“I can’t wait.  I think I’m starting to fall in love with you.  I’ve never known a man like you before, and have never been more turned on than after seeing you perform at the races yesterday.  You were totally awesome!”  Then she sealed her act off with one last passionate kiss, and cuddled up to fall asleep.  Tomorrow she would test his trust in her.

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