Kneel or Stand?

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This is both view points on the flag issue. I’m not stating my opinion, just trying to bring to light both sides of the equation.


This is silly man, why u got do it

Disrespecting the men that fought for every bit of it

Why take a knee instead paying respect, man

Come on be proud during our country’s anthem


I can’t I’m sorry I’m doin what I think is right


By turning your back on those who gave their lives to fight


Hold it let me say my piece

I mean no disrespect to our military

I’m simply protesting for what is right

Trying to get America to reunite


NO you”re not, your splitting it apart


You want me to leave things how they are?


Yes america is free leave it at that


What about the our policing beating up them blacks


Our country’s no perfect but this disrespect is shit

Come on man, these people your dissing sure aint appreciating it

Your makin millions, and what do you

You’re pissing of those who fought to make this country free for you


Look I’m not “dissing” them when I take a knee

I’m just peacefully protesting police brutality

When people respond, they’re just overreacting

I’m being verbally put through hell, but I’m coming out laughing

Stop being your so called noble, don’t give me this hate

Let me do my thing and make our country a better place


I can’t this is literally offensive


Don’t you just think you’re kinda being sensitive


Why you gotta be on this side of the controversy


Why can’t you stop just being a little sissy


Are we going to go this way

Come on we’ve been friends since 1st grade


I sorry but this choice was hard and now your making it harder


And so you're responding by pushing me further


I still wish we could be like we used to be


Then just stop dissing our military


Our country's messed up man, don’t u wanna fix it


Sure, I guess, but we gotta find another initiative


This is peaceful, it’s not creating any harm


What are you talking about, this is causing tons of alarm

Didn’t your parents ever tell you to be respectful

Cuz what you're doing, let me just say it’s a mouthful


Slow down, your jumping to conclucsions


No your whole “speech” is just called confusion

You say you’re helping make this country better for you and me

But you’re doing this by disrespecting those you set America free


Look calm down, I’ve made my choice

I don’t really need to hear your voice


So you’ve finally chosen your path

Yep I am who I am


Well i guess we need to diverge and go our separate ways


Cuz of a disagreement on what to do when the flag waves


Yeah I got to trust my gut

To part ways with one stuck in this muck


So this is what we’re doing, this is finally it.


Sorry, but yes, I won’t be disrespected

Submitted: March 14, 2019

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I like your poem. I appreciate people who try to see both sides of an argument. I was also torn on this one but I have to say that I probably side with Kapernick on it. He wasn't peacefully protesting and I think patriotism has many flavors, not just waving the flag. It got people's attention and there does seem to be an issue with police brutality. Anyway, thanks for posting. I realize it was awhile ago but it's still timely.

Fri, July 10th, 2020 6:43pm

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