The Return of the KING (Reveur)

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The Kingdom is in your Heart. A place of Love, Compassion and Bliss.

The Lion(s) represents Earth. Also, Courage against fear and the nature of the illusion of Duality. The Truth is: There is only Love. And Oneness.

I have a vision, a profound dream,

Every soul joyful in eternal Bliss,

Respecting each other even the LGBT,

Love does not discriminate indeed,

But honours in this here dream.



Children being born and taught like the dawn of a new day,

Elders giving wisdom to young ones like the hopeful light of dusk we tell stay,

Cherished is the wisdom they carry,

Treasured also are the little angels, their own tales precious we tally.



A government that is ethical yet rules with respect,

A people strong in conviction unjust ideas they cremate.

And women honoured as Mother Nature’s ambassadors,

I have a dream, have a vision of being nature’s water bearer.

Submitted: March 14, 2019

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