Seven Days of Hell

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The Beginning of the Event.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Night of the First Day

Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019





Day 1


Something had infiltrated London and it wasn't friendly. But, I need to lay some groundwork first. So bear with me as I backtrack to the point when and where the crisis occurred. Westminster, more precisely Westminster Station. It was half past one at night as I stood upon a ledge of the Clock Tower, admiring the city's view. The night was quite clear. I could see for miles around or kilometers if you prefer. The stars twinkled as per their usual and the air seemed rather cool but bearable.

 Now, of course, your saying how'd you get up on the Clock Tower? And isn't that the same tower Big Ben rests in? Yes, it is. And no, nobody knew I was there. At least not yet anyway. My presence wasn't an issue to the incident but merely a happenstance. I was passing through, sort of. But enough about me. My details shall be revealed at the proper time.

Gazing out across the expanse, I watched the motion of the city in the nearby area. Some bustling occurred down in the streets as people walked by and others motored along upon Vespas, little mini coopers, and a few other vehicles.  A few bikers had pedaled by as well as the night had settled into its morning hours. But, nothing out of the ordinary yet.

And then it came. A blazing furious fireball shooting across the sky. It roared right past my location, slamming into the pavement right in front of Westminster Station. The unseen force I mentioned earlier cracked along the air after it. My ears exploded into a disruptive series of rings and subsequent hearing loss. I nearly lost my balance upon the Clock Tower's edge as I crumpled from the pressure waves dizzying distortion to my auditory canals. But, my body quickly regains its composure and I peered down at the aftermath of the hole that now rested in the street.

I wanted to know what it was but controlled my curiosity as I wasn't sure of the actual danger it may imply. So, I stayed upon my perch and watched as everything began. Something emerged from the rubble and it wasn't anything of earth. The screams started but I couldn't really hear them. My ears still blunted by the sound wave that had rocked the Tower earlier.

The beast was huge. But, not Godzilla huge. Just large enough that it covers the street with its mass. And it stood about three stories tall. It began tearing the buildings apart as it moved, trying to grab people as they ran away.

Cars screeched to a halt as they saw the monstrosity and braked for their very lives. Metal against metal pounded back to back as the cars careened into each other. The drivers and riders scrambled to escape from their vehicles. Some were trapped as the doors had been fused shut due to the panels warping.

I couldn't bear to watch any longer. People were about to die. Not that I had any affinity toward them really. Their kind had always despised mine. A bit of dark history that still permeated the world within certain circles, you see. You'll understand a bit later.

Leaping from the Tower, I made my way down to the street in a series of quick short jumps too fast for a human to detect. Most of the people stayed beyond the reach of the creature but some couldn't help but be frozen by their own fear. Those I moved first, slipping them into alcoves and side streets out of sight of the beast. Those stuck in their cars continued to rattle the doors, desperately trying to escape what they knew to be their demise.

I wasted no time. Without cause for my own safety, I leapt into the fray and tore open the doors to each vehicle that bore trapped humans, moving them all in a manner of seconds. The cars became pancakes as the monster continued its rampage. Feeling I'd done my service to these despicable humans, I tried to leave the area. Then, gunfire disrupted the scene.

Light blasted across my coronas as they shined their torches in my face. I say torches cause that's what they call them on this side of the globe. I really would've preferred the word 'flashlights' but torches just sound a bit cooler for my tone. Anyway, back to the story.

I was briefly blinded by their assault to my remaining senses. The noises they made seemed inhuman but it really was only gibberish as my ears still rang from the sound wave. The whole scenario had been unreal. The beast had fallen but a few people hadn't made it away in time. People were, finally, rushing away from the explosion that had shaken this part of London. And the police swarmed into the area.

Yeah, I said gunfire. Not the norm for these coppers. But, they do have them. And this was a very unnormal situation. Way too unnormal.





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