The Value of Coin Collecting II

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Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019



  For my second installment about coin collecting Id like to talk about mints,mintage and error coins.

  The basic mints are...

Carson City...CC

Philidelphia ..P or no mintmark


West Point...W

New Orleans...O

San Francisco...S

  These letters appear in various areas on coins to show where they were minted .Certain mint marks can increase value...A 1909 P Indianhead penny has a value of about $5 up...A 1909 S ..can be worth over $100. So mint marks count. CC coins were minted from the famed silver of the Comstock Lode...their value can be much higher than the others.

  Another factor is error coins. The cover pic has a double die reverse ( Indian Head Penny ) and other flaws which can up the value. rotated or misaligned numbers,portraits etc are just some of the flaws. Some are even blank..called blank planchets. Check your coins you may have a find. part III coming soon..on why coins can be a great investment.

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