the Snuff Mystery

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Chapter Twenty Five

Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019



“Nope, that won’t work,” muttered Dr. Oaths to himself as he unplugged the television for the fifth time trying to get it to work.

“What is it Dr. Oaths?” asked Mila as she came bounding in to his small cramped office.

“Mila, I’ve finished cleaning it up and I think I’ve got it about as good as it will get,” he answered before turning around to greet her. After a few seconds he spun himself around and laid before her a battered looking tape. “Any idea why your tape was so damaged?” he asked.

“Your guess is as good as mine; I’m just glad you could fix it!”

“True, true,” he chuckled. “Can I talk you out of watching it?”

“Have you seen it?” she asked curiously.

“I have…” he admitted heavily.

“Then I need to watch it. I have to know what happened to me,” she reiterated.

“Mila, you’ve arrested Mr. Phats and William is never leaving that hospital for the rest of his life; what does it matter?” asked Oaths.

“That remains to be seen,” she said as she made herself comfortable.

“Fair enough… allow me to…” he swooped around the room to turn off the lights, plug in the video, and then lean back as well to watch…

The video clicked on and the light is blinding. The camera lowered itself downwards and the figure comes into frame: Mila is sitting tied to a chair in a familiar looking space. She’s breathing rapidly with tears rolling down her face. At the moment, she appears unhurt but she has been completely stripped of her clothes.

The shrouded figure walked into frame and slowly started talking to her, saying her name over and over again like a chant, “Mila… Mila… Mila…”

“No! Please no!” screamed Mila in protest as she cries more.

“Why Mila…? Why couldn’t you ignore your pride? Shelve your pride? Leave this place?” The voice sounded almost sad.

“What did you say?” asked Mila softly.

“Your pride, Mila; you had a streak of pride that could have led to your death. Why else do you think you are here?”

“You seem familiar… do I know you?” asked Mila. Meanwhile, the real Mila was watching herself feeling a lot less brave than her on screen version.

“I am nobody… Everyone knows nobody so everyone knows me. I am… whoever you need to be; the voice inside your head,” said the voice dripping in sweetness.

“Oh shut up! Stop playing games with me and tell me why I am here! If you wanted me dead then I’d be dead already!” demanded Mila.

“This is a punishment and you are here to carry a message,” stated the figure.

“Why am I naked? Everyone else kept their clothes but here you are leaving me vulnerable. Is it to hurt my pride? I would like my clothes back,” said Mila ignoring the figure.

“No,” answered the figure boldly. “Clothes carry trace and trace is what you call evidence right? Isn’t that how your job works?”

“Everything carries trace; skin, nails, and even wound tracts. Is that why you wash your victims? Are you trying to erase evidence? I’ve looked for you and now I have you! Work with me and talk to me!” she shouted.

“Shut the fuck up!” yelled the figure who reared back to punch her but stopped just short as his gloved grazed her cheek. She had screamed in pure terror just as he was about to strike her and the scream had stopped him.

“I’m sorry,” said Mila quietly.

“I am too. I have no desire to hurt you. You are precious; you represent all the good in the world and you were not supposed to be included but yet here we are.”

“What if I offered to step down right now?” she asked.

“He told you to… wait, what? No! No you hold your tongue! You’re here to carry a message.”

“Tell me and I’ll tell them,” pleaded Mila.

“Let me show you instead,” responded the figure. It strolled over and kicked her over. As soon as her head cracked against the concrete she blacked out as a small puddle of blood began to form. The figure then pulled out a small knife and began scratching at her midsection. Watching this, the real Mila realized how lucky she was to have been knocked unconscious for surely she would have screamed herself to death at this point.

The video cut off and Dr. Oaths looked at Mila waiting for a response. Seeing none, he said out loud, “What do you think?”

“There was more to that video, wasn’t there?” asked Mila.

“I can’t lie to you Miss Reyes,” he said with a smile. “Trust me that you don’t need to.”

“Unfortunately, that doesn’t help my theory much. Admittedly, the fact I was spared is still questionable,” she said thoughtfully.

“Does it really seem so hard to accept William was the Killer?” asked Oaths.

“He may be crazy, I don’t know, but there are situations that are impossible to be accounted for if it’s just him,” answered Mila.

“Can you provide an alibi for him for every scenario?”

“Well… it seems unlikely that he could have pulled off the timing with Kenneth; not to mention working with Beth Baker would have greatly sleep-deprived him. There were times where one would run off and the other would appear shortly afterwards; explain how he managed to do that repeatedly without ever being caught? Shooting Dawson… well he’s guilty there, but at this point I don’t know how responsible he was acting at the time,” explained Mila. “His mind was definitely breaking, I noticed it… so yes he killed Dawson but he was insane at that point…”

“You mentioned how tired they both seemed; maybe because of a double life and patrolling the streets at night seeking revenge?”

“Maybe… but explain how I was able to fall in love with Bill and not William; or rather, not notice that they are supposed to be the same person?” asked Mila.

“That’s a fair point. Intimacy is a strong piece of evidence since there is nothing to hide at that point. Maybe we do have to wait for that baby…”

“Sure… thanks Dr. Oaths…”

Later that night, Mila lay awake in bed listening to the storm pound against her window. She had considered moving but with Paul behind bars; her apartment felt safe again. The day had gone on for far too long, and she just couldn’t shake the thoughts. Was there something to prove for a fact that someone did it? She was so sure that Paul was guilty, but at the same time, everything he said about William provided equal motive and opportunity. This baby would no doubt vindicate her; but if only there was a way to solve it sooner. There was a flash of lightning and it rang a bell so loud that Mila might as well have been struck by it. And she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the person who was guilty.

The question is… do you?

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