Maya's Death

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Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019



Maya's Death


  Maya was no good after my sister Ann's death. Her

cancer came back stronger than ever. She had to go

to hospital, and the doctors cut off her other breast, 

and then she was breastless and saying. "I'll never 

be able to feed you now! "

  And they gave her treatment for her cancer after the 

operation, and all her hair fell out, and the treatment

didn't work. And she wanted to come home, so the

doctor came each day to give her an injection, 'cause 

the pain killing tablets just weren't strong enough, she

reckoned only the doctor's injections had some affect.

She was in awful pain.

  And I remember one day helping Mr Shadow lift her

body into the bath, and there she was naked in the

soapy water, all her body withered and breastless, 

and with sunken scars where her nipples had been,

and bald from the treatment they'd given her in hospital.

And I felt sick, from the look and smell of her, and I asked

Mr Shadow if it would be alright if I went for a walk, 

she was screaming with pain and I couldn't stand

that either, and Mr Shadow was telling her that a warm 

bath would ease her pain and that the doctor would come 

soon to give her a pain killing injection. But she just kept 

screaming and crying.

  So Mr Shadow said it was alright for me to go for a walk,

to get out of the house, as long as I didn't go to the gully,

'cause he could hear the noise of the crackers going off,

and he said he didn't want me going down there 'cause

the older boys were having bunger fights and practicing for 

cracker night, running and shooting, and hiding behind the

trees again, shooting marbles at eachother, and he didn't

want me to get hit in the head by a marble and end up in 

hospital, 'cause he had enough on his hands with Maya.

  So I lied and said I'd go somewhere else, and I could hear

Maya screaming louder, and I could smell her cancer, and

felt sick and left.

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