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I never knew that I loved men who were

Tall, dark & handsome until I met him

He was 6' 3" with skin so smooth 

His was the shade of creamy milk chocolate 


He moved like a spotted leopard on the prowl

Cautiously, calculating each new step

I used to see him every day at work

Our desks positioned in such a way


That he had a perfect view 

Of the black-seamed stockings I would wear

That revealed my young tender thighs

Through the slit in my black pleated skirt that


Would casually fall open, whenever I sat down

I would often wear 4" black patent stiletto heels

To purposely taunt & tease him

Wondering if he felt the same electric sparks


The ones you only read about in the stories

Of those adult magazines 

Each night after work I had to go home

B'cuz, I was married at the time and


Bored with only missionary; never oral sex

Night after night it was the same fk'n thing

Tied down by a ring & two little kids

When my heart was crying out to really live


On weekends; I wondered what he was doing

He had a life of freedom that my heart craved

I would often find myself fantasizing about

What it would be like, to have sex with him


Our beautiful bodies grinding together

It was extremely dangerous to think about

B'cuz our thoughts & what we focus on

Becomes our reality; this I know to be true


When our eyes would meet over the boardroom table

No words needed to be spoken b'cuz I could tell

From the look in his eyes; that he felt it too

With that, my infatuation with him grew


We never spoke about our lustful thoughts; however

The conversations we shared in the office often

Included sexually suggestive double entendre’s 

That afternoon, one of those slipped from his lips


He asked me if I wanted to meet him after work 

That night would be a turning point in my life &

I was willing to take the calculated risk

One that I've never regretted; not even to this day


B'cuz my body was aching to feel him by my side

To break free from the shackles of marriage

He took me to a secluded place where we parked

On a dead-end road with no streetlights


Only the headlights from the vehicles

Heading northbound on the 410

That would sometimes flicker in our direction 

The windows quickly steamed up 


With tiny droplets of water pooling together

Running down the inside of the windows

Dripping from the heat generated by our

Passionate kisses & our overheated flesh


That night I'll never forget b'cuz

He gently reached down between my legs

To ease the seat back

So that he could easily maneuver his tall frame


To just the right angle & it was there

In the front seat of his silver Nissan Sentra 

When he used his mouth to pleasure me orally

Up until that point, I'd never been with a man


Who had ever gone down on me

His lips were magical

So soft, full & eager to please

His tongue was the key that unlocked 


My sexuality & Pandora's Box

It was the night I would finally discover

What it felt like to finally let myself go

Remembering the nights, I used to cry myself to sleep


Thinking the 2 minutes of moaning & thrusting

Was all there ever was to sex

But that was before he came into my life

Thankfully, he was different


Every moment we spent together

He took my breathe away

Truth be told; it wasn't the only time 

We found ourselves in our secret rendezvous spot


Parking for hours at a time

My ass bump'n up against the steering wheel

It was like paradise by the dashboard light

I only wish I knew then, what I know now


There wouldn't have been any second guessing

Nor would there have been any doubts

A few stolen moments were all that

We were ever able to share b'cuz I had a family &


They needed me there

B'cuz my Mom had just recently passed

Like Lady Godiva on a racehorse

I was gone & it wasn't until 29 years later


When our paths were destined to cross again that

The memories of our secret nights together

Would finally come to light

All the what ifs that have haunted me


Over the years, until that incredible day when

He called out my name

Hoping ...wondering, was it really me?

It was the happiest day of my life


To be reunited and back in touch with him

Live & in the flesh all over again!


Submitted: March 15, 2019

© Copyright 2023 Elizabeth 'Wild' Roberts. All rights reserved.

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Thanks for sharing this adventure, you sure made it live through your descriptions & a body would be a liar if they tried to say that nothing like this had ever crossed their mind!

Thu, September 23rd, 2021 7:19am


Thanks, this was fun to write & finally share the truth about a poignant moment in my life. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think it would be my most popular piece!

Thu, September 23rd, 2021 2:10am

h-j furl


Sat, December 10th, 2022 10:00pm

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