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Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019




Book 1: Nascent



(especially of a process or organization)

just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.

A Novel by

D. John Cliffson








Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly,” Mark whispered under his breath. The six arachnid-looking robotic extensions whirred directly over his reclined body. Each ‘spider’s leg’ was working precisely according to the asymmetrical task-pattern programmed into their combined operational array. The mechanical spider was busily engaged in a series of movements that made connections of various tubes and electrodes to an electronic headpiece that Mark was wearing.

Unto an evil counsellor close heart, and ear, and eye; and learn a lesson from this tale of the Spider and the Fly.” Mark finished the famed poem in his mind as the stage lights brightened—casting their focus upon Serena Covington.

With a multi-trillion dollar smile she began her opening remarks, “Nascent Medical Institute is proud to unveil before you this evening, a literal ‘nascent moment’ in the emerging cyber-biologic paradigm of living information and medical technologies.”

The carefully assembled audience of about seventy intra-company attendees held its collective breath as the house lights faded and the stage lit up with a dazzling display of showmanship that Nascent’s state of the art, Tech-Expo Auditorium, had become known for.

“For the first time since humans harnessed the considerable computing power of the silicon chip, mankind has liberated itself from the limitations inherent in information technology based solely in silicon.  Until now, computing across silicon has been limited primarily by four factors: Power, Heat, Processor Speed and Data Storage. Now, however, a cyber-biological computing process has conceived a hybrid that has no such limitations in a very familiar frame—the human frame. Tonight, you will witness its birth before your eyes. By conjoining the strength and benefits of siliconic artificial intelligence with the evolutionary intricacies and unique capabilities of living carbon-based DNA—a ‘revolution in evolution’ that we call ‘Augmented Intelligence’ will virtually bud forth a new branch on nature’s tree of species.”

The brain trust at Nascent was convinced that “artificial intelligence” was a pipe dream fitted for sci-fi idiots. The human cerebral cortex and frontal lobe would never be replaced—nor should it be.

Evolution had provided that elegant, living and wholly natural miracle, capable of limitless ascension toward omniscience. Humanity had thus far squandered it, so Nascent’s leaders thought, because of global, age-long social prejudice, political polarization and religious fundamentalism. Nascent’s core belief was that a living, cyber-biologically augmented, fully human intelligence could be achieved that would exponentially advance humans intellectually (and, by necessary extension, morally) into an entirely new class of beings—in Nascent terminology: “Prescient Ones”. This was to be a centrally guided and globally engineered transformation of human beings which could only be revealed and received if humanity reached a point of desperation and dissatisfaction with ‘the order’ (primarily governments and religions) that ruled over our race until now. The present fundamental question that drove Nascent’s manifold operations followed this questioning logic: ‘What would it finally take for humanity to cry out, with one voice, for a new order?’

The dark age of ‘naturalistic evolution’ must give way to a new age of light, brought forth by a transformative cyber-biological progression. But, the crux of the present challenge remained—Humans must be made to become desperate for this evolution before it could commence.

The tragedies of human dysfunction, since the cradle of the species until now, though effective enough to create sorrow and disillusionment in life for the balance of humanity, must now somehow be amplified and focused to create a universal ‘cry for freedom’ that reaches every human heart.

That complex id, we call the human heart, must be effectively accessed by an efficient mass means through which to both disseminate the universal cry and to facilitate its corresponding comfort.

‘Out with the old gods who have failed us; in with the new One who cannot fail.’ Humanity would soon pledge allegiance to the flag of One new benovenent government, fit for a new race of cyber-bio, intellectually and morally augmented, Nascent humans.

This bold ascendancy would not come about by using our brains to improve silicon’s computing power; but, that we would follow silicon’s example and true genius revealed in the rise of the World Wide Web. The WWW became its own universe with an underlying ethos that all knowledge is welcome (whether true or false). That each point of data serves equally in making cyberspace the only truly free space of thought and information among humans. The internet had become the first vehicle, since the mythical Tower of Babel, to allow humanity to literally unite in one mind—without government controls and without moral codes. The web was both a pattern and an available platform to redirect the stunted evolution of our brains and souls and to teach humanity a new evolutionary instinct.

The old law of the jungle must give way to a new driving force underlying humanity. Not an animalistic and naturalistic dogma geared to destroy the weak in favor of “the fittest”, but a new guiding impulse to make everyone fitted together into a single species-defining benevolence of free conscienceless-consciousness. A new “benevolence” made by removing the old false distinctions of good and evil. A new truth comprised of amoral data—factual or false—in any combination thereof; all centrally designed to bring about a universally acknowledged “good”. A new morality based in unqualified equality. Ten Commandments giving way to one tolerance, so to speak.

The chosen universal vehicle to disseminate this new “order” would be blood. Indeed, as the prophets of the old order themselves understood—“the life is in the blood”.

New blood, made from the nexus of natural DNA contained in the living biological human blood cell synthesized with a cyber DNA strand (line of code) programmed into the biological cell’s DNA to create a new hybrid: A living, digitally enhanced blood cell”.

The line of code would course through every fiber of the Nascent human—carried in the blood. Instant information computed along the five billion strands of DNA throughout the human body, making every cell a virtual supercomputer with direct biological connection, through DNA and neuro pathways, to store and process data in the brain and to display information directly into the senses like a silicon desktop computer would ordinarily present on an electronic screen.

The brain itself would serve, in many ways, as the motherboard and the operating system uniquely fused together. The individual’s mental processes, would be connected by Nacent’s in-host technology to every shared external data source in the world.

But the ‘being’ would not be lost in the human being. The human biological endocrine system would compute the host’s real human essence via hormone releases, triggered by the everyday human experience in the real world. These key biological chemicals would be analyzed by Nascent’s in-host technology The analysis would then be digitized and programmed back into the raw data to create ‘synthetic bio-data’ enhanced with binary computed values indicating emotions, moods and willful decisions based on transcendent human feelings like pleasure, fear, happiness, desire, disapproval, confidence and even a sense of love. If anything, Nascent’s approach was radically different than the sci-fi artificial intelligence model on this very point—humans remain humans with augmented intelligence while computers remain computers augmented with human sentience. This approach was not to make better machines to serve humans—but to make better humans to serve one another: to unite synthesized intelligence and synthesized morality—fused seamlessly into one augmentation shared freely between the cyber and the bio.

However, there was ‘much more than meets the eye’ to this approach and only one person on earth fully understood its true capabilities and deepest implications! The unpublished ultimate goal of Nascent’s Benefactor was to create a cyber-bio blood-born hormonal serum that would foster a deep and searching desire for a new spirituality in the heart and mind of every Nascent capable human. Adrenochrome, a naturally occurring chemical in human blood, would be concentrated through classified and proprietary methods. Extraction of the concentrate from ‘donors’ would be used as a catalyst to bind the digital data to the biological computing processes in the recipient’s DNA to create the synthetic hormone serum or SHS. The serum would elicit a desire to...worship.

This had yet to be fully tested and it, at present, consumed the ambitions of The Benefactor.

His ultimate goal was that humanity would finally worship together at a universal altar of a shared benevolence and in a creed of universal good. The national anthem and hymn of this new order had already been written, sung and loved by successive generations of internet-connected conscientious pre-cyber-bio capable globalized citizens:

Imagine there's no heaven

It's easy if you try

No hell below us

Above us only sky

Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there's no countries

It isn't hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people living life in peace, you

You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us

And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can

No need…”

-John Lennon

“Mark Avery Manstead, history has conferred upon you the honor of becoming our species’ first essentially pregnant male—the first androgynous progenitor of a new Cyber-Augmented-Homosapien race. The old order had its Adam and Eve. We, of the new order, have Mark—chosen to be the first of us to become a fully “Nascent Capable Human”.

Mark drew a nervous breath as AI-ARM6 (so inscribed) slowed its swing...then stopped and straightened to reveal a moist looking appendagesliding silently from a cone-shaped carbon fiber sheath. The glowing iridescent blue injection apparatus was about twelve inches long—attached at the “wrist” of the robotic arm. The scene was projected on the enormous central display of the stage’s multi-screen backdrop. A close up shot helped the audience see the “reveal” in detail.

The screen showed that at the outermost reaches of the appendage was a solid black structure with characteristics of a tiny misshaped hand.

From Mark’s vantage point in the machine’s “chair”, it resembled more of a foot really, sectioned in a way that made him think of pads on a four-toed paw...a claw maybe?

Just as the pads made contact with Mark’s skin each “toe” extended from its tip a clear hollow cannula... angle cut at the end for the obvious utility of puncture.

Mark flashed in his mind to Barfield—his pet cat. He’d seen something like this before at the “business end” of Barfield’s front paws.

A strange sensation snapped Mark back into the moment. Was it a prick of pain or a pulse of pleasure? A pin prick immediately abates and your mind moves on to the next thing. But this was different. The prick sent a pulse of euphoria through Mark’s mind...not his brain—his mind. He knew physical inebriation, but this was new, better, higher—pleasure of thought...revelation? Like a new understanding that dawns in your mind shedding a whiter and brighter light on all your other thoughts. Yes, more happiness than pleasure, for sure. There was something else. An underlying sense of belonging sent a steam of emotion through him like he had felt in the past when returning home from a long trip.

For Mark, that pulse-prick moment was entrance into an eternity. Time was not a thing. He first thought he was there forever, but he had the feeling that “forever” was fleeting meaninglessness. This was timelessness. He saw the audience and the glowing blue appendage before his eyes. He scanned the display to his left and looked back again at his extended forearm and fixed his gaze on the puncture site. He sensed...or perhaps knew; yes, it was knowledge, but very much repressed...made to be nothing more now than just a sense; that the “revelation” was somehow not really new, but instead—ancient...maybe pre-time? And he sensed he wasn’t knowing anymore in that ‘eternal moment’, but that he was now being known.

Mark was...afraid.

“Mark?” summoned Serena. “Can you tell the audience how it feels to now be biologically connected to the world's most powerful information system—the internet itself?

‘What? Was everyone still here after all this time?’ reeled Mark’s thoughts. But he knew it was just a heartbeat of time since he had been pre-Nascent.

“It feels nice—born again nice?”

Serena pursed her lips at Mark’s choice of words and led an awkward clap-laugh and the audience obliged.

“Well you were impregnated and gave birth in a nanosecond, you know!” She reached for the punchline, “An Immaculate Connection!”

At that the crowd gave loose with the real thing and Mark wiped his pallid brow with his untethered hand.

Serena stepped to center stage as the lights faded Mark into the cover of the shadows. A brilliant single spot light illuminated the institute’s spokesperson as the center display went blur-to-focus with the Nascent corporate logo serving now as the backdrop.

Serena looked all the part of a high tech venture’s personified image. She was tall and slender and was wearing a pure white knitted dress that “hugged the hourglass” very nicely. Her hair was like a red glistening wine waterfall stopping in a perfect line just before cascading onto her bare shoulders. How could she have found the lipstick that exact same color? Bisque white skin—maybe, not exactly, because the stage lighting was trying to betray a few freckles on her nose. Nonetheless, her high cheekbones and large blue-green almond eyes were striking enough alone...but altogether her appearance made you want to look—but to look away at the same time while hoping not to stare?

Serena addressed a hushed room filled with key Nascent department leaders and gifted personnel who were vetted as willing candidates to follow Mark into their own ‘Nascent moment’. Mark was actually the second human to become fully ‘Nascent capable’. Serena, herself, had been secretly the first.

There was no media present.

“You were invited here to witness the ‘brain child’, pun intended, of our Benefactor,” Serena quipped.

“Thank you for coming. You have all been fully educated as to the technology behind the reason for our gathering here this evening. Indeed, many of you have been key contributors either to the technology or to other disciplines dedicated to the advance of our mission. However, for posterity’s sake allow me to give a brief description of the overall enormity of this moment. As you know the relatively new scientific field of nanobiotechnology has harnessed the living human framework using systems of biologically derived molecules—such as DNA and proteins—to perform computations and calculations involving processing and storing digital binary data. In Nascent’s view the development of biocomputers has been the equivalent of ‘Darwinian Punctuated Equilibrium’ in the realm of information technologies.”

Serena put her hand on her hip and quartered away looking back toward the logo display…

“Nascent is less of a technology and more of a boost up the evolutionary double helix ladder of our own species’ DNA!”

Serena squared up again with the audience and added a more serious intonation to her presentation, “Of course you already know that. There are no cameras here tonight. For obvious reasons...our Nascent proclivities are ahead of our times. The behind-ones are still in control, however, that is about to change...but I digress.”

Serena paused and forced a perk-up to continue, “Allow me to quote from Dr Bruno Michel from Zurich Lab, working in concert with IBM:

‘We want to fit a supercomputer inside a sugar cube. To do that, we need a paradigm shift in electronics - we need to be motivated by our brain, the human brain is 10,000 times more dense and efficient than any computer today. That's possible because it uses only one - extremely efficient - network of capillaries and blood vessels to transport heat and energy - all at the same time.’”

Serena, ending quotes, continued, “IBM began to pour a lot of resources into feeding their supercomputers of the near future with what they coined as ‘electronic blood’. But their version of the solution was not broad enough to comprehend the real problem and, thus they missed the ultimate meaning and potential of their own metaphor.”

Serena gave a silent pause to let the audience digest the progression of the case being made.

“From our standpoint, the problem was never ultimately how to cool a stack of silicon processors with ‘electronic blood’.  In our paradigm, silicone is replaced by living DNA. Processing of data takes place in the living human body which supplies cooling, power, and data storage via the flow of human blood across an injected silicon microchip referred to as a Natural Crossing Terminal or NCT —a Nascent.”

Serena let that soak in and then brought it home.

“A NCT has the ability to connect the DNA sequencing and computing properties contained in living human blood to the silicon processor of innumerable external computers and other data sources to form a cyber-biological loop that adds quantum speed to the computers power.  As the blood flows throughout the human body, the cyber-encoded and hormone enhanced cells come into contact with the host’s five billion strands of DNA. Simultaneously, the computer shares the data, so computed, instantly and internally within its biological host. The computer uses the biological host’s DNA to compute its data without heat buildup and loss of speed and power that would otherwise occur in a silicon processor. The biological host then has instant access to all the data computed in its DNA through Nascent’s proprietary technology housed in the NCT. It is a perfect symbiosis. Silicon wins. Carbon wins. The two become one. What happened tonight, for the first time, was a cross sharing of artificial intelligence in the silicon based world of computers with the resident information, computing and sequencing power stored in the carbon based world of living humanity. Ladies and Gentlemen behold a new species of intelligent life…”

Dramatically, and on cue, the lights came up as Mark walked to center stage taking a fingers-interlaced hand with Serena. Serena, looking into Mark’s eyes said almost at a whisper, “So man created himself in God’s own image, in the image of God created he himself; from silicon and carbon he created himself God.”

Mark was as irreligious as they come, but he could not restrain himself, “Amen.”

© Copyright 2019 D. John Cliffson. All rights reserved.


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