Cosmic Knight Episode 16 The Flashback

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Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019



Welcome back guys let's continue without wasting any time.

........splits his mind into five different mindset each having some percentage of the power. The maximum power was with Devil with 27% , the second was Legion with 25% and from the remaining 48%  King had 20% and Rebel got 15% and I with the least 13%. The amount of the power decided the character of the personality. I with least had a jolly and carefree nature. Rebel got the same nature like me but he is a little more aggressive. King has a stable nature he is the most serious among all. Legion has a has a character of a saviour but as the power increases the Devil got the most destructive nature and once in power will destroy everything and can't be  stopped by anyone as he is the darkest side of Sam." Leo finished.

After a few seconds Shotgun said "Bro amazing story. If a movie is made on it, it will be blockbuster." Leo replied "Man this isn't a story it is the truth." He resumed "It is quite good like a story but it is not a story. It is a bitter truth and you have to accept it. And one more thing I'll study with you guys as regular just with a little change which is I'll teach also. Rest will be here by 20 minute untill they come I can just show you the place. Before I do that King wants to talk to you so I need to go."

He again changed his voice after a pause, this time it was the same heavier one and said " Hello Guys. Myself King D'evil and I am glad to meet you. You need to know that everything which is happening is just the beginning. You all are good friends of Deep and now are mine to so I request you guys to please take this situation a little serious. I will be thankful to you if you will do that. And one more thing sometimes Leo is just too much frank so please handle him at that time." With a change in voice he said "Hey King that's not fair." Again he changed his voice " That is. Thanks you to all. See you latter." and the voice changed again. "Oh man that's not good things. Let it go. Yes you all are ready."

They were dumb for a while but said they were after a little while. Leo took the around the school and shows them the new structure of the school which was quite similar still different.

Hey guys sorry for interrupting. He want to tell guys that we have covered a quarter of the time skip we had. And want to thanks to you for the support you have given me from the beginning. Also please continue to like and share this to more readers. I am also writing a fiction name What the Hell If..... In which I will write a little about what if an event of the history would not happen. It is like recreating reality.

I thank my friend Justice AJ for the idea You guys can give the ideas in the comments for the first episode of the What the Hell If..... series. I will try to bring the first episode as soon as I can. And The Cosmic Knight will be regular there will not be any change in it. Thanks once again the next episode will be out this evening of Indian Standard Time. Thanks.

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