House of 10000 exotic room picture prompts 1 & 2: The Guardians

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Follow the Randy and the children as they fall into a their misadventure.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Picture prompt entry 1

Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019



Within the gray an even binding of chaos and peace formed the spirit of the two. The light and the dark of a child’s mind was developed within the pair as they danced in the in rain, basking in the ambiance of the gray that blanketed the realm in which they existed. Kissed by the lips of the atmosphere, wet and warm was the worlds embrace. They jumped and laughed, garbed in ponchos and rainboots and with hoods on their heads, just two tiny bright streaks, one yellow, one bright green, one boy and one girl. The green tackling the yellow who let out a squeal of childish glee as they wrestled in a puddle of brown mush and moist grass, coating their bright ponchos in the grime, in the midst of the dying torrent of rain.

“Never let the enemy hear you scream!!!!!” the young boy called out in laughter and the young girl cried out with a playful war cry of her own.

“Never surrender!!!!” she howled in laughter as she raised her tiny fist and swiped it hard across the boy’s face. He toppled over and she mounted him, rolling on top and they wrestled, rolling around in the muck, further and further they rolled, enraptured in the glee of their moment of play. Seconds turned to minutes which then spawned an hour of their simulated battle until finally they tired and came to a halt. They lay there, looking into the dreary slate of the sky above, the body of darkening gray morphing into an expanse of manifested despair; pure black. The call of the worlds anger rang out in the form the boom of thunder, jolted by the sound, the children jumped up with a start.

“We have to go home Sadie” the boy said, his voice quivering as he considered the once dying rainfall, which now carried more vigor.

“Where’s daddy?” Sadie looked out into the distance, yet could see nothing through the veil of falling rain.

“I don’t know” the boy said, he could feel himself beginning to cry, the well of tears mingling with the hard coming rain as he witness the veil of falling water thicken as the storms fury increased. He looked to Sadie who has already begun to cry, and gritting his teeth, he knew they were lost, he knew that daddy had gone but he didn’t know where. But….he wouldn’t cry, he would protect Sadie:

“Never let the enemy see you cry” that was what daddy told him, “Never let ANYONE see you cry…..”. He took a breathe.

“Let’s go hide” he grabbed Sadie’s hand.

“Brandon –“ Sadie began through her tears, but Brandon would not let her finish, he just began to walk, pulling her along, keeping her behind him, in his trail so that she could not see him beginning to cry. Daddy would find them, he definitely would, but until then he had to protect Sadie, he had to protect himself and Tommy and Sadie until daddy found them once the rain stopped.  

The reality was simply that he had closed his eyes for a moment until it was time to come in. To play in the rain was a normal thing especially for children so young to do. But hours had passed, and they had still not been found, and it seemed like there was nothing that a single man might be able to do. He let them out at around 3 in the afternoon and now suddenly it was 8 o clock at night. All his children were intelligent kids and to venture too far from home, this late at night, what kind of parent would he be if he didn’t worry even just the slightest bit. He paced the floor awaiting some reply from the police and yet not a single one came. The house felt constricting, like he was being crushed by the walls of his own family home, the pictures all accused him of being irresponsible, negligent, a child in the body of a middle aged man. The stars in the night sky mocked him as they twinkled, and the moons shinning lights scorned him with its stolen light. He fell back on to the living room couch, turning his head to the table in the center of the room. There it stood, the tiny trinket; the payment that he inadvertently paid for with his children’s wellbeing. He had walked off, for a simple moment, just down the street to buy his children those warm sandwiches that they love so much. It was tiny a inkwell, filled with black ink and he had even gotten one of those fountain pens to go with it. He wasn’t sure how it worked but Brandon loved fountain pens, he had a collection of them, even one of those weird bird feather looking pens.

His little boy, he was so proud of him, his only dream was to see his boy become a man, to see his little girl grow to be a woman. A tear fell from his eye as he looked to the inkwell.

“Fuck you Randy” he cursed his own name as he sat up, his heart filled with fury that it needed to feed the motivation for what he had to do. Each breath he took became quick, shallow, as he readied himself to do what a man does. He looked to the inkwell, assuring himself:

“They’ll be okay, I know they’ll be okay”. He looked to her, standing there, tears falling down her cheeks, cascading across her porcelain skin, to her chin and dripping down, plummeting and dying as they collided with fabric of her dress.

“Find them Randy” she said, her voice not more than a whisper, the sorrow of her soul catching her words in her throat. She was beautiful, her thin frame, her tiny arms and thin waist, her long black hair, down to the middle of her back. She wept to him and it broke his soul. She stood before him in the center of the room.

“Make this right Randy” she said to him, in that pathetic voice so filled with dread. Randy stood and made his way to the front door before her voice once again called his name. He turned to her and she stood before him with two outstretched hands one over the other, offering him the tiny inkwell. “Give this to them, when you find them, because I know you will” she smiled to him, her doleful eyes a pit of darkness, her lips kissed with a black lipstick. “Bring them home” she said and he took the inkwell before rushing out into the blackness of the night.

The vastness of the black was nothing more than a hindrance to a man’s sight, daddy said something like that. He couldn’t remember what the exact words were, he wanted to remember what daddy told him, he wanted to prove to daddy that he wasn’t afraid of the dark, daddy would be proud of him for protecting Sadie, for protecting Tommy.  He looked back to Sadie who was still holding his hand and Tommy who trailed behind them holding Sadie’s hand. He was so tiny, his black poncho with the hood over his head. It looked like a ghost engulfing his entire being, his face was entirely hidden, at least he would be safe from the rain.

“Brandon” Tommy called out, his voice was soft, with a slight lisp, his words not fully formed, like most 5 year old children, his words told a story of child just getting a grasp of the English language. it sounded more like “Bwandin”.

“Yeah” Brandon wiped his eyes as tears nearly began to fall again, he turned to his younger siblings, stopping as he looked to Tommy who he could see pointing toward the distance just to the right of where they were currently walking. He could see nothing save for the wall of rainfall and the peerless expanse of black that surrounded them. But there was another sight that appeared before him, his mind had not expected the thing but once he registered what it was his heart skipped in excitement.

“A house!!!” Sadie called in excitement

“We can stay there until daddy finds us” Brandon said as he gripped his sisters hand tighter and Sadie gripped Tommy’s tighter, they rushed out to the house. Their feet sinking in the mud and slipping out with a pop with each quick step. They moved clumsily and awkwardly across the rain drenched ground, but in the matter of slight moments they made it to the house. A tall structure, made of pure wood, soaked by the rain and painted in a pitch black with a black iron door on the front. It had a slanted roof, with a chimney at the tip top where black smoke bellowed out, as if a fire were roaring in the fire place within. There were no windows, there was no knob on the door and no other house to be seen for as far as the eye could see.

“How do we get in?” Sadie said scanning the door.

“Knock, knock” Tommy said, rushing over to the door as Brandon called out for him, reaching to stop him, grabbing his arm and yanking him back. Tommy looked up to him with a gaze that offered an apology. “We have to knock, knock” he said.

“I’ll do it” Brandon ordered, shoving Tommy softly toward Sadie. He made his way to the house and with a huff he contemplated what to say in his head. He thought about what daddy would say. He knocked twice and waited. He felt afraid, but he knew that he wasn’t supposed to show that he was afraid, that was what daddy would say. He isn’t allowed to show that he is scared, or Sadie and Tommy would be scared too.  So, he waited there, in front of that black house. He waited there until the door opened and then before he knew it, he was inside the house. There was nothing there save for more of the blackness, there was nothing save for a damp wooden floor painted black, 4 walls painted black and the door where they entered through, and the ceiling that was curved outward.

“Sadie?” Brandon said, he was afraid, he was afraid that she would be afraid, so he needed to hold her hand, like daddy always did. But when he turned to look for her she was gone. She had vanished! Tommy had vanished! Where had they both gone? Daddy was going to be mad at him! He lost Sadie! He wasn’t supposed to lose Sadie! He was afraid! He didn’t want to be alone! He had to find Sadie!

“SADIE!!!!!” he cried out into the blackness, but no one called back.

Fear was nothing more than a hindrance to a clear mind. He was aware of that, his father had always told him that. The only issue is that fear was not his issue as a child, fear was not his issue now. Fear was the catalyst, rage was the emotion. He wanted to kill the officer that failed to find his children, whomever it may be, he wanted to kill himself for leaving them alone to play and falling asleep. He wanted to kill himself for taking this stupid inkwell. He called out for his children in the night and yet he got no answer. He had walked for miles to the point that he saw nothing now save for the pitch black of the night and none of the familiar sights of civilization as far as the eyes could see.

“Where are we?” she said to him and he looked to her and simply shrugged.

“We’ve walked for miles” she said, walking close to him, stepping in front of his stride and placing a hand on his face. Her dark eyes piercing into his own, drowning his soul in the dolorous window to her soul. “Sit with me” she offered, her face so close that her lips grazed the surface of his own, her breathe kissing his mouth. She backed away, moving passed him to a bench that stood just paces away from them.  She sat down, crossing her legs, looking to him, staring his way, waiting for him to follow. He wanted to sit with her, he was tired, he had walked so far, his legs burned, he didn’t even know where he was, but….he just needed to find his children.

“I have to find my kids” he said before walking away.

“You will” she said, walking beside him. “Just rest for a moment only”

“Go back home. I’ll meet you there” he offered without giving so much as a passing glance to her.

“I can’t go back alone” she barked “I don’t even know where we are”

“Right” he huffed, his frustrations building within him “Sorry” he finally stopped walking, turning and seeing her sitting on that bench just a few paces behind him, staring at him.

“Just for a moment” she said with a grin.

“Just for a moment” Randy assured himself before walking over and taking a seat beside her.

The seconds turned to minutes and the minutes to hours, overshadowed by the grip of silence he sat there with her, overcast by the darkening night. The light of the sun being bounced off of the moon, evaporating into the body of the darkness up high. Stars died out and the world of dreary now ruled.

“Why?” she spoke to him, looking to him as he looked off into the blackness.

“I….just needed to think” Randy spoke, he knew what the question alluded to, he didn’t know how, but he just did and so he answered.

“Is that why your wife left you?” she said “Because you were irresponsible?”

“I was angry” Randy thought back to his life before now; to his beloved Marietta.

“What happened?”

“I hit her…a lot” his sorrows began to seep from his eyes, his mind replaying so many moments of his past, anger and fury all manifesting within him as if he were reliving the times of Marietta’s torture.

“Why?” she asked

“I….just didn’t trust her” he continued softly, the memories building a sadness within that blocked the words in his throat.

“Why not?”

“I didn’t trust anyone”

“Tell me….about your family” She said inching closer to him, as she looked to him, eyes unwavering. He turned his attention to her, his gaze setting upon a blank white canvas, her face devoid of all features, just a porcelain white mask of purity aimed in his direction.

“My father drank a lot, he was poor, lived off of disability and ranted and raved about how the government should offer him more. I caught my mother fucking my uncle when I was 8, I told my father and he beat the crap out of them both, starting with my mother, right in front of me. He went to jail, I ended up with my grandmother. That’s all that’s important about them”.

She lifted her hand and showed him the inkwell, the blackness inside shimmered, as if an entire cosmos thrived within it. Trillions of stars and billions of galaxies all coexisting within the walls of that little glass jar. Realities were born and life was created, time and space all stopped and started and eternities eroded to nothingness. Infinities halted and returned as Gods waged wars and loved and lost and created and destroyed and devoured, and they were all within the contents of that little jar, pinched between the index finger and thumb of her.

“Why?” upon the blank white canvas of her face, the silhouette of a mouth could be seen, it formed a subtle outline, just below where the nose would be. It outstretched, the ends reaching up, stretching high, to where her ears would be, before the flesh began to part and form a large gash that looked to be a smile, a large, inhuman smile.

“It was just there”

“Lots of things are just there. Does that mean you have to take them?”

“Sometimes, if I don’t think it belongs to anyone”

“Do you ask?”


“Why did you go into the house?” above her mouth the flesh began to pull apart, forming 4 large gashes, 2 where her eye would be and two just below and just in between there, in the center of the face. The gashes opened forming 4 lacerations in her face filled with empty dark space.  

“I’ve always done it, I sometimes like to imagine a different life for myself. I have this dream of refurbishing and selling houses, I like to sometime go in there and fantasize that I bought that house and….its just me and my boy, I’m teaching him how it all works, my little girl is with Marietta and….we’re happy” A tears falls from his eye as he thinks of the life he could have had, the life that he desired.

“That’s a lovely dream” she speaks to him but he notices her mouth does not move. She stands, making her way to the center of the street. The blackness once again is kissed by the dim light of the moon. He looks to her, her back to him.

“Do you know me?” she speaks and Randy opens his mouth to speak. His mind freezes as he finds no recollection of who this woman may really be, yet he was sure that he knew her. Who was she? Who was she? His heart began to throttle the inside of his chest! He didn’t know who she was, he didn’t know where he was! Where were his children? Where was he? Who was she?

She turned to him, once again with that beautiful face of the woman that appeared in his home. She smiled a sweet smile, folding her arms behind her back.

“Who are –?” Randy began but was silenced as she spoke.

“I am many things, I am beyond and I exist” she said, holding out that inkwell “And this is mine”. Randy felt terror fill his soul as he looked upon this woman, he had no true reason for where this fear manifested. The unknown? The confusion? The realization that this was reality despite his minds every desire for the opposite to be a fact? He did not understand why but he understood that it was fear, he understood that he was terrified. Her face twisted into that monstrous grin once again and then Randall felt agony within his body. He cried out as his knee shattered, black chunks of what looked to be glass, or obsidian burst from within his knee in a spray of bone and blood and flesh, severing his calf, ankle and foot from his thigh in a gross display.

“You stole this” she said softly.

“I……” Randy attempted but he couldn’t not verbalize what he wished to say, the pain was excruciating, his body was going cold, his mind in a haze.

“I know. You didn’t know, but you took this from me. So, I took your kids from you” Her words incited a cry of rage from Randy, the pain no longer mattered, the loss of blood and limb no longer mattered, he pushed himself up to his hands, launching himself, forgetting in that instant that he was short one leg. He lunged and fell, impaling himself on a large obsidian spike that appeared below him from the ground. It stabbed through his stomach, and with a single scream his life began to fade. Blood pooled in his throat, spilling from his open mouth and to the ground. His last thought was of his children, of Marietta, of how much of a screw up he truly was.  He wanted to cry out, he wanted to fight, but in the end….this was all he could do.

She walked over to him, kneeling  down beside him, placing her face close to his

“I am here, and I exist” the woman whispered into the dying mans ear. “I am many things Randy” she brought the inkwell to his lips, opening it and catching a drop of his blood, before closing it and standing.  “But most of all I am the Guardian of this” she repeated looking to the inkwell, her face now back to that beautiful visage, revealing a loving smile, as she walked away into the darkness.




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