He only takes the best

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The bare truth!

Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019



Early in the morning, 
The sun was bright; 
But to me it seemed-
That it was still night!
I sat there dreaming; 
When I heard someone screaming;
I rushed out there-
To shower some love and care.
I was surprized,
and could not believe my eyes,
While I was there, I spied-
That one of the kindest hearts I knew had died.
The dear ones stood weeping,
As a golden heart stopped beating,
That sweet smile stopped beaming-
Which was so very charming!
Those sweet words stopped coming-
Which encouraged good deeds;
Those hard-working hands stood still,
Which helped people in need.
The bright eyes stopped gleaming, 
Which looked out for truth-
The eyes so beautiful;
That changed age into youth.
Everybody stood there sulking,
But I had none to do;
But to share their sorrow-
Because we all have to embrace death; either today or tomorrow!
Soon; it was evening,
As the sun set in the west,
I called out to God in anger and jest:
And realised that he only takes the best!

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