Cosmic Knight Episode 17 The Tour

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Submitted: March 15, 2019

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Submitted: March 15, 2019



Hello this is the seventh episode. In the last episode we got a knowledge about King aka Leo's past. In this episode there is a little trip around the school. So let's start it.

Leo along with the group was walking down on the cemented path of the ground. On the left side there was a cemented group whereas on right side there was a grassy one. Moving forward on a small path connecting the ground and the main building of the school which was of brick red in colour there was a couple of steps on the right side. The group turned right and climbed the steps up till that time everything was same as it was before but the thing they saw was never seen by them before that.

"Wonderful architecture man. That's awesome." said Viper. "That's a magnificent dome. How is it possible that this dome is not visible from outside?" said Underdog. "That's special space folding technique. You will be taught about it. We have used it to make the inner space of school five times bigger." said Leo. "NAS... Sorry Romeo there is a space observatory in the building to your right." he said. "So what should I do?"said Romeo. "Nothing you can't handle it" said Leo and resumed their walk.

Soon Leo had shown them the large classrooms and also the hall and the residential building of the school. While the were leaving the residential building Omega said "Guys I am saying again that we all will stay together." and Leo replied him "If you are not with them so you can start crying." and they was a little verbal battle in them during this battle one thing was sure which was that Leo was still Deep.

To end this Leo said "Man wait, I was just kidding. You all will get two rooms where all of you will stay. Fine, and we need to go to the assembly ground soon rest of the candidates will come and one who doesn't will surely come tomorrow. Let's go." and the group walked towards the assembly ground. During that time Leo told them that he will be as regular as he was and also told about his alter ego.

In which he said that King was the main alter ego and he is not informal. Like his name he Was very strict and advised them not to mess with him. Later he told about Rebel, he said that Rebel  his rebellious side, where there is injustice Rebel would appear. While saying about Legion he told them he is the most caring personality and will destroy the evil but advised them not to awake him. Finally he told about Devil to which he told them that never talk about him. And there was someone on the entrance.

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