Hansel and Gretel

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A/N: I wrote this when I was 17 and desperate - the rhythm and pacing is appalling to read.

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Submitted: March 15, 2019

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Submitted: March 15, 2019



Once upon a time there lived a brother and sister
along with their father and wicked stepmother
the woodcutter was poor, so what could they do?
the horrible lady said 'take them out to the woods'
but why, in their lives the children only did good

Hansel and Gretel were as good as dead
that was what their father thought with dread
but the children came home safe and sound
I'll tell you that they did a little meddle;
clever Hansel had laid a trail of white pebbles

One try wasn't enough, but the man was bewitched
so the next morning the kids were again ditched
a message for all: don't leave behind breadcrumbs
birds flying pass will certainly pick up the trail
As the shadows grew they shivered, scared and frail

Night was falling, their stomachs were growling
hush, lower your voice, there are animals prowling
they wandered for days, all the while Gretel fret
'that night while mother raged we were never fed'
all hope is lost, but look, a house made of gingerbread!

Windows made of clear sugar, walls of caramel and cream
they happily ate the rooftop, this must be a dream
luck must be on their side for an old woman appears
saying inside there's food, water and beds to share
too relieved to care, they forgot to beware

They awoke, only for Hansel to be thrown into a cage
as for poor Gretel, she was made by the witch a slave
sit tight now, are you ready for the revelation?
turns out the woman liked to cook children and eat them
and it was the brother she was now trying to fatten

But the witch had bad eyesight, they quickly figured out
so he gave her bones to feel, which weren't at all stout
tired of waiting, she asked Gretel to heat the oven
who in turn said 'I'm afraid I don't know how it opens'
The woman did a demonstration, the girl did a lil' shovin'

Free, free at last! In the cottage they end up with a vase
full of diamonds, treasure, precious stones and brass
hiding gems in clothing and setting down the pottery
they headed for home, the woods filled with their laughter
only to find stepmother missing; it's happily ever after

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