Chapter 3: PART 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Time: 8: 45AM


Bhargav: OK I will leave you guys here. I asked our members to gather. I think it is going to be the last gathering of our rebellion. I need to go there and plan what we are going to do.


Harsha: Ya you need to do that. Well, this is it then. We may or may not meet again.


Bhargav: Oh, come on don’t act like an asshole. We are going to win. Then we will get out of here together.


Harsha: Ok then. Goodbye.


Bhargav: You two take care of them. Make sure no one knows that you are my men.


Ashwin: Ok.


Bhargav now need to see Ramesh and talk to him.


He goes to Ramesh office room.


Bhargav: We Killed Ajay. We found out his hideout and a fight took place and eight of our men have been killed, but we got him, sir. Ajay could be the leader sir.


Ramesh: Who have died?


Bhargav: Ravi, Solomon, Paul, Hannah, Vijay and ah… I don’t remember others.


Ramesh: Are they being buried? Have Paul men been notified that he died?


Bhargav: Yes sir.


Ramesh: Good. I can’t trust you now Bhargav. Harsha is your best mate. He betrayed. You couldn’t catch him.  Now people will be talking. They will say that I have chosen a wrong person as my close associate.


Bhargav: But I have killed Ajay, he is the one who killed Ayumi.


Ramesh: I know who he is.


Bhargav falls on his feet.


Bhargav: I know I have done a huge mistake sir. Please give me a chance to prove myself.


Ramesh: I know what you are capable of Bhargav. Alright, you will come with me to Mumbai we finish of the deal with Damodar and then prove everyone here that your capable of serving me by the killing each and every person who is in the rebellion. Arrange a team who will be coming with us. Can I trust your men, Bhargav?


Bhargav: Sir your question pains me. You can trust me.


Ramesh: I would like to bring my unit with me.


Bhargav: Yes sir.


Ramesh:You will do as I say in Bombay. You won’t be disclosed any information. You will do my bids without any questions understood?


Bhargav: Yes sir.


Ramesh: Ok then. Let’s meet at the airport.


Bhargav: ok sir.


Ramesh: And one more thing, bring Harsha and that kid to Mumbai.


Bhargav: Yes sir.


Ramesh:  now go.


Bhargav steps out of the room.


Fuck. He is suspecting me. Is he suspecting me or just distancing me?


His head is full of thoughts and ideas. Well, most of it is waste since his counter plan has already begun. He has considered all the possibilities. The worst thing had happened, but he was confident that he is going to bounce back and succeed. All he could hope for is that he could really do good in today’s meeting.


He gets in the car. He has waited for this moment for almost fifteen years. Here he was, already halfway done. The half is still there and it is the most difficult thing. He starts the engine and speeds away from the mansion.



Time: 9:00AM


Vineet feels nothing. From the moment his parents died, events happening around him made no sense to him. He tries his best to ignore them. But he can hardly forget the fact that his life has changed. Change is perhaps a small word for what had happened to him. He glares at Harsha. This bastard. Everyone’s a bastard. Fuck, I am literally a bastard. He understood why his father never really liked him.


Harsha: Don’t look at me like that. I know what’s running behind your mind. Believe me, I have been there.


Vineet: Oh, fuck off.


Harsha: No really. Even my childhood was the same. Parents killed. Brought up by assholes, well they were good to me, But still. They taught us how to kill and all.


Vineet: Wait. Don’t give me vague answers. If you want to fucking answer my questions then I’d prefer a 8-mark answer.


Harsha: Ok. I guess talking about something is better than staring at nothingness.


Vineet: From the start.


Harsha: Like from my birth in hospital. Then here you go-


It was raining heavily. The doctor came out of operation the…


Vineet: Stop. Not from there. And by the way from when did you start being talkative?


Harsha: I am always like this.


Vineet: Well with me you acted like I was a dog you did not like.


Harsha: Well maybe now I do like that dog.


Vineet: Start from where your parents died.


Harsha: umm… Okay.


My father had come to the ‘city’(A fictionalized city were all this story has been taking place. So from now if you see city you know what it is) looking for a job. He was educated. So, he got a good job, supervisor, I think. He was really good at his job. You know at that time real estate was a booming business.  People were cutting the forest for land.  So, we stayed there for 5 months and then tragedy struck.


I was on the street, playing seven stones.  Then a big guy, with five people surrounding him, caught me and asked the address to my own house, I took his hand and guided them happily to my doorstep. While I was going away, he caught my hand .I asked him to leave me, but he didn’t. Then I heard two shots, the loudest I have ever heard in my life. I knew something was wrong. And I already knew what to do when something is direly wrong.


I cried.


Everyone moving around stopped but did nothing. That big guy lifted me like a sack and put me in his car. He punched me right on my nose and I stopped crying and slept. I was about twelve at that time.


After I woke up, I was in a darkroom. I thought I was still in my dream. I felt like murders take place only in movies and dreams right, so I was confident that nothing had happened and in a few hours I would wake up. But then I was never this confident in my dreams. So that fear took hold of my heart.


Then the door opened and in came a man. He lifted my chin. The moment he did it I knew that I was not in a dream. “Who are you?” I had asked. “You will soon know.” He said.


“What happened to my parents”


 “Oh, we killed them.”


“Wh… why?”


“Before I say anything. I need your word that you will do as we say. You will have to learn what we teach and do service for us. Will you do it?


“Why the fuck should I do what you say. You have killed my parents.


“Because we can kill you too.”


“I fucking don’t care. I will never work for you.”


He chuckled, and that made me furious. I wanted to punch him, gnaw him, shove his eyes back into his head and many more things.


“So, what’s your final decision?”


 “I won’t work for you idiot. Kill me if you want.”


“Oh, I won’t kill you just now. I think I am going to give you a taste of how it feels while you are dying. 


He took my arm and cut me across my wrist, tearing through my skin and muscles but he did not cut my bone. By the way, he is an expert in those things. He can cut you in a way that it would pain you the most, but that cut won’t kill you immediately. It would take about 8 hours to kill.

The moment he made a cut on my wrist, I was in pain… extraordinary pain. I started screeching by the time he left.


I was rolling and screaming at the same time. The blood came out slowly straining my muscles cells while coming out. That room had no windows. Everything was pitch dark. And while I rolled on the floor, I realised that I was not the first person to be tortured here. Blood of many others was on the floor. The blood was dry but the smell was horrible. The pain, stench, blood, darkness, the perfect combination to shake a person into submission. I cried and screamed until my throat worked. After some time, my throat stopped working but the pain wouldn’t. I hoped my nose stopped working, my heart stopped working, but none listened. A part of myself died that day.


After hours or minutes, I don’t know. The door opened again. The same man entered and stood before me. I banged my head thrice on his feet. Somehow, I found my voice and said, “Please take me away from here. I will do anything you want me to do. I will lick your feet or anything but please save me. I don’t want to feel this pain. I don’t want to die.”

He lifted me and put me on a bed. They gave me anaesthesia. I slept soundly.


Imagine this happening to you in your teenage. This thing they do instils fear in you. Fear of being dead. Fear of going against them. That’s what Ramesh does. He feeds on the fear of people. Every fucking person is afraid of being dead. They would do anything to stay alive, even kill someone to stay alive. But sadness, anger, depression removes this fear. Removal of this fear makes you vulnerable. When you are vulnerable you are capable of doing anything and everything makes sense immediately. Every freaking thing someone says is possible. You can manipulate such people to your will, and who won’t get manipulated he will make them do his bid by haunting them in a dark room like he did to me. See double dhamaka. That’s what Ramesh did with me and many other kids he kidnapped.  And all the kids whom he kidnapped witnessed their parents being killed, making them vulnerable. And teenage is a phase where most of the kids are anxious and insecure. That motherfucker thought it out perfectly. Some accepted him willingly while kids like me were tortured.


Alright, let’s come back.


When I woke up, I was taken into a building. The building was a very old one. Surprisingly inside it, there were many kids and some adults. They were running around the building. The building was a circular one. The centre had an open circular courtyard. All the kids were circling the courtyard. They took me to a large room and pushed me in. There I sat for another two hours. Then he came, Bhargav.


Bhargav: You must be the one who was screaming like hell yesterday.


That stung actually.


Bhargav: Don’t worry. Everyone undergoes it. See.


He showed his hand which also had the cut mark. After that, we talked for hours. Later I found out that I was not alone but another 27 kids were already here, whose story is the same as mine. Then I met Ayumi. Even she was good to me. Some others were chatting but most of them were sulking in the corners.


The next day they took me with the others. They made us run. They taught us how to fight. See when I said fighting now don’t imagine karate and all that.


We were taught to hit one punch that would weaken the enemy, but that does not mean you the balls. Hitting the balls is prohibited It’s a cowardly move. You could hit the stomach or the face or under the ribs. Most emphases were on dodging. It’s self-explanatory. We are no heroes. If an enemy hit me first let us say in the gut, then the pain would hamper my concentration and if we hit me again when I am done, because after that its going to be absolute butchery. So, we learned to dodge and we learned to fight. Its not the only thing. We trained only for about five hours. After training, we would go to the village of Bhayamura, help them in their daily activities. They were good to us. There were sometimes theory classes. It’s in the theory class, I learnt the reason behind why they murdered my parents. As I said my father was a supervisor at the construction site. That land used to be a forest. They had cut the trees and started construction. The real estate people had influence of the police so Ramesh couldn’t attack them directly. Here Bhayamura’s people were putting pressure on him to stop them from depleting their forest.


So, Ramesh fell on the labour. See if we kill a few people who work in the working site. The labourers will get scared. They won't work there. Then even if the real estate people wanted to build, they couldn’t do it because there was no labour. Ramesh killed the labour and took their children and trained them to do the same or “to protect the forest” according to him.

To the Bhayamura’s the forest was everything, and Ramesh was their chief.


So, I, Bhargav and Ayumi became good friends. Ayumi was annoying. He felt that what Ramesh is doing is good. She felt he was a good person. She absolutely adored him. And Ramesh adopted her. When she was gone, we felt lonely. Then came Ajay. I think he was the 90th kid. At that time kids were coming daily.


Ajay was the only kid whose screams were insultingly inaudible to us. When he came to us, we saw that he was resilient always arguing and fighting with the adults. Bhargav and Ajay became thick friends. Ajay used to talk nonstop about not obeying them and doing stuff that could get you killed.


One day Bhargav came to me and talked about escaping the mansion. Then I shared it with Paul and by the time it reached me again, it was no longer an escape but rebellion. I, Bhargav and Ajay were shit scared. Bhargav, the cunning guy felt they would kill us if they find out we started a rage in the kids to rebel. So, one day he went near Ramesh, “Sir kids here are talking about rebelling. They asked me to be ready sir, but I believe in you, sir. I just wanted to say this to you, sir.”


 The next day Ramesh threatened everyone, tortured a few kids and everyone just shut their mouths and stopped talking about rebelling.


I and Ajay were furious of course. So, we confronted him.


Ajay: Why the fuck did you tell him?


Bhargav: What you really thought we can escape or rebel against them. They are the ones who taught us to fight. Don’t you think they will defeat us easily? Don’t you guys understand?  We are in the middle of a forest. Leave that. How many murders had Ramesh committed?

The kids here itself are about 110. So that’s 220 people minimum. He has 110 children with him, but we haven’t seen one police coming here or forest officials coming. This is an organized crime. He has the whole fucking city under his control. The media, police, government every fucking thing. Dare to oppose him and he will kill you. He already killed 200 people it wouldn’t be much of a difficulty to kill another one. So, no one opposes him. Why are we even doing as he asks us to do? Because we are scared of him. He has so much power here that even politicians bend under his influence. And here we have two small fucking idiots thinking they can fight a full city.


Ajay: Well, I am not afraid of him.


Bhargav: I know that. But 99 per cent of kids believe in his stupid ideologies even though they do it just because they are scared. Even I want to kill him and end this stupidity. But to win this war we have to wait. We have to gather members. It might not even happen in our generation. But we have no choice here. The most important thing is to gain his trust. You know why most kings die because of betrayal because once you trust someone, you will feel guilty to even doubt that person. So that’s what we do. We have to gain his trust, grow in ranks and then kill him and this… organization. He trusts me already a bit because of I what did today. Follow me from tomorrow.


I could see sense in what he said. So, I obeyed him. From the next day we fought with full vigour talked 24/7 about how the organization is a great one and we will give our lives to protect it and the forests from human’s grasp. Ramesh was elated. Everyone was shocked. At the same time, we started recruiting people. We were very careful.


After spending seven years there in that old building, we were finally released. They gave us homes and money. They had different things for us to do. You could choose anything. Most people choose what they want. But we were very keen on gaining his trust. We always took up the job of killing people who were opposing Ramesh’s reign. As years passed by Bhargav was becoming famous for curbing rebellions. As Ramesh was expanding his control over all forests of Andhra Pradesh we helped in curbing rebellions. Bhargav became the undisputed person to call when there’s a rebellion.  Ayumi was very happy and helped by raising us in ranks. Of course, she never knew our real intention. Soon Ramesh himself started calling Bhargav, and we became members of Ramesh close circle. He started trusting us completely.


 That’s when we started recruiting people into our rebellion. Of course, it was a tough job.

But we did it.  Our rebellion group was growing. After 21 years of conquest, Ramesh got full control of all the forests in Andhra Pradesh. Of course, he was not satisfied. He wanted to protect the forest of other states too. He also couldn’t just leave the city. He was in a dilemma. He wanted to install Ayumi as head when he left the city, but he was scared that other crime heads would attack the moment he left.


Bhargav wanted Ramesh gone and Ayumi as the head so that we can start rebelling. So, he devised a plan. He sent his members to the forests of Nalamalla and asked them to create an illusion that people are rebelling there. After that was achieved, Bhargav went to Ramesh and asked him to send Ayumi to Nallamala and if she can manage the rebelling then she is capable of handling the crime heads. Ramesh liked that idea. So, she went there. We were controlling the rebellion from here. They were small skirmishes and finally, we asked our members to withdraw. So Ayumi emerged victoriously. Everyone was happy. We were happy because we fooled Ramesh and Ayumi. Ramesh was all set to leave and expand his control. He frequently went to Mumbai, Salem. The moment he left we used to attack. Slowly we started killing the supporters of Ramesh. Ayumi depended on Bhargav to stop such things. Poor thing she never understood that we were doing it. Anyway, Ayumi used to ask Bhargav to deal with such situations. So, he used to go and act like a valiant hero while our members retreated. Ayumi used to be so happy. While we laughed inside looking at her.


This happened for few months. That’s when I gained access to the CCTV footage of Ramesh’s mansion. I overheard his conversation with Uday and said it to Bhargav and we planned for weeks and finally Killed Uday.  After that our plan was to group with Damodar and kill Ramesh and with the help of his men finish the organization here. But of course, that plan went up to my ass the moment Ramesh called Ayumi.


Now I think there is another plan. But I am not aware of it.


So, there you go. That’s the whole thing.


Vineet: But why kill my father?


 Harsha: I mean he wanted to clear some forest land and build there. He was very confident. He was not scared of us. So, killing him is something which everyone agreed upon but Ramesh wanted you dead as well.


Vineet: Alright I am confused. I really don’t…


Harsha: I would suggest you sleep.


Vineet lies down and sleeps.


Time 12:00PM


Vineet was in the airport now. Beside him was Harsha. Harsha was quite surprised that he was being taken to Mumbai. Vineet felt scared. He was helpless. He could do nothing. His life was not in his hands anymore. He felt toy. After two hours they reached Mumbai.


They took them to a tall building. Inside it was a hotel. He shoved them into a room and shut the door.


Harsha: Well this is better than the previous one.



Time: 2:00PM


Bhargav was with Ramesh.


Ramesh: The meeting will take place tomorrow. I have invited Damodar and all the crime heads and crime lords of Mumbai tomorrow. I want you to personally invite everyone. Be on that work.



Time: 4:30 PM


Ramesh was sitting in the lounge. Things have turned upside down so quickly. He couldn’t believe that his daughter is dead.  He had raised her with such care. He couldn’t believe that Harsha betrayed them. Why?


Well, Bhargav was so close to him that he couldn’t suspect his best mate. The rebellion had utilized that fact very well. He was sitting in a private suite. There was a sudden disturbance behind him. He looks back and a man emerges out with a gun in his hand.

Unknown man: We are not here to kill you. We are your men. Just sit down alright.


Ramesh sits down calmly. The private suite had a secret door through which this man had come out. Then a heavily bandaged man came out. Ramesh identified him immediately.


Ramesh: Paul!


Paul: Surprised aren’t you sir?


Ramesh: You are supposed to be dead!


Paul: Bhargav tried his best sir, but he couldn’t kill me


Ramesh: What?


Paul: Just a minute sir.


Paul is having a huge bandage over his chest.


Paul: Fucking call him over here already.


Another person emerged from the secret door. He is a doctor. He took out the bandage and Ramesh could see the bullet wound. It was nasty. Doctor did something to the wound and he put the bandage back.


Paul: They almost spotted me.  Had to… ah… run. Ok.


Ramesh: I am going to ask again. What is going on here?


Paul: Ayumi is dead because of you. You promoted Bhargav over me and you made me a part of Ayumi’s bodyguard team even though I had a group of twenty-five honest men willing to serve under me. But I accepted it because I respect you.


Ramesh: Bhargav has done a mistake I get it but….


Paul: Bhargav is the traitor. He planned everything.


Ramesh: Excuse me. I know you hate him…


Paul: No sir. Ok, listen to me completely. Right after Ayumi got killed, Bhargav asked Shiva (the head of Ayumi’s bodyguard unit) to find Ajay. We searched the forest and finally, shiva found out the hideout. It was cleverly hidden. It was almost impossible to find but Shiva found it. When I asked about it, he said that he just stumbled upon it. I should have suspected him right then. Anyway, we came back to the mansion and said about the hideout to Bhargav. He asked us to take him back immediately. We slowly slithered towards the hideout’s door. We peeped in and saw 8 people inside. It was like an old storehouse filled with many items. Then someone saw us and we dashed into the hideout and everyone hide behind the cover. That’s when Bhargav and his crooks took out their guns and started shooting 


They hit every one of us. The other seven were dead. I thought even I was dead when the bullet lodged into my chest but luckily, I was hiding behind a metal frame. So that saved me.  They checked on us and I acted dead. They left me alone. Then that Fucker and the Ajay talked and I found that Bhargav is Ion, the head of the rebellion. Ajay took a promise from Bhargav that he would kill you and the organization. After killing Ajay, they took the bodies and loaded them in the car. They took us to the burial ground. Murthy was waiting there since he thought I was really dead, he wanted to mourn me.


Bhargav said the same story to Murthy, he said to you that a fight broke out and that we were shot. I was almost dead by then but luckily Bhargav and friends left that place. Murthy (pointing to the person who entered the room first) was holding me and crying. I somehow said to him that I was still alive and asked him to silently carry me away from here and admit me to a hospital. He did that. He wanted to call my men but I forbid him to call them or tell anyone that I was alive. I was unconscious till today. After I gained consciousness, I called Murthy in and said what happened yesterday to him. He called my men, we met and they had said that you came here with Bhargav. We immediately rushed here. I came here by saying I needed an immediate operation and it is in Mumbai and the rest of my boys came on the flight. We landed here an hour ago. We slipped in and threatened a hotel boy to reveal any secret doors.


Ramesh: Fuc… Bhargav. I can’t believe it.  You could have just asked for me. Ok, more than half of my security here are Bhargav’s men so they are also a part of the rebellion. Thank god I have bought my own men.


Paul: no, you can’t trust them.


Ramesh: Don’t worry most of them are my men. They have been living with me for past six months.

Paul: And who sent those men with you.


Ramesh: Bhargav.


Paul: Bhargav became a best man for both you and Ayumi. So, I am guessing he put all his men for your protection. And its not very tough because you both trusted him with life.


Ramesh: He cant infiltrate that much. I am the leader here.


Paul: Oh really. Let me give you a scenario then. Let us take a person who is working for you and let us say a person approaches him and asks him to join the rebellion. If he is indeed interested, he will join. But what he doesn’t want to join the rebellion? What will he do?


Ramesh: Uff… He would say this thing to Bhargav because he is famous for this.


Paul: Now, what will Bhargav do since he is the leader of that rebellion.


Ramesh: Kill that guy and say that he was a part of the rebellion and create a bullshit story so that I believe him. And me being me, who trusted with blind eyes will just believe any fucking shit he says.


Paul: That’s how he did it. He earned that name and your trust to backstab everyone. He is a fucking genius. He wanted to get rid of me. So, he took me with others to the hideout and killed us. He killed Ajay because he still needs to be beside you to fuck with everything you have done to date. Thank god you have sent him away.


Ramesh: But I can’t say everyone here is Bhargav man. What proof do you have?


Paul: My proof is that the fact that they haven’t been killed by Bhargav yet. Usually there is one spy but sadly you have been living among countless spies. And have you observed something weird. Ayumi’s murder was so abrupt. Unlike the killings of Uday and others this happened very quickly and with little to no plan. But they still managed to kill her. That means that Bhargav already knew that you were coming to the city from Mumbai. He made a hasty plan in about half an hour and unfortunately it succeeded.


Ramesh: If he is so influential, why didn’t he kill me then?

Paul: You have to answer that yourself. What I feel is, in the city you are powerful. Bhargav has the support of only more than half the kids you kidnapped, but you still have the power of all the crime lords of the city and the men under them. If he wanted to just kill you, he would have done that many years ago. He wants to end your organization with minimum causalities and possibilities. Maybe that’s why he came here with you to Mumbai. Maybe he is trying to kill you here? He definitely planned something in the city that’s why he confidently came here.


Ramesh: So basically, I am not safe here.


Paul: Well, there is an easy solution for that. Send these men back to the city. I am sure you can think of some reason. You made a big mistake by coming here. What was your plan to end rebellion? Why did you come here?


Ramesh: My plan is to meet Damodar along with all the crime people here to sign a deal. After the deal, I thought of asking Damodar some of his men to complete the deal with the rebellion.


Paul: That’s a good plan. I suggest you to send the men here in the hotel back to the city in the train along with the men Damodar promised you. And in the night Damodar’s men will kill Bhargav’s men in their sleep, and just like that we get rid of our enemies.


Ramesh: That’s good.


Ramesh: Ok after I get rid of Bhargav’s men I want your men to guard me. Also, l will ask

Damodar to send some of his men to the hotel. So, I will be well protected.

 But we need to find out about Bhargav’s plan.


Paul: How are you going to do that?


Ramesh: Well, we have his best mate with us.


Paul: We can deal with him later. There is a big crisis happening here.


Ramesh: Oh, I don’t think so. I think I will kill him. He had killed my daughter.



Venkat heard his boss calling him. He opens the door and goes inside the room


Ramesh: Ask all the members to have lunch on the ground floor.


Venkat: Yes sir.




After making sure that everyone went down Ramesh and Paul go to the room where Harsha and Vineet were kept. Ramesh opens the room.


Ramesh: Hello.  Murthy turn the kid so that he faces the wall.


Murthy: Yes sir.


Ramesh takes a knife and goes near Harsha. I am going to enjoy this.



Harsha: I know nothing of the plan. Bhargav never revealed it to me. Please kill me.


Harsha was enduring so much pain. Ramesh cut him all over the body. He is losing the blood but he is still alive. Ramesh is showing him no mercy. Paul was standing in front of him holding a gun.


Ramesh: Tell me.


Harsha: Ok. Ok. The Narayans are coming. He called the Narayans to the city to kill your men.


Ramesh: Narayans! How?


Harsha: You know the story, The oath… Anurag…


Ramesh: What else is there? Tell.


Harsha: I don’t know.


Ramesh: He is not going to answer like this. Bring that kid here.


Ramesh takes hold of the child and keeps the knife dangerously close to his neck.


Ramesh: Now will you answer?


Harsha: I don’t…


Ramesh stabs Vineet on his shoulder. Vineet shrieks.


Ramesh: You have used this kid to bring Narayans to the city. Well, if I kill this kid then the promise would no longer work right?


Ramesh: Well, I have got the information I needed. I am going to kill this Vineet that will stop the Narayans…


Harsha: Don’t kill him, you idiot. He is your son. Look at his face. Look at his eyes. He yours’s and Kamakshi’s son.


Ramesh looks at the kid and freezes.



Ramesh felt like he is travelling back in time. Those eyes were the same as his. He could see his own features in him. He could see traces of Kamakshi as well. Isn’t he the son of Anurag?

Anurag raised my child for these many years.

 So, if Vineet is his son then the promise they made to Anurag won’t stand. He was slowly remembering…

“We have promised Anurag that if he or his son wants our help, we kill you…”





Ramesh came back to his senses. Harsha is on the floor, dead. Paul had shot him


Ramesh: Why did you shoot him?


Paul had tears in his eyes.


Paul: Shouldn’t have moved that fast. Call that doctor. While you were busy looking at that kid, Harsha took hold of that knife and tried to kill you. I shot him but I moved my arm too quick.


Ramesh: Ok you go to my room and heal. I will take the reins from here.





Ramesh is in the dining room. He had asked for everyone to gather there.

Ramesh: Ok I have asked to you gather here because I want you to go back to the city. I will be back tomorrow. You are going to board the train this night with Damodar’s men.


Ramesh: Who is going to protect you?


Ramesh: Don’t worry about me. Damodar had promised that we will send some of his men here also. Alright, then happy Journey.



Ramesh had sent Bhargav’s men away. Paul’s men surrounded the building now. Damodar’s men were on their way. Of course, Bhargav can’t come to the hotel now because he would see Paul and his men and would get to know that his cover had blown up. He had a plan for Bhargav.



Time 7:45 PM

Bhargav is in the car. He had invited everyone Ramesh wanted.

Bhargav gets a call.


Ramesh: Bhargav. I have asked Damodar a favour. I had asked for him to send his men to our city to prove his loyalty. He had agreed to it only if I send my men also with his men. So I sent the men we brought… Don’t worry Damodar promised to send some men to the hotel. But you have to stay at his house and enjoy his hospitality and come here with him tomorrow.


Bhargav: Ah… yes sir.


Holy shit. What the hell.




Bhargav is in Damodar’s mansion now. He scared. He doesn’t trust Damodar. Anything can happen now.


Damodar: You must be Bhargav.


Bhargav: Yes sir. Its really amazing to meet you in person.


Damodar: That’s nothing. Come let us have some dinner


Bhargav: Yes sir.


Bhargav eats his dinner and sleeps reluctantly. He had risked everything. Anything can happen tomorrow.


For the first time, he prayed to god.




Damodar took a long puff. He was happy. He had accomplished his task. Ramesh had sent him here to conquer and he exactly did that.


Atul his right hand entered.



Damodar: Has he fallen asleep?

Atul: Yes.


Damodar: Put two men outside his room.


Atul: Yes.


Damodar: its an important day tomorrow. Go get some sleep.


Atul: Yes.


Atul exits. His house is just a few steps from Damodar’s house, but he was not going towards his house. He had work to do.




Ramesh gets a call from Damodar.


Ramesh: They did it?


Damodar: Yes, my men killed all Bhargav’s men on the train, and don’t worry tomorrow we are going to kill Bhargav too.

Ramesh: Yes, thank you.





Bhargav gets up, freshens up and talks animatedly with Damodar and Atul (Damodar’s right hand the second most dangerous man in Mumbai after Damodar.) After everyone was ready.


Damodar: Shall we go Bhargav?


Bhargav: Yes sir.


Damodar: No wait. Ramesh wanted you to come in style.

Bhargav: Ah… ok.


Damodar: Atul bring the rope and bind him.


Bhargav: What?


Bhargav tries to run but twenty people surround him. They tie his hands and legs. They remove his shirt and push him into a van. Damodar sits beside him. Atul is staring at Bhargav and laughs.


Bhargav to himself: Laugh fucker laugh.


Damodar: We know everything. We knew it yesterday itself. That’s why we sent your men on the train and unfortunately, they have been killed yesterday. Your men have been knifed. It’s breaking news. My men have killed all the people you have bought in Mumbai. Now you are alone. And by the way, Harsha is also dead.


Bhargav was heartbroken. He knew that it could happen, but he was still hoping that Harsha would be alive.


Damodar: But before he died, he revealed your plan. We know that Narayans are coming to the city.


Bhargav just stares at Atul as Damodar rambles on.




Van stops moving. Damodar pushes Bhargav out of the van. He takes him inside the hotel. The hotel is deserted except for Damodar’s men who came here yesterday.


They go to the fourth floor. There all Mumbai’s important crime lords were standing. The moment they see Damodar they greet him. They all feared him. Most of them hated him too.


Govind: It’s a pleasure to see you, sir.


Phasa: Namaste.


Along with them, the other 40 people in that room greeted him.


Damodar: Excuse us for a moment. We have a small issue which we need to deal with before the actual meeting.


Damodar pushes open the doors revealing a huge dining table. Damodar’s men formed a loose circle around the room.


Ramesh is sitting in a chair. Beside him stood Paul with his bandaged chest. Ramesh gets off his chair and walks towards Bhargav.


Ramesh: You played well. You almost got me. But God has other plans for me. So, he sent Paul. Surprised, aren’t you? He should be dead right? According to your story, Paul was killed by the rebellion and according to reality, you thought you killed him, right? But nope he survived. And that my friend is the end of you and your rebellion.


Bhargav: Atul, please do the necessary.


Saying so Bhargav points his hands at Atul. Atul stands in front of Bhargav and removes the rope around Bhargav’s hand.


Damodar: What the fuck is happening. What are you doing Atul?  Phasa, Govind, everyone come in.

The door burst open. Everyone came in with guns in their hands. They stopped, shocked. Damodar’s own men were pointing their guns at Damodar and Ramesh while Atul is coolly removing the rope around Bhargav’s hand.


Atul: No one shall die today. And slowly majority of the men stood beside Atul and the others were standing in the middle dumbfounded.


Phasa: You are backstabbing. Now? Why? And why are you guys taking his side like all of this was preplanned?


Atul: It is preplanned. I met them yesterday, at midnight. Look Phasa we have a good reason why we are doing this. Just put your guns down and leave.


Phasa and few others who were standing in the middle dropped their guns down.


Atul: Now everyone leave this room.


Everyone leaves the room except for Atul, Ramesh, Bhargav and Damodar’s men.


Paul smiling broadly removes the bandage.


Paul: This bandage and the makeup or prosthetics or whatever it is, is fucking uncomfortable. It took them two hours to put it. You have got to appreciate me for putting it on for a full day.


Bhargav blows him a flying kiss.


Bhargav: Can I get take your jacket, Ramesh. Its really very cool here.


Bhargav puts on the coat.


Bhargav: Paul, give me the cigarette da.


Bhargav takes a puff.


Bhargav: Finally. I have got you, man. After all this plotting and everything. We finally going to defeat you. I sent Paul because you started distancing me from you. So Paul acted as a spy all the time. Confused right? Would you want me to explain?


Ramesh? Why did you betray Atul?

Bhargav: I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Ok, see. From the moment I became close to you I started noticing one weird thing happening. Some stranger is depositing an unbelievable amount for your organization. It always puzzled me. When I found out about your past it was really evident that the money is coming from none other than Damodar. Then I found out you sent Damodar here many years ago with a plan. You wanted money and Damodar sent loads of money to you. Fortunately, Atul also was having the same doubts. So, I called him and said this to him. He didn’t believe me at first and when he checked he said that I was indeed telling the truth. So we planned everything and look at you both.

Atul: All these years the amount we were earning in Mumbai is really high. They were rumours that the money we collect is missing. Why did Paul ask you to send the men in the train along with Damodar’s men, because I said so. All the men I sent were extremely loyal to him. What do you think happened on the train yesterday? Bhargav’s men are alive. We stored some guns on the train. Bhargav men took them. When Damodar’s men arrived in the night with some petty knife, they were shot and killed. It was me who gave the false news to Damodar. I met them (pointing behind the door) secretly and convinced them to support me the men I have sent to this hotel are extremely loyal to me. And here we are.


Atul took a knife and slit Damodar’s throat.



How about the last bout Ramesh? Will you fight me?

Ramesh: Yes.


They fight. Ramesh gets better of Bhargav. Then Paul also joins the fight.


Ramesh: I thought this was a fair fight?

Paul: That’s not what you have taught us. You said when the odds are against you make it even. Well, I guess two is even.


They beat Ramesh down.


Bhargav: This is for Harsha.


Ramesh is dead.




Paul: Sorry I had to kill Harsha.


Bhargav: I know.


Bhargav and paul started to cry.


Paul: Ramesh tortured him without any remorse. Harsha was in a lot of pain. He begged me to kill him with his eyes and I had to do it because I couldn’t see him in that position. You had forbidden me to kill Ramesh or do something that would alter the plan. I am so sorry.


Bhargav: Yes, I understand. We have to bury him together.


Atul: You realize what you have done right. You have created two power vacuums, one in Mumbai and one in your city.


Bhargav: Ya.


Atul: You know how tsunamis occur. First, an earthquake occurs. Earthquakes create a hole which causes a suction kind of a thing due to which water rushes to fill the crack/hole and water withdraws from the shores as well. But the surrounding water fills the gap. So now the water rushes back with double the speed and cause havoc.


You have done the same thing here. Many will die now. Everyone wants to be the next don, so men will cut each other down. Apart from that thousands of trees will die. I don’t know whether stopping Ramesh is a good thing or not but he had protected the forest from depleting for 22 years. Farewell, boys.  Guards with me.


Bhargav: You have got the kid.


Paul: Yes. He is behind that door. OK then let’s leave.





By the time Bhargav reached the city the Narayan’s were already here. He is now waiting to talk with Rupesh the head of Narayans. He goes in.


Rupesh: Bravo man, you have done an impossible feat. Is this my nephew?


Bhargav: Yes.


Rupesh: Ok. His eyes are interesting? Blue eyes?


 Bhargav: I don’t know, maybe a… genetic disorder?


Rupesh: Could be? So, what are your plans now?


Bhargav: I have looted the money to purchase a private island and spend till I die. So, I will leave tomorrow from here once and for all.


Rupesh: Good luck then.


They shake hands and Bhargav leaves.



Rupesh is happy. This city which was in the hands of Narayans before will be his again if he fought well.


Rupesh is going to capture this city again. He is going…


Krishna: Is he Vineet?


Rupesh: You know him?


Krishna: Yes, I have spent time with him. Its because of me that Anurag left Mumbai and came here.




Bhargav was at the funeral. All the members of the rebellion have come to the funeral… the funeral of Ajay and Harsha. Both great men.


Bhargav: Both were amazing men. We are lucky that we have spent some time with them.


They all wept bitterly for they were loved by everyone. After some time,


Bhargav: Guys we have achieved what we wanted. Now you guys are free. You can do whatever you want to do.


Raghu: Oh I don’t think I can do anything except to kill and fight. What are you going to do?


 Bhargav: I am leaving. I am going very far.


Raghu: You sure that you can leave without all this bloodshed, violence and live peacefully. I don’t think so.


Bhargav: I think I can. Thank you, gentlemen. You are being dispersed for once and for all.




Satvik was standing beside his father. They both had axes in their hands. They were standing in front of the forest along with many hundreds… thousands… he did not know. This forest had led to death of many people.  They started shouting and ran towards the trees. Satwik was adamant on cutting the trees.

 He helped many. He had gone deep inside the forest and still, he found people hacking the tress furiously. He wanted to fell a tree on his own, so he went a little further.

He saw a deer, grazing merrily. He slithered towards it slowly and put his axe on her body once… twice thrice… it stopped moving. Even though killing a deer is an offence he didn’t care. He took the axe and took a long swing and the axe lodged itself in the tree he withdrew his axe, took a long swing…


Somewhere deep inside the forest.

An Oldman had a plate in his hand which had camphor which is burning. He is rotating it around a statue. The statue is a new one because the others were covered with green fungus.

“Give us strength and courage my lord.”

 The people surrounding him had some kind of weapon in their hands.

Oldman:  Our lord, Ramesh had served you till now in human now he has reached his fellow gods. From today he will answer your prayers in this new form.

Everyone bowed down. The statue is an exact replica of Ramesh.


Bhargav is sitting on a bench in the airport ready to leave. But what Rhagu had said is infecting his mind. He had already been called thrice now. Now the city will be in the hands of Narayans. Should he leave? can he lead a peace full life all alone….

Ah they are calling him for the 8th time now.

He has taken his decision.

He got up…


What did you think of it? Obviously, there is BLUE EYES PART 2. It took a lot of effort to think of this and write it down. And this is just the plot.

Some of the questions have not been answered yet. Like if Anurag and Kamakshi marry then how did Kamakshi give birth to Kamal aka Ramesh' son. Why did Anurag come to the city? and some more. I will write these more in the blue eyes part 2. But that won't come until a long time. Hope you enjoyed the ride.


Submitted: September 15, 2021

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