Olive Trees - A Prophetic Message

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March 10, 2019 it has been reported that Italy's Olive Trees are being destroyed by a pathogen. What does this mean prophetically?

Submitted: March 15, 2019

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Submitted: March 15, 2019





Psalm 1:3; Exodus 30:22-33; Exodus 30:25; Leviticus 8:10; Leviticus 10:7; James 5:14

Italy produces 10,000 liters of olive oil and 95% of this oil is used in the United States.  As of March 10, 2019 it has been reported that Italy's Olive Trees are being destroyed by a pathogen.* This might not seem like much in general conversation; however, there are some critical messages revealed therein.

The pathogen or bug was discovered five years ago. It feeds on the olive tree which causes the tree to dry up and die. Adding to this problem is the fact that the infection lies in incubation for 12 months before it is detected. Ten million olive trees as a result are being destroyed in an effort to eliminate the problem and to keep it from spreading to other healthy olive trees.*

A mature olive tree will produce only 15 to 20 kilograms (33 to 44 pounds) of olives each year. Since it takes about five kilograms of olives to make a liter of oil, one tree is capable of producing only about three to four liters of oil per year—a small output.

Why so much concern? Besides the fact that this will cause a shortage of olive oil, there is much prophetic insight revealed. There should be concern in Christendom and the prophetic voice should be heralding with one sound an alarm - a clarion call! Where are these voices? This is not to say that there are none, only that there are so few. Let's look at the message closer.

We know that God is a god of numbers. So, let's begin with the numbers. The instances began 5 years ago. Numerically the number 5 represents grace. Next, the incubation period is 12 months. Twelve is the number of Divine Government. Following is the 10,000 liters (which we will use only the tenth-part). Ten is the number of testing. We will mention the millions later.

Now let's move to the process of extracting the oil.

Cleaning Olives**

The first step in the oil extraction process is cleaning the olives and removing the stems, leaves, twigs, and other debris left with the olives. The olives should be washed with water to remove pesticides, dirt, etc.  If the items were not removed or separated, it could reduce the life span from 25 to as few as 5 years. Light contaminants are removed by a heavy air flow (blower) and heavy objects sink in the water bath.

Grinding to Paste**

The second step is crushing the olives into a paste. The purpose of crushing is to tear the flesh cells to facilitate the release of the oil from the vacuoles. This step can be done with stone mills, metal tooth grinders, or various kinds of hammermills.

Malaxing the Paste**

Malaxing (mixing) the paste for 20 to 45 minutes allows small oil droplets to combine into bigger ones.  It is a crucial step.  The paste can be heated or water added during this process to increase the yield, although this generally results in lowering the quality of the oil.  The most common mixer is a horizontal trough with spiral mixing blades. Longer mixing times increase oil yield but allows a longer oxidation period that decreases shelf life.

How the oil is separated from the vegetable oil and water**

The next step consists in separating the oil from the rest of the olive components. This used to be done with presses but is now done by centrifugation, except in old facilities. Some centrifuges are called three-phase because they separate the oil, the water, and the solids separately. The two-phase centrifuges separate the oil from a wet paste. In most cases, the oil coming out of the first centrifuge is further processed to eliminate any remaining water and solids by a second centrifuge that rotates faster. The oil is then left in tanks or barrels where a final separation, if needed, happens through gravity. This is called racking the oil. Finally the oil can be filtered, if desired.


The Bible mentions men symbolically as trees (reference Psalm 1:3 and Mark 8:24). Much like the process of extracting the precious olive oil, men are processed to do the work of the Lord. There is a cleaning process that we go through and continue throughout our servitude in our Christian walk. Old mindsets, unproductive choices, disconnected lifestyles, and bad habits etc., have to be dealt with in preparing to lead others in ministry. Often the pressures we experience feels like the crushing of the olive to produce the paste or fortitude necessary to become stabilized in our interactions. This second step is our conversion process. We have to be made pliable in order to be of use. The tearing away of ‘flesh’ or learning to control desires that do not serve us, or others is intense and rewarding. The heat of circumstances mixed with using the Word of God instead of the ways we normally would handle situations is the crucial step and lasts throughout our entire journey. Much like the oil process, what is yielded happens over time and often is little, though precious, in what it produces.

Prophetic Implications

Prophetically speaking, it would appear that grace has run out if we look at what is happening through spiritual eyes. Remembering that five is the number of grace and that the pathogen was discovered five years ago and dormant for 12 months undetected. By the time it was detected the damage was done. Not only are trees lost, the infection is spreading. Twelve, the number of divine government suggests that this is occurring from a Higher authority than natural means. I am also reminded of the locusts in the Bible that destroyed everything in their path, but that is for another discussion. The trees, that produce precious oil are being destroyed from within from a virus that is sucking the life out of them.

We use oil symbolically to seal, announce and protect. The trees are infected, dying and spreading disease and have to be destroyed to preserve what is left. Millions of trees are lost. We MUST pay attention to what signs are before us right now. Millions have been lost because of a virus that has crept into the Church (people) and spread undetected. Villa Cappelli, Italy is in crisis as it is trying frantically to stop the plague of dying olive trees. Of note is the meaning of certain names: Italy means land of cattle, Villa's definition is farmland many of which transferred to be used as monasteries in Roman times and Cappelli is referenced as headdress or hat.

What do you see in this?

In the people of the Word, where growing and raising more word bearers has been transferred to the people, the headship has been infected and is resulting in millions dying. The remedy now, just like the people in Italy, is to have the infected area removed.

Now before you start pulling pastors and leaders from pulpits and positions and tossing them out of the church building, let's clarify and dig deeper.






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