Compelled to Write

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A very short story about writing.

Submitted: March 15, 2019

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Submitted: March 15, 2019



“Come in David and have a seat.”  The female psychiatrist said as she opened the door to her office.

The young man walked in and flopped down into a chair completely avoiding looking at the other woman in the room.

“David your sister has been telling me some things, but I want to hear from you.”

“What my big sis told you I’m crazy.  Did she tell you I missed my mom’s funeral because I was busy writing?  Maybe she mentioned that I spend hours alone in my room writing.”

“There is no need to be defensive David, I’m here to help, and this is a safe place.”

“I don’t want to be here.  She dragged me here and is forcing me to meet you so I am, but I will not help you to lock me away.”

“I will not lock you up David.  Your sister doesn’t want you locked up either she is just concerned.”

“I’m fine.  I like to write so what is the problem?”

“David the problem is you seem obsessed with writing.  You admitted just now to missing your mother’s funeral to write.  Your sister has told me other occasions where you have missed important events just to write.”

“You wouldn’t understand, you don’t know what it is like.”

“Explain it, David, please.”

“It is like an itch you can’t scratch.  It starts small, but it grows and grows until it is all you can think about.  Once you give in everything else fades away and you feel so good.  When you are writing it seems like no time is passing, you are in your own little world, just you and the words.”

“What do you do with all these writings of yours, David?”

“I some I post online.  Writing sites, bulletin boards, blogs I have stuff on all kinds of sites.”

“Why do you post your stuff online David?”

“It is a part of the need.  Once I write something, I need to show people.  It isn’t like I want to be famous or anything, I just need to post it.”

“David have you ever heard the term hypergraphia?”

The young man shakes his head.

“It is a condition which causes the person with it to write or draw, even paint excessively.  There have been many famous people with this condition.”

“So how do I get rid of it?  How do I have a normal life?”

“There is no cure David, there are medications that will help control it, but only a little.”

David’s head dropped, and he cried.  His sister quickly went over and hugged him

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