The Perfect Somewhere Waits

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"Children learn what they live."

Submitted: March 16, 2019

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Submitted: March 16, 2019



At the age of seven I was a wild child.  One deemed, "Exceptional", who stood out in the front yard shouting my own name.  Thinking no one answered back because there was no perfect place that had perfect parents, siblings, or friends.

I later sat at dinner table with hands behind back because my father did not want me to slouch.  Forced to stay seated long after the others in order to finish every last drop of food Mom served me, for being too small and thinly.

No TV until homework finished, even though answers always off from learning disabilities, and not disobedience that had Mom throw her hands up in the air.  Dad then swatting me upside the head.

My small bedroom a sanctum always intruded upon for one bad reason or another.  Coming home from school to find it completely trashed because I was not neat enough.  To wake on those early mornings to find my drawers searched for handfuls of yarn used as puppet-friends, since there were no real ones to speak of in reality.  Not counting the bullies who just finished what was started at home.

"Why won't you be a good boy for Mommy?"  Imprinted in blood upon my soul, while she managed to beat me without any outward handprints.

One bite-mark my special education teacher did not report since I repeatedly passed off on the family dog.  An occasional look back, with no good reason to think of for the worst incident yet.  Such a sturdy, heavyset woman considered short, just two or three inches past five-feet tall but towered over me, still half her size.  That moment she picked me up with one good shake, and then letting go so I landed on a bare hardwood floor.

I lay there shaking, in addition to Mom's labored breathing.  A world momentarily spun out of consciousness for a child she labeled as different.  To get by with only her little adage, "Nobody will ever love you like me."


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