The Attacks On The Christchurch Mosques

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This event was very sad, and I share my opinion on it in this little essay.

Submitted: March 16, 2019

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Submitted: March 16, 2019



As a Muslim myself, who lives in Pakistan as well, these attacks have horrified me. They've had the same effect on millions of people around the world as well it seems, considering that it has made headline news in almost every newspaper. Alongside this, every politician in existence seems to have something to say. That makes sense, considering the indecency of these acts.
I have read up on this topic and I felt a need to put up a short essay on my personal thoughts and feelings.

Firstly, I want to say describe what these attacks were if you have somehow not even heard of them by now. There was an attack on two mosques, or places of prayer for Muslims, in Christchurch, a large city in New Zealand. The mosques were Al-Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Center. These two are only 5 km away from each other, and so were easy to target together.

A gunman actually streamed the shooting on Facebook for the first 17 minutes, and he started the attack at 1:30 PM by the local time. It occurred on 15th March, 2019, and he came into the Al-Noor mosque first and shot several people before coming outside again. Once this was done, the live stream stopped, but the attacker kept driving till he reached the Linwood Islamic Center.
There he kept going until supposedly, a young teenage boy tried to snatch the weapon from the gunman and he gave up and fled. 49 people died in the attacks at the least, and many remain missing. However, it is suspected the prime suspect didn't escape, and that was , that person being a 28-year-old man named Brenton Harrison Tarrant, born in March 1991.

  He'd been heavily influenced by white supremacist ideas, and had been to Europe, where he had seen these ideas in their true horrific forms. He had also visited Turkey and Austria, and the governments of these countries are currently checking into these visits to locate suspicious evidence.

Alongside all of this, it turned out that he had published a manifesto of white supremacy on a website known as 8chan, and it talked about many topics that were related to radical ideals , Islamophobia, and other things. I personally , would advise you to not seek out any direct sources, as they may simply make you feel rather uncomfortable.

The man who is strongly suspected, and in my opinion reeks of guilt, should probably be extremely punished. I mean, why would you let such a horrible, cowardly indecent man get away with this. He will be had a trial on 16th May, which is the day I am writing this, and he will have one in the High Court on 4th April.

My cousin, who's a little younger than me, when he heard about the man broadcasting his killing live, said that he must've been brave. But when I heard that, even though I didn't tell them at the moment, I knew that he wasn't. 

The man was a complete coward, who simply wanted to propagate fear, uncertainty, and hatred between groups through the harming and slaying of many innocent worshippers. This is an act of complete and utter malice and hatred fro all that's humane and decent.

I don't like to dwell on things, and my mother suggested that I don't write this, but I feel like by adding my voice, I'll join the chorus of the tens of millions of Muslims around the world who are wishing a good future for the friends and family of the deceased. I hope that for their sakes and ours, that justice will be upon this man.

Allhamdullilah and Inshallah for all of the victims. May you go to heaven.

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