Child of Light

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The 1st chapter to a fantasy series about Gods and magic.

Submitted: March 16, 2019

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Submitted: March 16, 2019



Chapter One

The Gods had not gathered since the creation of their world. Over 2,000 years later, the clouds clumped densely, casting a somber grey hue on the world below. The Gods’ heavy steps through the soft grass drowned out the gentle trickling of the Infinity River. Behind them marched tens of thousands of people. Everyone, from the underwater capital of Water to the distant volcanic region of Fire, walked side by side adorned in white.

The trembling river water reflected the light floral patterns of the boat floating silently on its surface. Inside lay a woman, whose pearl-like complexion shimmered despite the absence of light. Her white lace dress was still, as were the petals she laid on, but the brown hair cascading around her face seemed to flow as gently as the river. Her hands folded softly over her chest, above her enlarged stomach. The casket floated soundlessly and slowly through the water.

Death was as pale as the corpse in the casket and equally as emotionless as he glided like a ghost through the damp grass on the right side of the river. Anya clung weakly to the arm of Daniel, the God of Power, who followed behind Death. Daniel’s hood cast a shadow over his identity, but there was no mistaking the tears that fell from underneath his cloaked face. Anya’s eyes were dry and red as she shivered, tripping over herself as she struggled to keep up with the boat.

The Goddesses of Earth, Water, and Air clasped each other’s hands as they stepped together behind Daniel and Anya. Water’s face was pale, but glistening, while Air’s slightly smeared ceremonial paint was hidden by her wispy hair. Even Earth, standing tall and stoic, clenched her jaw and couldn’t tear her eyes away from her beloved friend lying motionless in the boat. William, the God of Love, followed behind the women in his light suit. He sobbed uncontrollably, breaking the others’ silence, as his pale knuckles clenched hopelessly onto a white rose. Magic grasped hands with Charlie, the Goddess of War, as they took up the rear. They stepped in unison, but their faces were tense. Both shook softly and kept their gaze straight ahead. Neither dared to look at the woman in the boat for fear they would lose all control.

The remaining Gods walked on the left side with Darius, the God of Evil, in front. His face was callous. He strode next to the casket with complete composure, his hands casually placed behind his back. When he occasionally glanced down at the casket, his eyes twitched in slight irritation. Darkness dragged his feet and wrung his sweaty hands together as he trailed awkwardly behind Darius. Fire followed, hunched over with her arms wrapped around herself tightly. Her fiery eyes glared holes into the ground. Life was the last of the Gods. At the moment, Life took the form of a woman, wearing a short frilly dress and heels that sunk slightly into the ground as she walked. She stared at the woman in the boat and frowned as if she was trying to figure something out. She sighed loudly, stuffed her hands into her dress pockets, and trudged alongside the river wearily.

As the casket and Gods passed, the citizens from all domains wept. Among them stood a young child who held tightly onto her mother’s hand. The pair were citizens of Love’s domain. The little girl pulled mindlessly at her white knitted shawl and noticed the woman floating down the river through the gaps in the legs in front of her.

“Who is that, mama?” She pointed her stubby finger in the direction of the river.

“She was the Goddess of Light. She was a very kind woman,” the mother answered softly.

The child frowned. “What happened to her?”

The mother paused and gently combed her fingers through her daughter’s curly auburn hair. “She died giving birth.”

The child dropped her hand from her shawl. “Is that why everything has been so dark lately?”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s why we’re here…to celebrate her life and to help her pass on peacefully.”

“But what about the baby?”

The mother choked up slightly and quickly wiped away a tear from her tan freckled face. “The baby didn’t make it either.”

The child slowly turned in shock to stare at the woman in the boat. “Why do people have to die, mama?” The mother had no answer, but pulled her daughter closer and savored every ounce of her warmth.

The boat slowly came to a stop as it neared the edge of the cliffs, where the Infinity River abruptly fell into the depthless fog that was the Void – the end of their world. A small group gathered around the boat. The woman’s brother knelt beside the casket and gently touched her hand.

“Seraphina…I am so sorry…that I could not be there for you. I will take your place as the God of Light and I promise…I will not fail you again.” His last words rang out clearer than his first. He took a step back and Death came forward.

Death laid his hand over her forehead and whispered, “May you go to a place eternally filled with light.” A small white glow appeared over the body before quickly disappearing. It was a blessing given to all Gods who died. William moved forward and gently placed the rose he had been carrying next to her hands. Death nudged the casket and it floated towards the edge of the cliff. Everyone held their breath as the boat tipped over the edge and disappeared into the endless Void.

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