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I’ve worked with people who are quite like this.

Submitted: March 17, 2019

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Submitted: March 17, 2019



I hear her laughter and I’m lost. I say something to amuse her and her face lights up. That lovely gurgling laugh, curiously childlike, infinitely endearing. I would lose empires for her then.

But I notice that she’s just the same with other men who amuse her.

We had an argument this morning about some technical matter. At lunch I was sitting opposite a male colleague when she sat down beside me with her soup and demanded:

“Why do you always disagree with me when you know you’re wrong?”

She then looked triumphantly at my colleague, saying brightly,

“He’s so arrogant you know, so very arrogant.”

At this she gave me an admiring, even adoring smile. Her face lit up with eyes wide open. I grabbed her wrist in mock anger and she shook my shoulders in intimate exasperation.

Her breasts looked very fine under her tight white blouse.

Except she was still genuinely annoyed with me.

My colleague looked between the two of us in confusion, made stumbling attempts in his broken English to bring peace between us.

I thought: ‘This is truly a girl who does not know her own feelings. She is so not in touch with herself.’

Later that evening she phoned me at my hotel.

“I gave you a hard time today,” she said.

“I didn’t want you suffering a long dark night of the soul.”

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