My Despicable Life 6

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 17, 2019

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Submitted: March 17, 2019



Justin – I have a book of after-school activities;


Margo – Okay; What is available?


Justin opens the book;


He looks inside;


Justin – Are you a scientific person;


Margo – I may be smart, but not geek smart;


Justin – Okay, moving on are you a sporty person;


Margo – No,


Justin – Okay, do you like to travel;


Margo – It depends on where;


Justin – Okay; do you like dancing;


Margo – Love it;


Justin – Good to hear, because you are talking to a master;


Margo – What do you mean?


Justin – I know every dance from the jive to the waltz;


Margo – Really;


Justin – My parents are teachers;


Margo – Are they;


Justin – Yes, my mum is a dance teacher at a girl’s private school, and my father is a dance teacher at a performing arts school;


Margo – Sounds interesting;


The bell rings;


Justin – Shall I walk you to class;


Margo – No, I ‘am good;


She gets up from the table;


Margo walks away;


A group of popular girls stood in front of her;


Margo stops walking;


Popular girl 2 – Where are you going red riding hood;


Popular girl 4 – Off to see grandma;


Margo – I don’t have time for your nonsense;


Popular girl 1 – You have some nerve!


Popular girl 5 – Don’t let the door hit you.


The popular girls walk forward pushing Margo to one side;


One of the popular girl’s voice – Off this table you freak;


Margo steps out from the canteen onto the corridor;


She walks along the corridor;


Margo sees all her class friends standing outside;


Margo – What’s going on?


Boy – Gibson has fallen ill;


Girl – And has collapsed;


Margo – Oh dear, has anyone called for an ambulance?


Boy 2 – We don’t know his situation;


The classroom door opens;


Girl 2 – How is he?


Class teacher – Not doing great;


Boy 3 –Does this mean we have to stay out here a little longer?


Class teacher – I’m afraid so;


Girl 3 – Great;


Class teacher – Health is more important if you want to succeed;


Boy 4 – Is Gibson going to be okay;


Class teacher – I will let you all know after a couple of minutes;


The class teacher closes the door;


Girl 4 – What a way to begin the second half of class;


Boy 5 – It is not Gibson’s fault that he is ill;


Levi on his phone – Class is dismissed because some kid has fallen ill you want me to come where, alright I will be there in a few seconds;


Levi walks away;


Margo to self – I wonder where Levi is going, I must follow him;


She looks around;


Margo starts walking;


Levi walks along the school corridor to the school building’s exit;


He walks out;


Margo follows him into the school’s car park;


Two older boys were standing by a yellow SUV;


Levi to the older boys – What is the scoop;


Older boy 2 – I would like you to meet Jessica a 12-year -old private school student, her hobbies are gaming, dancing, and hanging out at the mall, she has two kittens, and her dad is an upcoming A-list actor;


Levi – Really;


The 1st older boy opens the SUV door;


Levi climbs in;


Levi – Gosh, you are a pretty thing;


Levi puts his arm around Jessica;


He slowly lent his face towards her;


Levi kisses her;


Margo to self – This is wrong in all levels;


The 2nd older boy sees Margo;


She froze on the spot;


The 2nd older boy slowly walks away from the SUV over to Margo;


She begins walking back;


She falls;


Older boy 2 – Should you be in class?


Margo says nothing;


The 2nd older boy walks closer to Margo;


Her phone rings in skirt pocket;


She takes it out;


Justin’s face on her phone screen;


Older boy 2 – Consider yourself lucky, because daddy is not done with you.


He turns;

The 2nd older boy walks back to the SUV.


Margo on phone – Yes Justin I have met face to face with doom, could you come to the school corridor and wait for me thank you.


Rudi’s school;


Rudi – You want me to be your study partner?


Michelle – Yes, we could be the next Amy and Sheldon;


Rudi – The next Amy and Sheldon?


Michelle – Two geniuses working together as one;


Rudi looks at Michelle;


Michelle – Let me break it down, you’re an A student, and am an A student, put it together Sheldon and Amy chemistry;


Rudi – Only you can use a Big Bang Theory character reference in getting a point across;


Michelle – I just love the big bang theory, and other scientific things;


Girl – Bonjour Rudi;


Michelle – You better back away from my future husband with your French!


Girl – Okay;


The girl walks away;


Rudi – She only said hello;


Michelle – It all starts with a French hello, and then she is over you like a fly!


Rudi mutters to himself – I rather have flies then you;


Michelle – What was that?


Rudi – Nothing;


The girl talking to friends – Ever since that girl started, she has not left Rudi alone;


Friend 2 – True;


Friend 3 – The other day I saw her going into the boys’ bathroom with him;


Girl – EW!


Friend 1 – To do what;


Friend 3 – I don’t know probably to watch him pee;


Girl – What girl does that?


Friend 4 – There is only one word to describe that sort of behaviour;


Girl and her friends – Obsessed.


Michelle – So, what do you have planned for the weekend?


Rudi – Upgrading my robot and visiting friends;


Michelle – What friends;


Rudi – You’re not the only friend I have;


Michelle – Who are these friends!


Rudi afraid;


Michelle – I hope it’s not that Margo girl that you seemed to have a crush on!


Rudi – There boys;


Michelle – Oh, that’s okay then I thought I had to,


Rudi – Had to what?


Michelle –Never mind;


Rudi – No, tell me;


Michelle – I said never mind;


Rudi – If you are thinking of trolling Margo, I would be very disappointed;


Michelle gives Rudi a dirty look;


She gets up from the table;


Michelle walks away;


Rudi goes into his school trouser pocket;


He takes out his phone;


Rudi begins texting;


Margo’s school;


Phone buzzes;


Margo goes into her skirt pocket;


She takes out her phone;


Margo reads the text;


She begins texting;


Justin – Who are you texting?


Margo – A friend.


Edith and Agnes’s school;


Agnes is drawing;


Rebecca – You call that a unicorn!


Little boy – It is not a drawing contest;


Rebecca – Well to me it is;


She picks up a coloured pen;


Rebecca scribbles on Agnes’s drawing;


Little girl – That’s just mean!


Rebecca – She Should have learned to be a pro at drawing age 2;


Little boy – Which child is a pro at drawing age 2;


Little girl – I will just get you another piece of paper for you;


Agnes – That is very kind of you;


The little girl picks up a blank piece of paper;


Little girl – Don’t mind Rebecca;


Class teacher – Alright class art time is almost over;


Little girl 2 – Are we going to learn Spanish?


Class teacher – Not today;


Little girl 2 – But I like Spanish;


Rebecca – Spanish is overrated, learning Japanese and Chinese is way better;


Little boy – Is it because you’re an expert in those two languages?


Rebecca – Don’t you just envy the fact that I am a gifted child, let alone pretty and no one can’t top that?


A knock on the classroom door;


The class teacher walks over to the door;


She opens it;


Class teacher – You must be Bella;


A girl with curly long black hair walks into the classroom;


Little boy to Rebecca – Looks like someone has;


Class teacher – Where would you like to sit?


Bella – Over by the window;

Class teacher – Alright;


Bella walks over to a table she sits down;


The other children except Rebecca got up;


They walk over to Bella.


Edith in class;


Boy – What are you doing?


Edith – Texting my uncle;


Boy – You know you are not allowed to do that during lesson time;


Class teacher -Alright class, who can tell me when the second world war started?


A girl sticks her hand up;


Girl – 1939;


Class teacher – Correct, and when did it end?


Girl – 1947;


Class teacher – Excellent;


The class teacher sees Edith texting;


Class teacher – Care to share your text with the class;


Edith continues texting;


Class teacher – Edith!


She stops texting;


Edith looks directly at the class teacher;


Edith – Yes;


Class teacher – If you are not going to share what you are texting to the class, then I suggest you put your smartphone away and focus on the lesson;


Edith – Fine;


She puts her phone in her school backpack.











Margo in class;


Justin whispers – You saw Levi kissing a girl;


Margo whispers – Not just any girl an elementary one;


Justin whispers – Really;


Margo whispers – The boy is crazy;


Class teacher -Alright class who can tell me this sum;


Justin whispers – So have you thought;


Margo whispers - About what;


Justin whispers – Joining the dance club;


Margo whispers – Yes, I thought about it;


Justin whispers – Good;


Phone buzzes;


Margo goes into her skirt pocket;


She takes out her phone;


Justin whispers – What has your friend text you this time;


Margo whispers – Just wanting to know what I am doing over the weekend;


Justin whispers – Tell your friend that you are busy all weekend;


Margo whispers – Busy doing what;


Justin whispers – Studying;


Margo whispers – I never study on the weekend;


Justin whispers – What do you mean?


Margo whispers – I prefer to study during the week and have a free weekend;


Justin whispers – Really;


Margo whispers – Yes;


Justin whispers -How long have you known this friend for?


Margo whispers – A year;


Justin whispers – Where is your friend from?


Margo whispers – France;


Justin whispers –Is your friend handsome?


Margo whispers – Yes, he is handsome;


Justin whispers – Has he ever tried being romantic towards you?


Margo whispers – Not really;


Justin whispers – Has a boy ever been romantic towards you?


Margo whispers – Once, but it did not work out well;


Justin whispers –Don’t worry there is always plenty of fish in the sea;


The classroom door opens;


Levi walks in;


He sits down;


Justin whispers – Dirty boy;


Margo whispers – Don’t say anything;


Class teacher – Where have you been Levi;


Levi – Out for a cigarette;


Justin whispers – Kissing an elementary schoolgirl must have taken his energy;


Margo whispers – Hush Justin;


Class teacher – Not only I ‘am worried about your health, but I ‘am also deeply concerned about your grades, and your attendance to class;


Levi – Do you mind I am trying to watch American Dad;


Class teacher – Get the heck out of my classroom!


Levi picks up his school backpack;


He walks out from the classroom;


Levi closes the door;


Class teacher – So rude;


Levi walks along the corridor over to the exit;


He walks out of the school building.




© Copyright 2020 Green Rabbit. All rights reserved.

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