Poems about youth, age, aching bones, vitality, sleepless nights and early mornings.

Table of Contents

Pulsing Poetry

Poems about youth and age, vitality and heart. ... Read Chapter


Oh, youth has faded Bones ache, creak, Flabby arms of a 50-year old And not toned by teenage exercise   A text f... Read Chapter

After All

After all Is said and done Middle age years Disappointment Recently, Thought weight lost for good   Agai... Read Chapter

Settling Down

Listings magazine on a desk Cleared up now for the day Just one show to listen to All evening On the radio A 3-hour s... Read Chapter

More and More

Big plans Oh, Yes High On Dreams   TV, radio, books Newspapers and magazines Talk, music, art, c... Read Chapter

High on Hope

Nearing midnight Lied in bed an hour Light off, sound off, cool breeze window   Then played pulsing music Radio,... Read Chapter