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Highway 1

Listening to the smooth tones and relevant lyrics of the Indigo Girls through my iHeart radio app makes me feel a little less lonely. The person who wrote the lyrics basically put to music a lot of
what I feel right now, what I have felt in most of my free time since my husband cheated with a woman with crooked teeth and huge. cottage cheese-pocked thighs, who was a decade my senior in age.
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Chapter 2

The rest of the evening was a blur.  Maggie went to the kitchen, made some sort of bland chicken dish, loaded the dishwasher, and su... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The sound of her husband exiting the living room to the garage woke her a few minutes before the alarm was set to sound.  Maggie ope... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Maggie felt her left knee pop as she lowered herself into the driver’s seat of her Miata. There wasn’t any pain with the sound, just ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Flash Forward 7 years   Maggie was headed to a real date. She was nervous because though she had gone out with men from dati... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

“I’m going to make you my wife.”  Michael uttered breathlessly collapsing down beside Maggie onto his mattress.  The weig... Read Chapter


Michael strode into the kitchen, stopping in front of the refrigerator in only his knee length, black basketball shorts.  He felt mo... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Maggie picked up the construction-orange t-shirt with a “Friends of Coal” logo on the left breast and stripped it over her head. ... Read Chapter


The memories of Michael that Maggie chose to cling to were all sweet.  She remembered the love and incredible sessions in bed and on... Read Chapter

Perhaps POF

Maggie turned the tub’s water lever to the point where she knew she could just tolerate the heat of the water and sprinkled a handful o... Read Chapter

Coffin Mike

Maggie’s first encounter with Coffin Mike at Hacienda was exhilerating.  She was scared to feel too excited though so she vowed to... Read Chapter


Maggie placed the corkscrew on the sea glass tiled bar and peeled the foil from the top of the bottle of Riesling.  “Where is your... Read Chapter


As Maggie exited the bathroom, Mike called to her from the kitchen, “You didn’t flush did you?” I’m trying to save money for my v... Read Chapter


Maggie followed Mike back into his home.  She looked carefully around the bedroom as they passed through it for anything that made... Read Chapter


“Your medium-rare T-bone is done.”  He grabbed it with the tongs and placed it on a plate. “How about freshening up our Mojito... Read Chapter


Maggie continued to date Coffin Mike for about six months.  His eccentric behavior surprised her every time they were together.&nb... Read Chapter

Prison Jim

  Maggie allowed a couple weeks for the mourning of Coffin Mike before diving back in on POF. There was a cute, heavier-set, tal... Read Chapter

Chicago Pizza

Prison Mike texted a ton of apologies to Maggie. She had sent a barrage of expletives the night before about having to tuckmoney back int... Read Chapter

Back to Bokeh

The bar was hosting a popular band, so it was standing room only at Bokeh. Maggie had seen it that busy before, but before she’d been t... Read Chapter

Red Light, Green Light

93-5, “The Lloyd”, was blasting sappy country love songs during Maggie’s commute from work.  It had been an oddly calm day for... Read Chapter

Early to Rise

Maggie woke at three a.m., an hour or two before her regular alarm.  She didn’t feel tired, but didn’t want to get to work too e... Read Chapter

restaurant home cookin'

The first time Maggie heard the song “Leaving Love Behind” by Zac Brown Band was after a particularly hard day for her.  Her min... Read Chapter


A headache and fever accompanied by a persistent, but dry, cough caused Maggie to self-quarantine.  It was likely that she was just ... Read Chapter


Maggie stood holding herself and rocking back and forth, tears burning her cheeks as they traveled to her chin and fell to the floor. She... Read Chapter

Detective Shows

After watching a multitude of Crime shows throughout her five decades of life, Maggie was perplexed by one assumption that was made acros... Read Chapter

not quite a full chapter but meh

Maggie struggled during the restrictions that went along with Covid-19.  She went to a work where she loved most of the people but c... Read Chapter

Remembering Caleb

Maggie was exhausted with dating.  She recently procured a new job with honest people.  She thanked God everyday as she drove t... Read Chapter

Labor Day Cursed

Thinking about Caleb always brought a calm to Maggie.  She remembered the nuances in his facial expressions and the kindness of his ... Read Chapter


A letter arrived in the mail for Maggie.  It was from her mortgage company.  She figured that is was a threat of foreclosure.&n... Read Chapter

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I look forward to more chapters. I hope something happens to spark her will to live, and to leave that loser husband of hers via divorce or just abandoning him, not by suicide.

Tue, July 9th, 2019 3:20am


It will. That is a loosely based autobiography. It's still in the making.

Tue, July 9th, 2019 2:49am


My hear hurts for her. Shes wearing that mask well.

This is very well written. Hope to see more soon!

Kind Regards

Wed, August 7th, 2019 11:59pm


Thank you.

Wed, August 7th, 2019 5:14pm

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