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The bar was hosting a popular band, so it was standing room only at Bokeh. Maggie had seen it that busy before, but before she’d been there early enough to claim a table.  She recognized the wait staff and a few of the regulars, but most of the crowd was foreign to her.  Most ranged in age from forty to sixtyish. Most were stylishly dressed.

Maggie started drinking her new go-to beer, Corona, a few hours earlier and was definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol.  The band was replaced by a DJ at 10:30. He played a mix of modern hip-hop most of which she’d never heard before, but the liquor had her on the dance floor.  She hadn’t danced in public for a long time, so she made it worth her while hoping no one was video-taping her wild flailing that probably looked like a cross between MC Hammer and Elaine Benes of Seinfeld fame. 

Generally, she sat and watched a group of regulars dance while she drank her beer slowly and contemplated her current life situation. Many times there was a beautiful couple whose happiness glowed on their faces as they embrased one another.  Maggie’s daughter mentioned to her that she thought they looked more like they were in from Italy than Indiana.  Maggie had to agree. 

Maggie’s goal was to find a man that looked at her the way Dirk looked at Madeline.  The combination of love and lust was palatable. She didn't just want to meet a man and exist.  She wanted to meet a man and live.  Tonight though she lived a little too much.  In retrospect, she felt lucky that they hadn’t thrown her out. 

She remembered dancing with a few strangers and ended up coming home with one of their hats.  The gentleman to whom it belonged was intriguing.  He was handsome, but not well-manicured.  He actually kept throwing in an accent that was supposed to be Scottish, but was more like a Brit. He wore a World War II era wool coat.  Maggie thought it made him look just eccentric enough for him to be interesting, so she engaged him in conversation and stared in his eyes as he told tales that were impossible for him to have lived through, unless of course time travel did exist.

“I’ve just come from Australia.  The war is going strong over there right now.” He said in his Scot/Brit accent.

“I didn’t realize that there was a war going on.  Is it a civil war?” Maggie asked.

“No.” he tilted his head and looked at her quizzingly. “You’ve heard of World War II, haven’t you?”

“Yes, but that’s been nearly a century ago.”

He continued without missing a beat. “I am a soldier in it.  I just got back from Australia.”

Maggie and her daughter looked at one another, Maggie’s daughter shrugged.

The gentleman excused himself from the conversation to get a draft from the bar. 

“Mom, I’m pretty sure he’s on more than just marijuana.”

“I think he may be saying odd things just to see how we react.”

“Could be.  The accent is definitely not real.”

“My guess is that he’s an actor.  There are a lot of little theaters around here.”

When he returned, they chatted unitl it was late and Maggie had more than reached her limit of Corona.

She stood up on drunken legs and foolishly kissed him before having him help her to the waiting Uber.  The down-side apart from the obvious was that he was really good at kissing and she knew that she would most likely never see him again.

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What happened to chapters 19-22?

Mon, August 24th, 2020 7:22am


I decided to eliminate those. The stories are all drafts of what I will ultimately publish. Thank you for asking. I hope to increase writing frequency soon in a drive to get Silverback out.

Mon, August 24th, 2020 1:02am

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