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A letter arrived in the mail for Maggie.  It was from her mortgage company.  She figured that is was a threat of foreclosure.  Covid-19 prevented those threats though for now.  Her son and a friend were renting her home. The home that was built considering two income sources, not hers alone though It wasn’t elaborate by any means. It was just a comfortable county house with a big yard.

The letter contained a check for $89.  It was a sum that was welcome considering her current financial situation.  Her heart sank as she read that it was addressed to her ex first, then to her.  She had paid all of the mortgage payment for a decade. She had overpaid the escrow and the refund came back, but to both her and to him.  It was too much money in her situation to just throw it away, so she contacted him to see if he would sign it so she would be allowed to recoup her overpayment. She sent him a picture of the check.  Luckily for her, he agreed to meet to sign the back of it . 

It had been more than a decade since he embraced, kissed and left from their Labor Day celebration with his mistress. But as Karma would have it, the check came Labor Day week.  Maggie was feeling the weight of it as usual.  Though she was proud of herself for having the strength to collect the signature for money that she desperately needed, she cried, washed her face, and donned sunglasses before leaving the house to go meet him.

The encounter lasted less than two minutes. He signed it without saying a word. Maggie walked home meauring her blessings against her curses.  She no longer worked in the midst of people who denied test results and lied to customers and auditors. But she was poor…damn…really poor.  She couldn’t make her bills.  That is why she had needed that $89 so desperately.

She knew if she’d been born as a man with her intellect, she wouldn’t be in this financial situation. Life was never going to be fair, she was finally learning to make the best of it.

Submitted: August 31, 2020

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