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Submitted: March 18, 2019

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Submitted: March 18, 2019




one day, YouTube videos of animals and violence

will be a reminder of me

and how we'd laugh while eating Chinese food

I didn't have to count calories

in my head, I can't remember who I was

someone you grew to hate

echoing with sadness, you were not in love

heartless actions and selfish words

everything I gave and got in return

every awful mistake

plays like a movie in my brain

last night, I saw you in a dream

green shirt with a beige skirt

you've been on my mind for weeks

there is a piece of me that you carry

even if you don't want to

a decades worth of memories

uncomfortable thoughts, open wounds

sometimes, it feels like the old days

we still know what each other's thinking

you’re waiting for me when I get home

you didn't have to go away

there must be more to life than being mislead

you're not just someone I miss seeing undressed

thoughts of you keep me preoccupied

when I'm alone and it's really quiet

you grew all over me, then we grew apart

“lost pioneers follow stars”

that's what I said, when I chased after you

you headed straight for the bars

and into the beds of random people

it’s frightful, thinking of all the ways it went wrong

the planned parenthood situation

the piss soaked alleyways where we used to walk

what came over me?

I was scared and my ego was bruised

thought twinkling eyes would help

what does time do with our stolen youth?

glued, to the happiness we’ve yet to find

imbedded in the freeways and airports that keep us moving

pulling further from the life we left behind

get out of my memories

you and that awful chinese restaurant

the hotel by the freeway where you called your mom

said, you were there with me

we had sex, I got upset and I drove home in silence

I didn’t understand

thinking about it now makes me laugh

“tin foil wrapped around gold”

though, I don't think you remember

that's what you are, and where you’ll stay

… the sad culture in my brain


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