This is a first person book, written through the eyes of a twelve-year old orphan. It's short, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Table of Contents

Chapter one

Chapter one First Amelia, then Mia, then Emma! We weren’t when we escaped the Bin. That’s our nickname for the ... Read Chapter

Chapter two

Chapter two   As I woke up this morning, I knew that something was amiss, for two reasons. One, I couldn’t hear Tabbitha ... Read Chapter

Chapter three

Chapter Three   The beginning of a storm was coming, but the footprints hadn’t washed away. They showed a stampede of... Read Chapter

Chapter four

Chapter four   I couldn’t shake off the feeling that it’s not right to lock up an eight year old, and then tie her hands... Read Chapter

Chapter five

Chapter five   At precisely 6:28 I went over to Emma’s sleeping bag in the morning. 6:28 because that’s exactly when Emm... Read Chapter

Chapter six

Chapter six   We started by checking the bedrooms of Joe and Sam,and Chloe. First we examined the twins’ room(Tomàs’s ... Read Chapter

Chapter seven

Chapter Seven   I woke up in a hospital, with curtains hung around my bed, and I couldn’t feel any limbs.  The who... Read Chapter

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