Forgive Me

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Submitted: March 19, 2019

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Submitted: March 19, 2019



Forgive me.


It’s been a while, I know.


I’m busy and tired, but I’m hurt and it does hurt me so,

it hurts me to think about those times back then.


Those times back when,

years ago we first met, as if that meeting was destined.


Happy and together, we began our journey.


Though we were young and like kids, we grew close,

we fought beside each other, for each other, together.


Like all else, we weren’t perfect.

Ha, far from it; we had struggle and strife,

war with words,

differences and disagreements,

opinions and preferences.


But at the end of the day, we were together still.


Like friends—no, better—best friends.

we shared laughs and smiles,

the best of jokes, inside and out,

memories built upon the special times,

and the harder ones,

but it made us stronger, together.


We became more than that.

we shared laughs and smiles,

but also hugs and kisses,

intimate dreams and thoughts,

our quirks and flaws,

our hopes and fears,

all that made us who we were and what we loved.


Loved so much.

but the years took their toll,

with time and hardship, as they do,

we became worn and battered,

not who we once were.


We didn’t change, though,

at least not individually.


But somewhere along the way,

some point in time I cannot pinpoint,

we began to drift apart.


Was it a year ago,

or, the thought pains me,



The laughs faded, but the smiles remained.


The kisses stopped, but not the hugs.


Our dreams ceased, but not our thoughts.


Our quirks disappeared, but our flaws only magnified.


Worst of all, our hope grew dark, and our fear grew large.


Somewhere in the midst, we lost one another.


And that hurts me.


More than words describe, despite my efforts here.


But please,

no matter what has happened between us,

forgive me.


For the pain I’ve caused

and the scars I’ve left.


For the time I’ve wasted

and the joy I’ve deprived you of.


I don’t need to be reminded you see,

Because I’m painfully aware of all my mistakes and failures.


Everywhere I went wrong is etched solidly into my memory.


It threatens to overrun the joy we once shared,

the happiness we experienced,



So please,

for all I’ve done,

forgive me.

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