High Street Shopping versus Online Shopping

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High Street Shopping versus Online Shopping:

This is my article about how people shop today either via the high street or online.
In this modern world of today more people are doing their shopping online and not so much on the high street as it’s much easier and quicker as people may have busy lives and can’t find the time to go out to the high street and shop.
However there are lot of people who prefer to go out to the high street and shop. They’re able to look at the products. For example, trying on clothes. Whereas you cannot do this online!
Due to many slums in sales of high street stores many had to close down many of their stores across their branches in the UK due to the online shoppers!
In Clacton on Sea where I live the Thing Me Bobs shop sadly shut down around Christmas of 2017. Also in 2018 at the end of November Marks and Spencers closed down it’s Town Centre branch and moved to it’s new store in Walton on the Naze. As well as that The Mother Care store in the town centre has also shut down. Plus the J’s/Havens Hospice charity shop has also closed down as it was making more losses than profits! It opened in 2014 and only lasted for four years! To be honest when you walked into the shop it looked more like a high street boutique shop than a charity shop!

Submitted: March 20, 2019

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