The Silence

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Beasts

Submitted: May 21, 2019

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Submitted: May 21, 2019



The same horrific night, filled with dreams of blood and a terrible hunger. I wake, and this time I could taste blood in the back of my throat, It wasn' the metallic copper taste I associated with licking my own wounds. This tasted far richer and more complex.

It tasted like the most exquisite chef-prepared delicacy, who knew just what you liked.

I stood and checked myself for new scars. Nothing seemed different from my usual collection of painful memories. Unlike yesterday where I felt like I swallowed a bowling ball, today I feel enervated. Full of vim and vigour as my grandfather used to say before the bomb.

I took a shower. No matter how many times I did, since the game started I did not feel clean. I get dressed into the same jumpsuit, indistinguishable from the last one trying to curb this feeling of energy filling me.

I smell bacon through the door already, and the smell was making me salivate.

Wait. what if the other Killer is feeling the same? I think. I vowed to pay more attention today and to stick to cereal. I would watch those who had the bacon carefully. I could barely resist the smell of bacony goodness, perhaps my mysterious partner would not be able to resist like me.

As the chime sounded I vowed to pay close attention. I knew where mathematical John's room was. Three doors down the left side. I knew he would come out, and I wanted to see if anyone was surprised to see him alive after my random choice.

With the door open I stepped through. Trying to see everywhere at once, and hide my attention. A long fringe is perfect for that. To my dissappointment noone seemed surprised by John's appearance. With that plan foiled I would just have to stay hypervigilant and see if anyone slipped me another note.

I feigned tiredness, rubbing my eyes and going to the table fr coffee first of all. Something bothered when I looked over the table. There was no bacon today between the small sausages and aggs, just an empty silver dish, yet I could still smell it.

I tried to put it out of my mind as i supplemented coffee with porridge, the most boing non-meat meal I could see. Yet I couldn't stop thinking of that delicious bacon smell and shoved porridge in my mouth to quell my saliva.

I remembered I should be watching for anyone else intrigued by the smell of non-existent bacon, but while plenty appeared confused, perhaps they were just sleepy and still waking up.

I did notice that the man called Nigel shudder when he squirted tomato sauce onto his plate of scrambled eggs. I got up for another coffee and then sat down next to him, startling him for a moment.

"Are you alright?" I asked after he regained his composure enough to take a sip of his own coffee with a small grimace.

"I'm fine, just remembering nightmares." He replied in a voice thick with fear.

"Yeah," I said, "Mine are pretty bad too." That sounded sufficiently like I was another Participant right?

"I thought I heard something outside my door. I thought that hairy monster was coming for me." Nigel looked dejectedly at his eggs before pushing his plate away in disgust.

"We're all scared of that." I lied.

"How can they do this to us?" He said.

"Entertainment I suppose, and betting on who will live or die." I said sipping my coffee.

"Not them," Nigel said sneering a the ceiling, "I mean the killers. They should just turn themselves in, let us kill them. Then more of us will survive this stupid game. I have a family. I...I just want to see them again. I regret every having signed up."

I felt so guilty, and it didn't seem like the kind of thing I could talk about. I just nodded, patted Nigel ont he shoulder before returning to my usual seat and the remains of my porridge.

As Hannah struck her spoon against her glass of juice. calling for everyone's attention, the Doctor flickered into being.

"Godd morning!" He flashed those perfect teeth in a disengenous smile. "Here is the recording from last night."

I didn't want to watch myself, the thing that I became at night, butcher another human being, but everyone focused on the images displayed and I didn not want to be the onlt one who didn't.

Instead of the single image I expected, there were two scenes playing side by side. In one, the same fast hairy beast that I knew was me took one step inside the room and launched itself for the bed.

In the other, out in the main hall I watched something large and scaly climb up onto the table. The light was better here, and the monster, my fellow killer, looked like a cross between a man and a crocodile. Heavy scales and a pointed set of jaws with shining ivory teeth.

I sat transfixed as the hole in the table opened to reveal a cowering Greasy who babbled religious nonsense as he stared at the creature. 

With a deep inhalation of breath, the creature opened those massive jaws and a jet of flame erupted, covering Greasy in seconds. His whimpers turned to screams for athe brief second it took before his lungs were burned from the inside.

"I guess he was telling the truth." Wrists said laconically.

As mathematical John stood up, straws already in hand, I watched the dragon-like creature lumber away and suddenly realized where the smell of non-existant bacon came from.


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