Interwoven Opposites: The True Story

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Project Notes #9

Submitted: May 25, 2019

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Submitted: May 25, 2019



 I lay on the ground like a dead body, my clothes ragged and torn. I had to find out a way to prevent my clothes from being torn so often. I had built a machine a while back to stitch my clothes by itself, as you did not know how to sew and I was incapable of even holding a book without help.

  I put my jacket in the machine but I can't come back here all the time to get my clothes repaired. I mean, I could sew on my own now because of the supports that are in my hands, but doing that often would be time-consuming. 

  I walked around after a few minutes, noticing the small changes in the feelings of my movements. They felt more structured and solid. They felt as if I was previously a structure that only stood because of its own weight but now has enough structural integrity to support itself.

  As I walked around, I noticed more and more differences in myself. I never had enough time to observe these differences for myself, after all, it has only been a few hours since I became one with the spine. I noticed how the external supports on my hand had a circuit-like pattern throughout, but on a very small and almost unnoticeable scale compared to its more visible light and growth patterns. 

  I needed to find a clean set of clothes. There was too much blood on me. There were holes in my shirt and pants. I always used to keep spare clothes around the lab because I used to stay down there for days. I found another black T-shirt under the couch pillow and found another set of black pants in one of the drawers. 

  I took off the bloodied clothes and placed them in a plastic bag and tossed them into the lowest drawer of my desk. I was going to throw away these clothes. I found a spare lab coat on a stand near the couch and wore it, remembering the hours I had spent in here working on the spine. I looked back at the charging spine when I heard something I really did not want to hear.

You opened the door

  I had to quickly hide everything and wear the gloves. I stuffed the spine and its charger in the drawer and locked it. I quickly wore the gloves and was pretty confident in the cover-up. I went over what I could have left behind when I realized one important thing. 

What color are my eyes?


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